Man, I’m grumpy

I have a wicked cold that is just annoying enough to make me feel miserable and not quite serious enough to let me lay at home and watch bad TV.  I’ve been working very long hours and sleeping infrequently.  I haven’t even been able to play in a bunch of the ITH events this week and it is making me unhappy.

If it wasn’t for the donkeys at Party Poker dropping money in my lap, I wouldn’t have anything at all to say. I was in a very juicy 30/60 game the other day with a super-LAG who was mindlessly aggressive post-flop.  I destroyed him the day before, so I was looking for him.  He joined a table that was just forming up and I quickly claimed a seat just two to his left and was pleased to see that he had some chips.  He raised pre-flop from UTG+1 (like he does pretty much any time he gets two cards) and I 3 bet with 33 (which was, I admit, pretty crazy too, but I’m confident that I’m ahead and will get value here).  Unfortunately, another player cold called from the Button and we were three to the flop.

To my delight, the flop came down 932r and I just smooth called, hoping that Button might have caught a piece and try to hurt my fish. Button didn’t play along, so I only got 3 SBs on the flop.  The turn was an 8 completing the rainbow and I raised the LAG, losing the Button in the process.  I was slightly suprised when the LAG 3 bet, which means he either had a nine or a real hand.  I, of course, capped it up.  The river was lovely second nine, filling me up and hopefully giving the LAG trips.  He check-raised me, confirming he held the nine, but lost the courage of his convictions when I three bet and he only called.

Shortly thereafter, he limped with Q8o and I called in the SB with QTs.  The board had two Queens and I took the rest of his stack.  When he left the table, the sit-out icons lit up the board like a Christmas tree and we all moved on to greener pastures.  Good times.

By Nsidestrate

I'm a hard-core limit ring game poker player who is becoming a degenerate sports bettor. I'm sure it will all make more sense if you read on.