Up and down (by SuitedPair)

Nside is on dinner break (at least they all get buffet comps and line passes). He has 26,000, average is 24,000 with about 147 left. Things are starting to heat up as the short stacks are feeling lots of pressure now. He had chipped up to around 36k in a blind v blind confrontation with Jean Belland, a pro seated just to his left. But then he lost some chips when his AA was cracked by Kx. The turn paired the K high flop, Nside checked behind and then called a small bet on the river (even though he knew the guy was on Kx) since he was getting huge pot ods at that point. He thinks he played the hand all right, it is just disheartening when AA is cracked. He didn’t get lunch, so he is going to get some food now and regroup. He’s still a bit above average. Maybe he can get some of his chips back from the Kx guy.