I’m an ITH tourney donkey

I’ve been thinking so hard about how to handle the very different play that I saw at the WPT that I think I adjusted in unhelpful ways whilst playing the ITH events. Calling 150 chips raises with 87s when you have 10,000 chips is a reasonable approach. Calling 150 chip raises when you have 1,000 chips is not. I know that, but I still did it twice. I wound up short-stacked early on and had to gamble it up with predictable results.

I railbirded SuitedPair, who made an impressive comeback from a very short stack. She got back into the thick of things, but wound up busting out with KK to an Ace. Its good for me to talk about poker situations with her, because she thinks about the game in a lot of different ways than I do and she often pokes gaping holes in my theories that seem obvious to me once she points them out.

It is her birthday today, so I’m trying to be extra-nice. We’re going out of town to celebrate tomorrow for an elaborate dinner. I hope to have some really excellent wines to report on when we return.

Speaking of wine, we’ve been drinking the Villa Maria Cellar Selection Savignon Blanc quite a lot recently, which is a wonderful, reasonably priced Savignon Blanc from New Zealand, which is very fruit-forward in style but still quite crisp and delicious. We can’t seem to keep it in the wine cooler. Now we’ve discovered their even more affordable Reisling, which is just the right amount of sweet to work with hot and spicy Asian food. I’ve got to get to New Zealand and visit some wineries and goof off.

It looks like a high finish in the ITH VIP League on Sundays is going to be very important to the overall standings, since the results there get multiplied by 20. Suited and I will be back in town in time for that. I’ll try to revert back to my “normal” play.

By Nsidestrate

I'm a hard-core limit ring game poker player who is becoming a degenerate sports bettor. I'm sure it will all make more sense if you read on.