No Limit or Limit

Thursday, February 7, 2008 21:50 | Filled in poker

I’m always a bit conflicted about the choice between playing NoLimit or Limit games. On the one hand, I clearly understand limit strategy better. On the other hand, most of the serious donks seem to be playing NL these days. Every time I play some NL, I seem to do well. I’m up about 16 ptbb/100 at 400NL and 600NL, which equates to about $100 an hour which is actually better than my limit earn when you consider that I can pretty comfortably 4 table NL tables. At 2 bb/100 on two tables of 30/60, I’m not pulling $400 a hour. I played a bit of NL today and maintained my earn rate. I would have done better but top set fell to an overpair when he went runner-runner straight. All the money went in on the flop. My net was about $450 today and I’m up to 3,000 VPPs, comfortably ahead of pace now.

I think I might try to play NL ring games exclusively for a few days to see how it goes.

Doing the math on VPP earn rates, it looks like I will earn about 236 VPP/hour by 4 tabling 400NL.  When I 2 table 10/20, I earn 232 VPP/hour.  My most common game is 2 tabling 15/30, which earns 258 VPP/hour.  At the moment, I’m earning almost exactly 2 bb/100 at 15/30 which works out to about $100/hour two tabling.  I’m actually earnig $430/hour at 30/60 right now when I two table, but the problem is that two tables of 30/60 don’t run very often and my current earn rate of 3.5 bb/100 is probably not sustainable in the long run.

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