I am the ITH People’s Co-Champion!

Friday, May 16, 2008 7:10 | Filled in poker

After abdicating my role as organizer of the ITH People’s Championship, I finally put in a good showing at the actual event. On the very first hand of the tourney, I found KK and raised it up. Yankees 3 bet from the BB with AK. I went ahead and shoved, which was actually probably donkish, but I figured he might call with QQ or AK and I was going broke to AA anyhow. He called with AK, which was perfect until the flop came down AQJ. However, I hit my miracle one out King on the turn and knocked him out on the very first hand. This was great news for me, because he is a very strong player and I do far better with a big stack.

The very next hand I raise with 97s and get re-raised by Clabbers. The flop comes down Q97 and I raise his flop bet. He calls that and a pot sized bet on the turn. I checked behind on the river when I should have bet again, but he wouldn’t have called anyhow. I was up to 7,640 from 3,000 in the first two hands. I donked off a few chips to thew who knocked out Clabbers and we were down to five in short order. I still had a substantial chip lead.

I flopped middle pair on a Q92 board that was all diamonds. I didn’t have a diamond. Nutjob shoved and I very nearly called, but couldn’t pull the trigger. I felt very strongly that he was bluffing, though. That knocked me down to 7,225. Elmo was making a lot of small raises, so I started floating him and was planning to three bet more. As soon as I decide that, thew three bets Elmo in back-to-back hands. The second time he has KK against Elmo’s 96o. He gives Elmo such a nice price that Elmo sees the flop and hits trips. It all gets in on the flop and Elmo knocks thew out and takes over as chip leader. I’m not crazy about this because Elmo is also a PITA with a stack.

As I expected, Elmo proceeds to abuse me. He went runner-runner straight when I let him get there, but I was still at 7,220 because of some small pots in between. I took two pots from Nut to move back into the chip lead after he beat Elmo out of a pot. Once I flopped the flush draw from the BB and took it down with a flop check-raise. The other time JT turned two pair, but I couldn’t get Nut to stack off. I was at 8,400 at this point. Then I sucked out on Elmo when he raised pre-flop with AQ. Since he was raising a ton, I didn’t respect his raise short-handed and caled with T9. The flop came down A95 and I floated his c-bet. He checked the turn and I checked behind. When I rivered two pair, he called a pot sized bet and I was up to 10,785, which resulted in pokerelmo saying, “lol – the costs of trying to control the pot size”

Then I found AA and Jane chose the wrong spot to three bet me. She had AQ and I knocked her out to move to almost 15k chips. That was about 67% of the chips in play, so I should have been in great shape. I raised A4o three handed and was priced in to call a shove from Nutjob. 66 couldn’t fade the river Ace and I was heads-up with Elmo with a 16k to 5k chip lead. Should have been easy to win from there right? Not so much.

I started off by giving away 2,500 chips when we both flopped Kings. I had him outkicked but he paired his kicker on the river. I then doubled him up when I caught top pair on the turn. Unfortunately, he had a flopped set and I even drove the action for him. This turned the whole match around, since I was now at a 3:1 chip disadvantage. I won a few small pots to cut his edge to 2:1 when I raised pre-flop with total crap (83s). He came over the top, but I flopped a pair. I floated his flop bet and shoved when he checked the turn. He hemmed and hawed and folded what he said was AT. We were now fairly close in chips, with him holding a 11.2k to 9.7k edge. He actually took down a few more small pots when I talked him into a deal.

Yankees and I had discussed chopping when we got heads-up since we would both be in Vegas anyhow. Elmo was in the same boat (he is using Stars points to get into Event 2 as well), so when I proposed it, he accepted fairly readily. At the time we chopped he actually held a 12k to 9k chip lead, so I owe him a free meal or some beer at least.

I think that the chop is good for the backers who get to spread their equity over two of us and good for us since we both get a highly subsidized buy-in. I haven’t run the actual numbers, but I think I’m getting $1,250 towards a $1,500 buy-in in exchange for giving up about a 20% stake.

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