I got beat like a drum last night

I haven’t even loaded it into PokerTracker yet, I was not that enthused about reviewing my session. I finished the night with a fairly short 30/60 session where I got hammered from beginning to end. I played exactly three big pots and got crushed in all three. First, I flopped the nut flush and got a ton of action on the turn from JJ who made a set on the turn. The river paired the board and I knew I was toast. I check-called to see what I already knew. I don’t have any problem with my play there because I don’t see folding even though I was pretty sure I was best. There was probably a slight chance of flush over flush. The second big hand I remember in detail. I held :Ac :Tc and three bet a loose middle position raiser from the cut-off. Both blinds called (!) and the original raiser also called. The flop was pretty good for me, coming down :3c :5c :Th. With top pair and a flush draw, I figured to be a big favorite and we wound up capping it between me and the big blind with the MP player coming along for the ride. The turn was the :Js and the big blind led out again (he had capped the flop). Now the middle position player came to life and raised, so I figured I had to be behind and just called. To my great delight, the big blind 3 bet and the middle position player capped. I figured I had to be looking at set over set and prayed to whatever heathen deity I think exists for a club. The river was the beautiful :7c, giving me the nut flush. Big blind still leads, middle position just calls now and I raise. To my delight, the big blind 3 bets and I cap with glee. The middle position player comes along for the ride. To my horror, the big blind revealed :6c :4c for the straight flush draw that hit their two outer. They were obviously fine to cap the flop, but their turn play was a bit baffling. I was mad at myself because I didn’t see that the straight flush was even possible. Given the action, I might have capped anyhow, but I was seriously annoyed that I didn’t see that it was something that could be possible. Finally, I three bet with TT and the same guy with the straight flush cold capped. That was a terrible sign. The flop was T76 and the original better raised the capper, indicating that he probably had an overpair too. I three bet and the original better capped. So far so good. The turn was a king and it took four more bets to convince me that perhaps he had KK and not AK or AA. The river paired the 6 and just gave me a better second best hand. I did limit the pain on the river to one bet, but the damage was done. I scrubbed off more than $1,000 in about two orbits and decided perhaps this night was not working out too well. I also lost a little earlier in the day in a less dramatic fashion. I wouldn’t be surprised if I dropped $2,000 over the course of the night. I guess I’ll fire up PokerTracker tonight and inspect the damage. Disgusting.

By Nsidestrate

I'm a hard-core limit ring game poker player who is becoming a degenerate sports bettor. I'm sure it will all make more sense if you read on.