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    This is my PM:

    [color=darkgreen]Losing Bugs really shook the den up. But you know, we got another wolf today, and we're not worried. Winnie the Pooh might look warm and fuzzy, but he can be quite ruthless.

    Ever since I've become the Don, I've been thinking. Living in the 100 Acre Woods isn't easy. That Tigger guy really gets on my nerves. Always bouncing around, being cheerful, breaking my honey pots. He's got to go. [b]We're killing Fumseck[/b]. Bounce around in my home, will you?

    Oh, bother. Where's my pot of honey? [/color]
    Great PM....:)
    And you know what? Our notions about nutjob being wolf based on nside saying he was mafia turned out to be true. I'll nside was PISSED when he said that.

    And I think gradually (GRADUALLY!) picking it up is a great idea whether or not I survive.

    I reaaaaaally hope I survive. I really believe if it's us versus the town we'll win.
    It may bring some attention to you (joking) but attention.
    Nside will be happy that we let it play out and his slip was not the cause of Nutjobs death.
    Yeah, but not serious attention. If he's innocent, I may say "Oh, bother. He was one of my best friends in these woods..."

    If he's mafia, I may say how I never really liked him, that honey-pot breaking bastard.

    I may not even mention it. Depends on my mood, I guess.

    Assuming I survive.
    That's true Louie, it's good that didn't affect the play in any way.
    I am just wondering if Nside mentioned Bugsbunny in the other thread.

    How else would they have gotten him ;)
    That must be it! THAT BASTARD!
    You have no idea how unhappy I was about the Nutjob slip. I almost drew new names and started over. I was so glad that MX investigated him and my stupidity didn't change the game. It was driving me crazy.
    Yeah, I can imagine. For the size of the game and general confusion though, you're doing an excellent job.

    Care to tell us the third wolf? ;)
    Or the vigilante?
    And who you think plans on voting for us soon.
    I think the silence says it all.
    You are doing a Great Job Nside. Don't let those quarrelling innocents get you down.
    There are way too many people involved. I'm never doing another enormous one like this again.
    Time to start bugging Cyb then =p
    Make sure you tell Cyb how much fun it was to do wil you. :)
    We must be waiting on the vigilate....

    My guess would be Werewolves hit TRK
    As long as they don't hit you or I, I honestly don't care who the hell they hit =)

    TRK would be ok, but we would have to make sure not to kill Tall Paul.
    Actually maybe not, they would want to hit the Angel now, since MX came out.
    Yeah, if I'm the lone wolf, I'm going to the Angel or taking a stab at mxrider.


    The power of telepathy...
    EVV has not been himeself, that is who they hit.
    Hope i am allowed to edit in here, I have been.
    You can do anything you want in here.
    Yeah I've been editing like crazy in this thread.

    One last tip is to re-read THIS thread. I just read a couple pages from the first night or so and it's helped me get some new ideas.

    I really hope we're both still here tomorrow.
    Will do.
    Now it's just a waiting game...
    Ok I'm out for the night in about 10 minutes. I'll probably be home at like 12-1am
    I will likely talk to you tomorrow morning then.

    And if I die, best of luck. You can do it.
    Guess there is a slim chance I could die.

    Huey mentioned here that he was really sure Dire was the Seer. And since he was very sure MxRider was the werewolf. Does the reverse ring true
    Good luck if I should meet my untimely demise. Unlike me alone i think you could actuall y pull if off.

    Just continue thinking like an innocent and take them out.
    Wow, thats great the Vigilante is dead. That really helps. I wonder if they will go after people that said using the vigilante for Nutjob was a bad idea. ooops.

    SP was grilling Nside for info eh. That will teach her, actually she is probably happy to get out of this little (yeah right) town. Was it one of our names?

    2 innocents and a vigilante, i would have to say a good night Dewey....
    So he is what we have. We know 4 of the 15. We just have to fill in the blanks. We have 1 Werewolve, and 1 angel to find. The rest are innocent.

    bb88 - Mafia
    DBF -
    Dire -
    Dreamchaser -
    fatshaft -
    irishiain -
    Krazy-Tanya -
    McFoldem - Mafia
    mxrider - Seer
    Spoonie - innocent
    Stevegriff -
    SJ -
    TP -
    TRK -
    Wynton -
    We have to be careful, I keep thinking Spoonie is a known innocent and that is fine in here because he is, but out in the Town he still could be the Mafia.
    I think Fatshaft is being way to reckless to be mafia. I am taking him off the list.
    We have 10 left, and 2 to find.

    DBF -
    Dire -
    Dreamchaser -
    irishiain -
    Krazy-Tanya -
    Stevegriff -
    SJ -
    TP -
    TRK -
    Wynton -
    Hopefully, MXRider can point to who ever he investigated as being Werewolf.
    Krazy reminds me of myself in the second game. Quickly reading stuff and making quick posts. Making mistakes, then everyone jumps on you about your mistakes and thinks your mafia.

    I think the obviuos mistakes are usually created by innocents. But in her case I am not going to jump to that conclusion since she could be lonely in that wolf den.
    I was telling her how relieved I was that my Nutjob slip didn't ruin the game and accidentally dropped bb88's name. You are lucky, because she announced when she woke up this morning that you were mafia. That made it so difficult, because she already suspected you strongly and we couldn't think of any way to make it right. I just couldn't deal with the whining if I got another replacement character.
    I new she was going to be on to me, I wanted to kill her off the first night.
    Must be very hard, not being able to talk to her about the game that is for sure. I thought after the 1st game you decided she wouldn't be in a game you were running?
    Feel free to drop any names in here you feel like...;)
    Hey DEWEY, YOUR NOT DEAD......
    I will talk to you tomorrow Dewey, I should be back on at 9 or 10 am.

    and there was much rejoicing

    I guess it's a good thing SuitedPair died or I would've been screwed. But shit, THREE innocents dead.

    We get the next wolf, we win. This is my guarentee.
    It sucks you had to kill her, though. If you had let her go, and she said she had suspicions of me before, I wouldn't have been mad. It's only a game and running it has to be a pain in the ass.

    I must say I'm happy with the decision, though.

    How I wish Evv tried to take someone out, though. FOUR dead innocents in one night would've been great.
    Although I'm interested in how the conversation went. Was it like this:

    "Yeah, I'm really glad that name drop didn't change the outcome of the name. Bb88 almost caught on."


    Holy shit, McFoldem. You did an AWESOME job tonight.
    Ok, I'm almost positive SteveGriff is innocent. He cast one of the tie-breaking votes AGAINST Pizza when he was lynched, making him doubtful to be the last wolf.