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    Dewey - your as bad as I am :)
    AHAHA "that little hussy". That word always amuses me.

    Yes- send it Don.
    Huey: it's even better if you imagine nside standing above it all, laughing and taking notes.
    I'm a little anxious right now... I don't want to see bb88 or bugsbunny being killed tonight...
    SON OF A adjdsdjh
    Huey is now banned from speech in this thread. Dewey is the new Don. Good luck.
    I'll miss you, but I'll see you again in this thread celebrating our victory.
    Crap, well we saw it coming anyway. Sorry Huey.

    Alright Dewey you an me. One squeaky clean innocent and one slightly suspicious innconent.
    We've got it all under control still. No worries.
    Do you think I should go on with these post(the ones in the town thread), does it sound like i am trying divert attention? Do I need to word them differently? What do you think?
    I may be seeing things but it looks to me like Nutjob is steering us away from the Werewolves and onto the mafia. Of course i do not think he will find anything, unless he specifically looks for nuthing and then maybe he will find me. Since Bugs and I were not on speaking terms during the day.

    But I digress, maybe he is thinking that the seer will get the werewolfs and our time is better spent on the mafia.

    Curious is all, it took him 20 minutes to respond to my theory (might not have seen it but we posted at the same time).
    I am out of here, sorry you won't have a sounding board later tonight when you get online, but those wolves are to blame, and I have to work in the morning until about noon. i should be online shortly after that.
    I might not be around at deadline time so we should start kicking around whom to kill tomorrow night.

    I'm thinking nutjob or mxrider. Let me know what you think.

    Right now I'm going to try and gently poke and prod and hopefully get the Seer to come out or something. Or make it look like dream is really the Seer. Anything to get the wolves attention NOT on me...
    Dream scenario for us to have dreamchaser come out as Seer with one of the wolves found, have the vigilante take him out, the town lynches someone else ,we get a free kill, and the wolves are desperately trying to take out dreamchaser or the Angel.

    We need dreamchaser or the real Seer to come out with it, though. If they do come out at any point, we need to bring up the possibility of the vigilane doing it, or hope someone else mentions it.

    Just kind of thinking out loud here.
    If dream IS by some chance wolf and I'm putting this much pressure on him, I might be gone tomorrow and we're SCREWED.

    But if this works anything half as well as it could, we might be in great shape.
    Pretty sure Evv is innocent so I'm going for him right now because I really don't want to ruffle too many feathers.
    I'm just about 100% Evv98 is innocent. I'll probably leave on him for a while then switch to someone else later without much fuss or attention.
    Wow, I am at work now and had to take a peak at whats going on in the Game thread (not logged in of course). Looks like MXrifder is the Seer, and he fingered Nutjob.

    No wonder he picked up on my Dreamchaser is a werewolf idea. Now I am not totally convinced Dreamchaser is a werewolf, he could be an innocetn still.

    This is very good, except our known werewolve isn't a werewolf. Still very good.

    Now we need to find that last werewolf.

    Who to kill tonight. Hmm. Dreamchaser is the obvious choice, but I think the town will lynch him.

    Well I have to do some work. Will likely check back bevore noon but won't be regularly checking
    I would not want to be you Nside, especially if the roles of people that are coming and going are special. If they aren't special It tends to through the innocents more than the mafia/werewolves, due to confusion.

    You are doing a great job and just remember we are learning from all of this. We will indeed get some good guidlines going forward. I just hope it doesn't tarnish the outcome too much.
    Very good Nside. Thanks for clearing that up in the main thread. By the way I do not want any responses to my posts to you, just commenting.
    Am I seeing things or is Wynton going out of her way to avoid discussing MXRider as the seer?

    She sees nutjob as suspicious? Whats that all about.
    Spoonie brings up a very good point. Now that we know MXrider is the seer, and we know some of the Werewolfs we should be able to eliminate people as being innocent since we know they aren't mafia. Not sure I said that very well.
    We would love the vigilante to kill Nutjob, but how can we push that?

    I will start looking for a nutjob link, maybe hard though.
    I could make myself look more innocent by saying the vigilante shouldn't waste his time on an known target. We have others for him to go for.
    Dewey wrote "I'm just about 100% Evv98 is innocent. I'll probably leave on him for a while then switch to someone else later without much fuss or attention."

    Not much fuss at all. :)
    Nsidestrate I have a question.

    If we kill the last remaining werewolf, does their kill happen?
    We can definitely scratch Spoonie off the kill list.

    What happens if we take out the investigation candidate? if he is werewolve great, if he is not it doesn't give them more info by knowing the investigation and knowing our kill. Just an idea.
    Pizza make this comment after the first night, darn werewolve trying to point suspicion on Irish and myself weakly.
    "3. Angel-fish was mafia in Game One and McFoldem and Irishiain were team members with her in the lair. Could one or both these two have been afraid that angel-fish could get a read on them ? Possible but Game One ended a long time ago so the chance that she could get a read would have probably evaporated. "

    So my Innocent list
    Wow Krazy for Tanya, that is going to be some confusing. A good thing maybe.
    I am not on EVV98 list, he has no feeling either way, this is nice to see.
    Quote from Nutjob.
    OK, did "the search" on those players... all of the times are EDT

    I received my PM from Nside for this game Tuesday at 1:24 p.m. EDT........

    DBF: Last post was 11:24 a.m. Tuesday .... I'll give him a one-day pass.

    Dire: Last post Tuesday at 7:12 p.m. Where are you?

    Toro: Last post was Saturday... follows KTs statement that he would be out. Will you die from inactivity?

    Wynton: Last post was Tuesday at 6:27 p.m. ... Where are you? End Quote.

    Both Nutjob and Pizza seemed concerned about none posters early. I think maybe our 3rd wolf may be in these four. Page 9 i think for pizza, and page 10 or 11 for this quote

    Here and going through the thread...

    Sweet. I think we should have the vigilante off Nutjob and then have the town lynch dreamchaser. Nutjob, Pizza, dreamchaser. What a pack of wolves.

    If we get all the wolves, we have to start going after the known innocents. Mxrider, spoonie is now definately innocent since he isn't wolf, and Evv98 is innocent....

    Man we can still do this.
    Unless.... we don't want to get crazy and kill mxrider tonight, do we?
    Ahaha I really want to kill Krazy now, just so we can say we killed the same person two nights in a row.
    Hehe, Death to Krazy 2..... maybe we need to leave the confusion.

    My question is would Ndise allow an innocent come into the role of a Werewolve? I do not think so, would that not give her too much info?
    The wolves should really be in desperation mode now though. I don't think they'll be worrying about taking out the leaders, so I feel safer than I did yesterday.
    Well the only thing she would know is that she herself was an innocent. And since the original krazy is dead, it doesnt matter.

    Who are you thinking about killing tonight? Definately not Spoonie, mxrider or Evv98, none of them are wolves.
    She would know who the last werewolf is, it would be her.
    I am going through the thread.

    My thoughts right now are

    After that we have

    I think we leave Dreamchaser right?
    Right, but only if she is wolf... which is possible.

    I'd have no problems taking her out if that's the route you want to go. Fatshaft is another possibility.

    Ok, I have to run out for a little. There is a 5% chance I won't be here for the deadline, I most likely will. But if I'm not, PM nside, tell him I'm out and you go with whoever the hell you want.

    But most likely I'll be here and we'll have some time to discuss it nice and proper.
    Wynton and Fumseck are two other names I have no problem with.
    And yeah, leave dreamchaser.
    Ok, I'm out for now, I will most likely (HOPEFULLY) be back in a couple hours.
    Dewey i think you missed my point about Tanya\krazy swap.

    I think she has to be innocent\vigilante\angel.

    If Tanya was werewolf i do not think Ndisde would put Krazy(innocent) into that role.
    Ok I am steering them into Dreamchaser lynch.

    If he is werewolf then we take out Nutjob. I would not want him helping the innocents find us, or killing at night.
    To answer your question about what happens if you kill the last werewolf, I would use my handy random number generator to determine if their hit was first or yours was first.
    Looks like MXRider investigated Dreamchaser. hmmm
    Thanks Nside.
    Nside, just so you know I don't think there's anything wrong with replacing players mid-game. I didn't want to clutter the main thread with this, but I don't think anythings wrong with it.

    Ok, I'm back for now but it's very doubtful I'll be here for the deadline, sadly. Any ideas on what to do?