Reflections on the effect of the UIGEA on me

As many of you know, my preferred site to play pre-UIGEA was PartyPoker.  There was always good action at both 15/30 and 30/60 any time of the day.  I prefer playing 30/60, but sometimes I judge that the games are poor and I play 15/30 instead.  I’m pretty hardcore about table selection.  It seems to me that there were always about a dozen full tables going at Party at these limits pretty much 24 hours a day.

In the immediate aftermath of the new law, traffic at Stars in the middle limits went way up and I was having a very good run there.  However, at about the same time Stars opened a number of higher limit games.  They took the restriction off of 100/200 and added several limits above that.  This has had a negative effect on my games.  Some of the regulars who kept the games going have moved up in limits and some of the fish that used to take shots at 30/60 (which used to be the biggest unrestricted games going) now play 50/100 or higher when they get an urge to donk off their hard-earned cash.  As a result, I very often log onto Stars and don’t find any full ring games going above 10/20 or only 50/100 or higher.  It seems to me that 30/60 and above very often is only running 6 max.  I enjoy 6 max, but I think that lack of patience is one of the main leaks of limit players and it is much less of a leak at 6 max.  I feel that my edge is often less in 6 max games and I’d rather play full ring when it is available.  In fact, as I write this on a Saturday afternoon, the biggest full ring game running at Stars is 3/6!  Back in the day, there was never a time that there wasn’t significant action at Party at my limits.
I’ve played less at Stars in the past month or two than I ever have.  I’m still seeing pretty steady action at WPEX, but it is usually one or two tables at most.  Luckily, the action is usually good there.  I’m also dabbling with Absolute, now that ITH is providing rakeback there.  Action is somewhat spotty there as well.  Full Tilt is much like Stars, there is some intriguing high limit action, but limited action at the middle limits.
I’m starting to think that I will have to play more mixed games or bite the bullet and move up to 50/100.  It is hard to quantify my poker bankroll now, since I took most of my winnings back to the bank post-UIGEA, but I’m not yet convinced that I am comfortable playing 50/100 and higher.   The other option is to concentrate more on NL cash games, but I don’t really enjoy them as much for some reason.  I enjoy MTTs, but they are much harder to schedule.  Now that people have figured out (for the most part) the proper pushbot SnG strategy, I don’t find them much fun anymore.  10/20 HORSE at Stars is probably the best game that runs pretty much constantly.  *sigh*

By Nsidestrate

I'm a hard-core limit ring game poker player who is becoming a degenerate sports bettor. I'm sure it will all make more sense if you read on.