Level 4 update (by SuitedPair)

They have completed level 4 and Nside called me on his break. He lost a few chips just before the break when he had to fold JJ on an Ace high flop. He has 19,900 chips. Average is 15,000 with roughly 250 players left. When they come back the blinds will be 200/400 with 25 antes. There are quite a lot of tight players that are now in low M situations and they should start dropping out now. The very large stack player to NsideĆ¢??s right is aggressive and a decent player. Nside is going to take his time and hopefully get a situation where he can chip up through this guy. Otherwise he likes his table. Some of the players have obvious weaknesses and/or tells. He is feeling pretty good thus far.

Nside thinks he may have misplayed his big 2-pair hand. The blinds were 100/200, he was in the big blind with K7s. A crazy player who has been raising anything, raised to 600 first in and two players cold called. Nside called. Flop is T75. Nside checks, the crazy guy bets, one player calls, Nside calls. Turn is a 2. Pot is pretty large now and Nside makes a 2k bet to try to take it down. The crazy guy folds, but the other player calls. Uh oh. Luckily the river is a K and Nside bets 3k, gets called and takes it down. The player muttered something about getting rivered again.

Nside also reports that the chair massage is the best $15 bucks he has ever spent.