Easy go, easy come

I played a bit more yesterday, having up to four tables at times. I played pretty much all the 30/60 and 15/30 games and I got called a fish a lot. As usual, that was a good sign. There was one terrible, terrible player at the 15/30 table who played pretty much every hand and took about an hour to lose $1,200 across the table. After virtually every hand he would type “DUMMY” or some variation into the chat box. Curiously, I personally didn’t get any of his money really. I’m pretty sure I lost to him overall, but I took it back from the rest of the table after he left. He was a real old school maniac, playing 86/66 preflop and still managing a 3.4 AF post-flop. I think I helped the rest of the table figure out how to handle him, because I was calling him down with King high and jamming the pot like I had the nuts with second pair. Once people stopped folding to him on the turn, his fate was sealed. I think the wait list was 18 deep at one point.

I’ve gone back and looked at the brutal 30/60 session from Thursday and it was even worse than I thought. I dropped $2,600 over the course of the night, with the vast majority at the one 30/60 table. Fortunately, I won about $1,800 last night, so I’m not quite as unhappy as I would be otherwise. The downside of reporting my results like this is that I’m more aware of them and I’m not sure that it is a good thing. I’d like to think that it doesn’t affect my play, but maybe it does.

I’m up to 6,900 VPPs and my net results are up about $1,600 for the month. I played for a while at a table with NukeDuke who had a pretty much break-even session while I was there. He lost with 99 against AQ and won a nice pot with AQ against 88 for some kind of karmic balance. I took the seat to his right, which probably didn’t thrill him. However, I don’t think I was especially aggro on that table. I ended up about $100 on the table but most of that was suckouts. I made two straights with the worst hand. I didn’t feel bad about it at all. I’m mean that way.

I won $1,300 at the one 30/60, which balanced out the previous session. Thursday’s session I ran -59 bb/100 which is pretty awesome.  That game is normally quite aggressive, so big swings are just a fact of life.  One adjustment I need to make is when the pre-flop aggressor checks behind on the turn.  I tend to make bluffy bets at the river because at lower limits that means someone with overcards who have given up.  At the 30/60 game, it will be a hand that is afraid but intends to call a river bet 100% of the time.  I’m never bluffing in that situation again at the 30 game.

By Nsidestrate

I'm a hard-core limit ring game poker player who is becoming a degenerate sports bettor. I'm sure it will all make more sense if you read on.