Big Sunday

I had high hopes for the Guiness World Record event.  After all, I had probably won 20 seats to the damn thing.  Unfortunately, I busted in 8,860th place where 8,750 got paid.  I was short and shoved KQs which got looked up by A9.  I didn’t hit any of the cards I needed and I was out without collecting my $20.  I lost a big pot for about half my chips a short while earlier when AK whiffed on the flop and a big stack moved in on me.  I struggled along with my short stack for quite a while, doubling with AQ against AT, but never really got much traction.  I got three bet a lot in the middle stages, probably by legitimate hands but it was a rough slog.

I also won another seat into the Sunday Million.  In a feat of stupendous bankroll management, I went ahead and played it.  A whopping 16,260 runners showed up and I had a pretty good run.  I was really finding a lot of good spots in the early going and ran above average for pretty much the entire event without really taking much risk.  I didn’t get very far out of line and certainly never showed anything that would suggest I was out of line.  I was above average when the bubble broke and I collected $325.60 with my FPP investment.  Unfortunately, I had no cards whatsoever after the bubble during the silly period when there were called all-ins on almost every hand.  I went from 150% of average to below average without playing a hand in fairly short order as people busted right and left.  Unfortunately, the next payout level was about 2,000 bustouts after the money, so I needed to get something.  I got down to 42k when the blinds were 3k/6k/600, playing a very patient short stack.  I found QQ in EP and got isolated by AJo in late position.  Seemed like a great spot to chip up to 100k and be back around average, but the flop was AAJ and I didn’t hit runner-runner quads.  I was still happy with my return and felt like I played a good tourney.

The real highlight was my slug chop.  I started out with $0.71 from Dan Kimbell in the Guiness WR event.  Then I picked up $8.33 from Wack in the Full Tilt Holiday points freeroll thingie.  Then Matthew went ahead and won the damn thing, so I got a cool $500 for that.  So I won about $850 on my FPP bankroll rebuild quest in one day.  I’ve spent almost half of my FPPs now, but my roll is like $1,700 now.

By Nsidestrate

I'm a hard-core limit ring game poker player who is becoming a degenerate sports bettor. I'm sure it will all make more sense if you read on.