Musings on RedPill

I know that he aggravates a lot of people, so I’m in a minority in that I actually find him pretty amusing most of the time.  He has a long history of conflict with various poker discussion boards.  He likes to get people worked up about things and he favors a certain juvenile humor that gets on people’s nerves.  When he feels like he is being attacked, he tends to overreact wildly.  The more free-wheeling atmosphere at twoplustwo got him in trouble and banned repeatedly.  At one point, he must have gone through 8 or 9 redpill numbered accounts and countless other accounts with different names.  His particular style of posting is pretty distinctive, so people tended to recognize his new account quickly.  During this period, he also posted on ITH very frequently, often with 20 replies to himself in a row cursing his bad luck at the tables.  At that point, I believed that ITH was generally a good influence on him and that we tended to keep his worst tendencies in check.

However, some of the people who didn’t like him figured out that they could respond by baiting and teasing him and that he would eventually get out of line.  He was warned more times than I can count and eventually went off on a poster getting himself a six month timeout.  During this time period, he started posting at FCP and building a similar reputation there as he enjoyed at 2+2.  The number of people baiting him at FCP was much higher than at ITH and of course, he eventually got himself banned there as well.

When his suspension was lifted at ITH, he came back briefly but decided that he didn’t fit in and chose not to post.  This lasted for a while, before his most recent return.  When he came back, he was obviously in a manic upswing and was in a posting flurry about bad beats and rants.  He eventually self-destructed in a series of threads where he demanded to be made into a moderator, seemingly never seeing how ludicrous that idea was.  He also posted angrily about going broke and sought people to send him money to restart his poker career.

The “I’m broke” thread turned into the real meltdown when it was moved to the “Vent, Rant and Rave” forum.  In redpill’s mind, this was an attempt to suppress his voice and he pretty much freaked out about it.  He went into a series of rants about the rich people running the site who wouldn’t let him speak his mind (I made the short list of evil rich people!) and about our ingratitude in general.  Having watched him post for a long time, I have noticed that he tends to cycle between gloomy posts and confrontational posts over and over.  In his manic confrontational periods, one of his most frequent targets is “rich people.”  He uses it as an insult and is clearly troubled by and obsessed with the idea of rich people as his enemies.  When he is in these moods, he seems clearly irrational to me.

Unsuprisingly, Matthew decided to ban him.  In the very few non-spammer bannings at ITH, there has been a lot of discussion between the moderators, but this one was pretty much decided without comment.  There was little to discuss, frankly.  Redpill seems incapable of avoiding abusive behavior and the nitwits posting on his blog just make it that much worse.

I feel a certain sympathy for RedPill because some of his tendencies seem like small voices in my head that are just turned up to 11 in his head.  It seems clear to me that he is completely unable to control his outbursts and as a result I’m sympathetic to him.  It isn’t our job to fix his problems or to counsel him, but when I thought we were making a positive difference in his world I was very pleased about that.  I’d like to meet some of the people who act like idiots on his blog and smack them a few times.
After he was banned, Redpill was signing up over and over at ITH and posting wild one line insulting posts over and over.  One or the other of the moderators always happened to be around and we killed the posts as soon as they went up, but it was a pain.  We played cat and mouse for a day or two before the folks who run ITH got really fed up.  They are just some decent guys trying to make a buck on the internet and the redpill banning was taking up a lot of time from people that they pay to do something else (unlike me, who does it for free).  They decided their only course of action was to intervene with his ISP and get them to try to stop him.  I took a chance that he would talk to me via email and posted on his blog to ask him to contact me.  We traded emails for a while and eventually I persuaded him to stop bombarding ITH.  I think he believed that we were also bombarding his blog with rude comments, but of course, that was some other idiots.

He professes to be doing OK (I’ve traded an email or two since he stopped posting) and that he is just trying to figure out what to do.  He still thinks day trading might work for him (I tried to talk him out of that).  He says he doesn’t plan to post again, but I don’t think that will really happen.  I hope he does find some other way to get happy, but I have my doubts.  I would guess that he is in a gloomy period again and he’ll be posting and acting kooky soon enough.

By Nsidestrate

I'm a hard-core limit ring game poker player who is becoming a degenerate sports bettor. I'm sure it will all make more sense if you read on.