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    So I think maybe the remaining wolves are Nutjob and Mxryder

    If we want some confusion we could take out Fumseck.
    Is there a way to export a thread to Word?
    I agree about nutjob. I wouldn't have ANY problems going after him right now.
    Would be nice, before he gets to the M's
    We can go after anyone we like from a protection stand point. We just need to be careful with connections to us.
    SteveGriff votes PizzaByNight
    Suited Jock votes PizzaByNight
    Tall Paul votes PizzaByNight
    Tanya Peck votes PizzaByNight
    therivierakid votes PizzaByNight
    Dire votes PizzaByNight

    These I'm sure are innocents (or specials)
    Nutjobs BI list

    Evv - leaning innocent (2 Is, 1 B)

    Tall Paul (was going to type TP, but there is a Tanya Peck in the house) - 4 Is, 5 Bs, don't know leaning suspicious

    Ogre - 6 Is, 3 Bs, thinking innocent

    Bugs - Too many Is and Bs to count. Not a shocker. 10 Is and 8 Bs maybe, don't know, leaning innocent (barely).

    Tanya Peck - Tough read, first game... 3 Is, 2 Ms, leaning innocent.

    McFoldem - 1 I, 2 Ms, leaning suspicious.

    bb88 - 8 Is, 4 Bs, thinking innocent.

    Irish - three question marks. Also not a shocker. I thought Irish was the unsung hero and MVP of Game 6, but I DON'T KNOW.

    KT - 4 Is, 1 B, thinking innocent.

    MXRider - 2 Is, 2 Bs, 1 question mark, don't know.

    Pizza - 4 Is, 1 B, thinking innocent.

    Dreamchaser - one question mark. But think seer or innocent.

    Suited_Jock - 3 Is, 2 Bs, leaning innocent.

    fatshaft - 1 I, 1 B - don't know

    SteveGriff - 2 Is, 2 Bs, don't know. One of the Is is pretty strong, leaning slightly innocent.

    Spoonie - 3 Ms, 1 I, suspicious.

    TRK - 1 I, 1 B, Don't know.

    Pilchard 1 I, 1 B, don't know

    Other players who have not been listed either have not posted or didn't make an impression either way.....

    For now ... Vote to lynch Spoonie
    If we take out Nut we take out, probably, the most effective leadership the town may have left.

    IF I survive the night I might wish we took out dreamchaser, he's actually one smart cookie. He nailed at least 2 of the bad guys in his list of 6. And people may start listening to him. But if I go tonight it's OK, since he hasn't listed any of you.

    We should really go over Pizzas posts and see if we can dig up any kind of linkages, either positive or negative.
    I disagree with that Bugsbunny, I think your the most effective leadershipt the town has.. :)

    Actually TRK would probably step up wouldn't he?
    If we do not take out a top player, the town will definitely be lokking to Lynch a top player i think. Since we the mafia have nothing stopping us from doing so.
    But they won't be looking to lynch me, at least not yet. But I really suspect I'm dead tonight. Or maybe Dire - he could be the seer, he's been pushing Pizza pretty heavy actually. If they spot that.
    Alright I'm going to check Pizza's posts. I want to see if I can spot anything in terms of other wolves. Including people he's been "avoiding".

    I think what we need to do from here depends on if we can spot a probable wolf - or 2.
    The reason I wanted to take out dreamchaser is to free up the angel. If I survive tonight I think there's a good chance I could get the angels protection given events so far.

    If I manage to get killed tonight you can take out Nutjob tomorrow. A lot of people currently trust bb, so he may end up getting the angels protection.

    If we think we spot 1 wolf in going over Pizzas posts we let him live and see if he'll lead us to the other one.

    If we think we can spot both remaing wolves then we can take out the one we're less sure of.
    Pizza wrote
    3. Angel-fish was mafia in Game One and McFoldem and Irishiain were team members with her in the lair. Could one or both these two have been afraid that angel-fish could get a read on them ? Possible but Game One ended a long time ago so the chance that she could get a read would have probably evaporated. End quote

    Looks like the Angel hit was to put Irish an myself into question. I think we can conclude Irish is innocent maybe.
    And if the town lynches Nutjob tomorrow I'm fine with that.
    That would tie in with my current read on him. I'm getting better, but he's real hard to read in these games.
    Guys I'm really sorry but I have to go for a little bit I'll be back in a couple hours.

    I'm absolutely fine with whoever you guys want to kill as I don't have an idea of who would be best for us right now.

    I apologize again.
    And I think not lynching nut is probably good for now, we don't want all the bigger named players getting out.
    Wynton made an interesting post here though: "I really hope I can complete my Bugs' investigation soon, but yours is consistent with my memory (except I'm wavering more about him).

    Can you explain why you're certain that nutjob or pizza would be in cahoots with Bugs, if Bugs is a bad guy? And does the converse follow? Assuming Bugs is innocent, do you think that nutjob and pizza are also?"
    I do not think we are in a rush to kill today. We want to get this one right.
    Well the second I get back I'll make sure to come back and if you are still discussing I'll definately toss in my two cents. Probably even my dollar.
    Pizza seems overly concerned with who has posted and who hasn't. Could maby Toro have been Werewolf, and he needed an excuse for Toro not posting?
    mxrider may well be wolf. He's been pushing dreamchaser for a lynch, and his posts sound like they could have been coached by someone like Pizza. And his late Pizza vote looks like it may have been a pileon vote
    I'm going to check with nside about timeline
    Pizza wrote
    Ok, well will certainly consider giving toronexti leave at the very least.

    Am gonna hit the hay. End quote
    Here's nsides reply about timeline so we're fine. I'm going to look some stuff over, think about a few things and I should be back in here in about an hour. If I think of anything before then I'll come and post it.

    From: nsidestrate
    To: Bugsbunny
    Posted: Fri Jun 23, 2006 2:05 pm
    Subject: Re: Night Time Length? Quote message
    You are so far ahead now, it doesn't hardly matter, does it? Wink

    On the open window games, I usually don't like to impose a specific time frame. If you need more time, you can take it. I'd just as soon you didn't stall just because you can, but if you need time to work it out, I probably won't get annoyed for quite a while yet.

    Bugsbunny wrote:
    How long do we have today on the outside stretch. We obviously have a bit to discuss Smile and bb just had to run out:

    Guys I'm really sorry but I have to go for a little bit I'll be back in a couple hours.

    and I'd obviously like his input on this tonight. There's a number of ways we might go right now.

    Anyway - yes we are a happy bunch of mafiosos right now. Hope you're enjoying yourself Smile
    If Pizza was coaching MXRider then this post is intersting.

    Pizza Wrote
    Wanted to second your thoughts on MXRider. Had intentions of submitting a Vote for the Rookie of the Game post but never got around to it. End quote
    I will continue looking at Pizza's posts. Then go on to see if anyone else would missdirect really well.
    Sorry English is my second language, and I do not have a first language...;)
    Another point, while I'm thinking about it. If we do spot both wolves (we think) we want to leave the 2nd wolf around for a while. 2 kills every night are much better for us than one.

    We just have to try and make sure we don't go for the same person as he's going for. Of course if it starts getting too close in numbers then we would take him out.

    And we'd take out others who might be wolf if we're wrong about him. But none of this matters until we find the remaing wolves.
    Pizza has one more post where he fumbles through explaining why Irishiain didn't vote.
    Back, sorry again.
    Pizza:"My assignment was to analyze Spoonie and SteveGriff but midway through the evening tonight I decided I would start first with where my heart was when I got back to my PC ‚?? I can‚??t squelch these suspicions of Tall Paul."
    TRK asks where Irish is
    "Posted: Fri Jun 23, 2006 10:31 am Post subject:


    Any sign of irish? No vote from him yet... End Quote

    Pizza wrote:

    Joined: 08 Feb 2005
    Posts: 529
    Location: SW Ohio
    Posted: Fri Jun 23, 2006 10:37 am Post subject:


    I also was wondering why Irish hasn't voted. But in Game 6 he did not vote on Day 1.

    (Bugs dropping the "Pizza came in the thread on Day 2 and told Fumseck & Irish to vote or they'd die of natural causes so all 3 are mafia" bomb will forever remain etched in my memory ) End Quote

    Pizza mentions this when he only has 3 votes.
    So possible Wolves are

    Nutjob - only thing I base it on is Nsides slip.
    MXRider - New guy being coached.
    TP - Pizza's prime suspect.
    Irishiain - Fumbles through why he ddn't post.
    Fumseck - Pizza seemed overly concerned about people posting and give toro a pass when he hadn't posted yet.
    I am thinking Pizza is a smart player and probably wanted to distance himself from his team mates, so maybe we could drop TP and Irishiain, and chalk those up to misdirection.

    Updated list
    Irish made a REALLY interesting comment right after nside announced that Fumseck was replacing toronexti.
    Nside: Announcement

    We have a mid-game replacement to announce. Fumseck will be replacing Toronexti. He will have the same role and will assume his role immediately.

    Toro has a schedule conflict and will not be able to continue to participate.

    Last edited by nsidestrate on Thu Jun 22, 2006 7:46 pm; edited 1 time in total
    Irish: don't even think about editing that post
    Irish posted this a minute before nside edited it. I don't want to get rid of him, I really want to know what the edit was.

    And I think the interesting thing about his investigation of TP was that he completely sidestepped investigating SteveGriff and Spoonie...

    I agree with not lynching TP or irish.
    And by lynch, I mean kill...
    Fumseck may be. I'm better than 80% certain, actually probably better than 95% certain that mxrider is wolf.

    If mxrider really is wolf then dreamchaser is almost downright scary. That would mean he pegged at least 3 of the 6 bad guys in his post. That's one smart cookie. I agree with Nutjobs analysis of him, and also wouldn't mind having a shot or 10 with him.

    Anyway I'm certain enough of mxrider that we should probably leave him alone for now.

    We can leave Fumseck and see what happens, or we can take him out now that he's spent his time going over all those posts :) I say lets be nice and leave him to see what happens.

    One thing is for sure - none of the wolves are on the lowest levels of posting. They're all at least medium level. So basically we can scrap anybody with less posts than McFoldem :) (unless it's Irish, of course, but I think he's innocent)
    I didn't see the post after the edit, but I do know that Nside misspelled "Announcement" in the original so I suspect that was the edit.
    So who do you think tonight Nutjob?
    Irish's comment was probably humor about the no edit rule.
    I'm honestly not sure. What would taking Nutjob out tonight do for us? I'd sooner take out Krazy - she may well be a wolf as well.

    I don't think Nut is wolf. We can take him out at any time, but he's also sure that bb and I are innocent (at the moment at least). And the wolves may take him out for us.

    There's no rush to take him out is my point.

    If the wolves don't take me out tonight I think I can keep them off my back for a couple of days.

    And before we close I want to here what your strategy will be if I am gone tonight.
    Oh it absolutely was humor about the no edit rule
    I would agree with that but irish's comment was made at 7:45pm according to the board.

    Nside's edit didn't happen until 7:46pm.
    My plan if you are knocked off is to express great happiness that we got a werewolf and then the wolves got a mafia.

    I'll also say that I was thrown off and will have to re-evaluate all that you said. I will also say I'm going to focus on your death instead of the death of a wolf because the mafia are much less vulnerable right now so it would be much better to nab another mafia man than another wolf.

    If you go, I'd probably try and kill nutjob tomorrow night unless he is lynched.