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    • CommentTimeJun 20th 2006 edited
    Welcome to the evil lair. There are three of you. You are:

    Huey -- BugsBunny
    Duey -- bb88
    Louie -- McFoldem

    Huey/Bugs is designated as the Don who is empowered to speak for the group in PMs. Good luck to you.
    Wow this is some Mafia group we have here. Looks like I should be the one to be sacrificed if need be.

    Was this done by random?
    Definitely an interesting crew we have here. Nobody to be sacrificed if we can avoid it. I'll almost certainly come under suspicion at some point though - if the werewolves don't get me.
    I'll obviously have to still post a lot - otherwise that'll be like waving a flag saying here I am. Fortunately I have a habit of switching directions often, so I can come up with lots of suspects and then change my mind :)

    Basically I think I (and all of us for that matter) will have to try and act the same as we would if we were truly innocent villagers.
    I am innocent.

    Who do you like for the first night kill

    I was thinking Suitedpair, or Pizzabynight. Suited was very good in the first game and she has inside info with Nside. Pizzanight due to him not being protected and being a dangerous innocent.
    Looks like I'm having a redp[illian conversation here :) One other thing - when will you 2 be available for discussions?

    Nside - is this going to be fixed times for day and night? And when do you anticipate the cutoff for night 1?
    I have lots of time. I am at work from 8:00 am until 5:30 pm Monday to Friday. I have access from work. I may get side tracked with work but will be checking in very regularly. I am available most nights and wekends, I will advice otherwise as things come up.

    All times EST.
    Dangerous players include Suited, Pizza, Pilchard, TRK, Nutjob and San (among others). However we don't want to go after all the name players, for obvious reasons. However one from that list will do for a start. Let's wait for the third to come back though.
    I'm EST as well, so that's fine. Do you remember where bb is?
    I will establish some times, but it might be different each day and I won't set any deadline for the first night.
    OH, once the thread re-opens I'll be making my usual "post lots, switch direction, throw out theories" speech, with a special note to the noobies.

    I think we'll have to approach this game rather dynamically given that there's going to be some interesting new aspects to it. I'm not sure if a set strategy will have any chance of working initially.

    Note also that the Angel and Doctor can't self protect. A vigilante has been added to the mix though. That means we have 6 "specials" that we want to target (we don't really care about the seer and angel). Werewolves, if we can identify any, are better being lynched than hit at night - especially if one of us is the one that outs them.
    bb is trying to get in. He should be along shortly.
    One thing that may be important - make sure you're seen browsing the thread at times to "see what's happening", especially before the thread re-opens. Also if the thread closes early, or opens late you want to be seen browsing at those times.

    He is EST as well, so timing should work in our favor.
    With Bugs and Nutjob in the mafia, this should be the longest mafia discussion thread ever.
    and try to act like one as well.

    Now I'll just wait on Duey
    Nutjob is mafia? Not. Or did you just slip up and give us a werewolf?
    Ooops Nside, what did you just do?
    I think Nside is cursing himself at the moment
    What about taking out a complete newbie? We would not be connected in any way. It wouldn't be good for them but he we are here to win right?
    I thought Nutjob was in the mafia. Apparently I have lost my mind.
    I made a nice long post but the server ate it. I sent you guys PMs, this is it copy/pasted:

    I made a long post, but the forum hiccuped and I think it got lost. I did skim all the posts, though.

    Anyway, I'm sending this PM to you and Bugs so we have something at least. It's not as long as the original post, but it's the basics of what I've said.

    I think the best thing for us is to go after the werewolves via lynching so we look better in the public eye, while trying to get the doctor, detective, vigilante, and threats at night.

    I would definately like to get rid of Nutjob, but Nside said he was mafia, and is isn't. Freudian slip? Maybe he's werewolf? If he is, I don't think it's best to go after him yet. I'd rather go after someone like San or Pizza. San is good but hasn't played in the last couple games and likely won't be protected tonight. Pizza is also quite good, but will likely be open.

    And I think the best thing is for us to just play the game as innocents. I'm going to play the game as an innocent in the main thread, trying to weed out werewolves (while saying I'm trying to find wolves and mafia men).

    That's basically it. I'm eastern and on most of the time. I'm going out with my girlfriend for a little tonight so I won't be around the whole time, but I'm almost always around.
    Also, I think the best thing to do is to have each of us try and toss a decent amount of different names around. There are A LOT of people this game, and people are going to be overwhelmed at first. We should take advantage of this.
    So if your the Doctor who would you protect tonight? I would likely protect Bugsbunny or Pilchard. I guess is depend on the Doc. The last game anyone could have been protected. :)

    I agree Pizza and San should be unprotected tonight.

    For the first night though it may not be as important to take out a high profile player. We could wait until there are some links and then exploit them.
    If I was the doctor, I would protect Nutjob, Bugs, or TP probably.
    Oh one thing, we have 2 Suited's this game so maybe we can use SJ, and SP
    If we wanted to take out just some random person (I.E. not a big name), I would rather not go with a new player, or someone like irish. The reason being they WILL make mistakes (or in irish's case, not post too much), and this will bring suspicion on them, and therefore off of us.

    So if we wanted to go with a "random" villager, someone like ogre, malteg, spoonie, would be nice.

    Angel-fish has been browsing the board for a while. Perhaps angel-fish is a werewolf? I would love to try and lynch angel-fish day one...
    There are a few names for tonights kill come to mind. SJ, TRK, Stevegriff, or a newbie Tanya, Wynton.
    Out of those names I like Wynton and TRK the best. Steve got himself heat last time and could possibly do it again. Tanya is new, and more likely to make mistakes.
    We just need to be carefull to pick someone that does not point to us in anyway. That is why a newbie would be a good pick. Last thing we want is attention right away.
    I'm back. When the forum came back I didn't see the thread. Took me a bit to figure it out.

    I basically agree with everything Dewey said, including the bit about werewolves (see my previous comments).

    I don't think we should take a noobie out. First of all they're likely to be confused and easy marks for lynching. If some show signs of being dangerous we can take them out then - as long as they're not pointing to us.

    We should attack people that are attacking other people as much as possible. Then the other people should, hopefully, fall under suspicion.

    I'd like to take out TRK, but he got taken out first last game. I may also be able to use him, we'll see. Pilchard may well be protected. I may be as well (wouldn't that be nice). If I was the doctor I may well be protecting Pizza, Nutjob, or San tonight - but that's me and I doubt anyone else will.

    I'd just as soon not take out a high profile player since having them around leaves cover for me. Let me look at the list again, although Pizza isn't a bad choice.

    Wynton we should leave for some comedy value, for at least a while. Let me go look at the list again.
    There's one other thing to consider - who are the werewolves likely to kill? Since there's 2 kills at night it will be harder for the innocents to pick up reads as well.
    If you guys want someone else, it won't hurt my feelings in the least bit. I really think angel could be a werewolf. I'm going to bring up in the thread when it opens how I caught angel peeking in the thread for a whiiile and suspect that she may be mafia/werewolf.

    This is my list, in order of preference:

    1. San
    2. Pizza
    3. TRK
    4. Nutjob

    I have to go right now, my girl is on her way over. I'm really sorry about having to leave, but I hope I've been enough help so far.

    I think we're in really good shape. I was an ok mafia my first game, but I've gained confidence since then. Bugs, you are a great player. Mcfoldem, you are too. We better win.
    I think the werewolves killings depend on who they are. If they are newer players, who knows? More experienced players will probably go after the same types of people we're looking for.

    I'll be back around 8, maybe much sooner.
    Here's the full list, with us removed. I've also pegged the noobies (I think).
    Da Big Fish - noobie
    Dire - noobie
    Dreamchaser - noobie
    mxrider - noobie
    Suited Jock
    Tall Paul
    Tanya Peck - noobie
    Still lots to choose from when you take out the noobs and high profiles.

    What about Irish, he is always so hard to read?
    I'm fine with San, Pizza, Tall Paul, spoonie, Griff (that list is in no particular order)

    Irish may actually start posting more - keep an eye on him. If he's not I'll be on his case, same as last game.

    Actually I think I prefer Tall Paul or Griff for night one. But it doesn't matter too much at this stage. Pizza or San would work. Between the 2 I'd rather go for San, less connection to anyone. Same reason TP would work I think. Although there's so many people in this you can find connections almost anywhere if you look hard enough.
    People that are hard to read are good for us, they'll be easy to eventually cast suspicion on. Besides I can use Irish to help build some cover. Leave Irish for the moment.
    Should we develop some patern to the night kills for the first few nights.

    Maybe go San, Spoonie, Stevegriff...
    No pattern - the first day should give us something to work with to help develop who to go after. If it doesn't then we can start to mix things up with maybe some random hits to confuse everybody, while they try to look for a pattern
    I'm going to grab a bite to eat.

    Nside, I assume that there's no real time pressure today and we can wait for Dewey to get back? He said 8, maybe much sooner.

    If we need a decision sooner let me know.
    One last note before i go and eat.

    I don't think we need to review every post before we put it out there. We've all played before and none of us are stupid.

    Just THINK BEFORE YOU HIT THE ENTER KEY ON A POST. And, if you have any questions, we can review them here. But if we can play "speed mafia", and play it well, it will help. And if we catch others up who won't play speed mafia we can use that to help cast suspicion on them.
    We should wait for the England game to finish before submiting so waiting for BB is a good idea. We just need to be aware of timezones when putting forth our pick.
    In Mafia game 1 SP pointed out I was online when Nside posted our nightly Kill. She may be looking for the same this game. I think we should eb offline when the Kill comes out.
    I'm almost always online anyways - I often just leave the browser sitting there. It also depends on if the thread opens at a specific time, or just after all the pm's are received. In one case it's not suspicious to be around. In the other it is.
    So we are 3 players out of 27. I will do my best to stay out of the line of fire. I have a bad habit of drawing attention to myself as an innocent.
    This game there are no set times, so we need to be careful. In the early going we innocents like to grasp at anything.

    I am off home now, or shortly. Should be back online arount 6:30pm
    Not to worry, just play your normal game. There should be enough others to draw attention - just don't panic if they come after you a bit. Just react the same way you would if you were truly an innocent.

    The best defense is often a good offense though. If attacked rather than defend yourself too vigotously (remember, innocents are expendable, even in their own minds if they're playing correctly) try to find a better target to go after and divert attention rather than trying to squash it.
    I am back online.