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    • CommentAuthorNutjob
    • CommentTimeJun 14th 2006 edited
    It is a different beast, especially since if you're a loudmouth, you can't go silent as a mafia - hence the Nutjob from Game 4.

    I just got lucky in that game that a detective revealed and had a right-hand man in Bugs and another really active player in TRK that I was able to slip by just enough....
    Ahhhh....that's something to grouse about. I sacrificed my life in order to deliver mafioso Elmo, Bugs was the one who looked over my posts the most and he just sorts shrugged off the implications. If they had just "honored my death" by lynching Elmo - coulda been a different story.
    • CommentAuthorNutjob
    • CommentTimeJun 14th 2006
    Erm, good point... by my calculations, Bugs now owes you TWO deep-dish pizza pies....hehehe
    Another VERY important reason why I don't want to be mafia is that I love building trust and don't want to destroy it for future games.

    Although for some reason I feel sheepish when Nside says I (and Bugs) was looking ridiculously innocent. Is that good or bad ?
    • CommentAuthorNutjob
    • CommentTimeJun 14th 2006
    Yes, Bugs is on and read his last line!
    actually - you answered part of that question earlier in this thread when you said that obvious innocents reduce the pool for cover.
    • CommentAuthorNutjob
    • CommentTimeJun 14th 2006
    Nothing wrong with being obviously innocent except it increases your chances to be deaded.

    It means you are playing the RIGHT way as an innocent....
    will go check
    • CommentAuthorNutjob
    • CommentTimeJun 14th 2006
    He still has Evv reservations, but at least he sees that Fat has come out of the den in full force (I think)
    Fat's gone all redpillian, one last throw of the dice after irish's excellent post... I hope Bugs has spotted it, if so it's game over!


    I really wish I could have stayed alive to lock horns with you two... I can post from about 1am EDT onwards so a fair amount of overlap. Woulda been fun!
    SEE...that is what I was saying . They were SILLY to knock off Griff - cuts down possible suspects for Bugs
    • CommentAuthorNutjob
    • CommentTimeJun 14th 2006
    I think he's just been watching for the last few hours and might be coming round!
    I was looking forward to playing with both you and Nut
    • CommentAuthorNutjob
    • CommentTimeJun 14th 2006
    TRK, agreed, woulda been fun!
    Actually, the only way we might have won this thing was to screw yesterday up so very badly
    Taking me out of the picture and knocking Bugs on his heels a bit creates a vacuum into which good guys like Irish and thugs like fat can "ooze into"
    • CommentAuthorNutjob
    • CommentTimeJun 14th 2006
    Great pernt
    • CommentAuthorNutjob
    • CommentTimeJun 14th 2006
    But dammit Bugs, don't point out the strange pattern yet!
    Course here we are in the endgame where things are so fluid. Nside said earlier he preferred plurality games to majority because they allowed for a more active dynamic. I think I'm more comfortable when things move at a slower pace and I can work things out. I'd never be good at rapid vote switching
    Gives us hope but may set off alarm. Mighta been nice if spoonie had posted first. But just the fact that Bugs seems to be on the mend is a good thing.
    Am gonna hit hay, Nut but it helped ease the pain to hang out with you.
    • CommentAuthorNutjob
    • CommentTimeJun 14th 2006
    I think that was Nut who prefered the plurality ......

    The majority vote is terrible in my opinion... It's hard enough to get a couple of innos to vote for a mafia... try getting everyone to do it!

    The biggest landlside games for the mafia were majority games... the most entertaining and close were (and still are) plurality... AND with a certain time deadline.
    • CommentAuthorNutjob
    • CommentTimeJun 14th 2006
    Pizza, I'm out, too....

    Will check back in the AM...

    can't wait to see what Sharky and everyone else thinks of the recent developments.....
    • CommentAuthorNutjob
    • CommentTimeJun 14th 2006
    GADDAMIT!!!!!!!!!! Bugs just suspected Irish and has cast a vote "in stone" for Angel.........

    Please be another bluff. Please!
    Silly wabbit!

    "There was definitely at least 1 mafia vote for Pizza, with a high probability of both of them if they thought they might get away with it."
    The link between Spoonie and fat looks so obvious now! The way they're lining up their thinking... and no doubt votes sooner or later.

    Come on Bugs... need you to see irish's POV and help to persuade AF and Evv...
    • CommentAuthorcyb
    • CommentTimeJun 14th 2006
    Someone said: "I think Bugs suspects Spoonie least of all."

    I have insider information that would seem to go some way to confirming that...
    If the innocents are going to win this game they need irish on and posting heavily.

    Has Bugs got something up his sleeve here?
    • CommentAuthorNutjob
    • CommentTimeJun 14th 2006
    Cyb, he protected Spoonie last night? ARGHHHH!!!!
    • CommentAuthorNutjob
    • CommentTimeJun 14th 2006
    I'll say this, Spoonie and Fatshaft are playing a GREAT game right now ....
    • CommentAuthorNutjob
    • CommentTimeJun 14th 2006
    Hats off!
    • CommentAuthorNutjob
    • CommentTimeJun 14th 2006
    trk wrote: Has Bugs got something up his sleeve here?

    Either that, or he is slipping into dementia at this stage.

    This game is evil, I say, EVIL!
    • CommentAuthorNutjob
    • CommentTimeJun 14th 2006
    OK, Funny Bunny is questioning Spoonie now...

    Yet another chance.... I will check back later to see if our Doc does a follow-up on this one.
    • CommentAuthorcyb
    • CommentTimeJun 14th 2006
    "Cyb, he protected Spoonie last night? ARGHHHH!!!!"

    I'm not saying anything... I'm sure everything will be revealed after the endgame, however.
    • CommentAuthorcyb
    • CommentTimeJun 14th 2006
    Bugs in the game thread:

    "I'm leaning that way but not all the way there yet. It's the best scenario for us if true. The worst is if you or spoonie are mafia. If that's the case I just throw out the white flag right now because we will NOT win. So I've stopped considering that possibility. Quite a while ago as a matter of fact. "


    Wow. I think Fatshaft's posting flurry clearly points towards his guilt, if someone looks at it right. It really looks like Bugs doesn't get it.

    My idea that the mafia should have hit Irish last night is looking pretty good. Irish has come to really good conclusions. Unfortunately, it isn't clear he will post enough or be persuasive enough to the others.

    As the prime suspect, Angel isn't going to be trusted. Evv is the key now. If he is willing to oppose Bugs and go with Irish, the innocents have a chance. I don't think he will do so, however.
    Bugs does tend to reverse ground often, so I'm never willing to completely give up, but I really think he is pretty sold on Spoonie's innocence, so I take that last post at face value.

    It seems to me that Evv will focus on those he thinks pushed the vote for him. That won't get him where he needs to be, I think.
    With the Bugs post that cyb just quoted here, the innocents have lost the game.
    Bugs is turning on Irish.

    If EW98 isn't taken out by the Mafia tonight, I will eat my hat.
    Will confess that here's a way in which Bugs and I were like 2 peas in a pod. As I was getting ready to log in to this thread last night, I somehow anticipated the question "if you were the mafia who would you hit during the night ?" They got Griff but my answer would have been - Spoonie.

    Four hours for a complete turnaround... where is Irish?
    In retrospect am embarrassed as to how Nside's question to me of whether SJ's innocence made anybody look clean or dirty was so simple.

    Fumseck used SJ for cover.
    Irish loved Bugs. With Bugs souring on him sourly...
    should read souring on him so badly
    Why oh why oh why did Griff manage the Day 3 vote so suspiciously ? If you're innocent and want your team to win, avoid doing things that draw so much attention to yourself.
    I think Steve plays the game in a very strange way... a way that makes it hard to get a good read on him one way or the other.
    Will make a note of that for the future...and he DID provide quite a few moments of high comedy so can't be all mad at him !