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    And before I go to bed, I want to say- since the wolf went for Evv98, it looks like he's trying to find the Angel and therefore you and I are probably safe.

    Further WOOOOOT.
    And if I was the wolves, I would think going for Spoonie tomorrow....

    Ok, I'm off for now. Goodnight, what a great night it was for us.
    Dreamchaser=innocent also.
    New list with Dreamchaser and Stevegriff removed.

    DBF -
    Dire -
    irishiain -
    Krazy-Tanya -
    SJ -
    TP -
    TRK -
    Wynton -
    Dewey, I hope you check in here first, I am going to put out my list. It would be good i think if it is well ahead of you posting. Not sure anyone will be noticing or not but rather be safer.
    I always check here first just in case. I agree.

    I also think I need to post a list soon since I havent posted a full-blown list yet. Really it's just been because I was busy, but oh well.
    Damn, dreamer is better than we thought. Thankfully people tend to not listen to him.
    I am going through Stevegriff's posts. I notice he talks about doing investigations of his two people but I do not see them.
    Oh and i had a hard time writing about you in my list I hope it doesn't stick out too much.
    Next game maybe it might work for the mafia to have one player not post hardly at all,just come in and post. Especially if he is new.
    Booo irish
    Yeah, it probably could.

    I'm not too worried right now, though. Guys like trk still find me really innocent. The two against me right now-irish and dreamchaser, havent exactly built up their cred this game. I can get myself out of it easy.
    Just posted about Steve not doing investigations.

    I brought Pizza's not doing his in there to. What do you think?
    louie Wrote:
    "Next game maybe it might work for the mafia to have one player not post hardly at all,just come in and post. Especially if he is new."

    I wrote this post as i was going through posts and noticed everyone rights the no posters as innocent.

    Nothing to do with this game just a thought ofr future games.
    I like the thought idea, get attention the hell off of me. But Spoonie and Steve are both almost definately innocent...

    I want to try and get the last wolf somehow, and then start taking out threats, aka dreamchaser.
    Ok I like your reasoning on DBF, so for now lets remove him. Our list is getting smaller. I think we will have him by tomorrow.

    Dire -
    irishiain -
    Krazy-Tanya -
    SJ -
    TP -
    TRK -
    Wynton -
    For now I don't want to take out TP or TRK, they are big supporters of me right now.

    I could definately live with going for irish, suitedjock or wynton right now though.
    I want to vote for krazy-tanya, but not yet. If I vote for her, she will probably retaliate with a vote for me and then I'm a full-blown lynch candidate.
    Your talking about lynch, or kill tonight?
    Lynch, at the moment. I think we need to try and get the heat off me, somehow, ASAP. I'm looking through to see if anyone else has been voted for yet.
    My question was about this post.

    "For now I don't want to take out TP or TRK, they are big supporters of me right now.

    I could definately live with going for irish, suitedjock or wynton right now though."
    We need to open the boting do we? Mafia do not normally do that right?

    Should I open the voting?
    I won't be posting until the game is over.
    What do you mean until the game is over? < confused

    I'm thinking of opening the voting for someone, but I can't figure out who. It has to be someone who could be mafia, since going for the wolf would be suspicious.
    Sorry the England game "Football"
    Ohhhh ok gotcha.
    I think the pace of the thread should pick from now until about 3pm

    You should put your list out and then vote after it.
    i hope I am not wrong about fatshaft. He is posting so much and so accusationally. He can't be werewolf right?

    So your going to lynch me in 2 days eh, want to win this on your own and get all the credit eh!!!

    I never liked Pooh bear...

    LOL ;)
    Hey I want the glory for myself =)
    How would a TP lynch sound?
    The deadline is 1pm Monday... I have a lot mroe time than I first thought...
    TP is big supporter of me, and doesn't feel strongly about you right now.

    I would like to go with Wynton more than anyone right now, but we have time to think it over.

    I hate krazy's vote of DBF, though.
    Really, then you will really hate my vote for DBF added on. :)
    Dewey Wrote: "TP is big supporter of me, and doesn't feel strongly about you right now"

    True but I think he may be our werewolf.
    He very well could be.


    I don't hate your vote for DBF right now. If it gains steam, we'll have a lynch candidate besides me. I can then use my vote for Krazy or someone, saying I don't want to lynch DBF and obviously not myself, so it's an easy vote.
    My plan if I'm being lynched tomorrow is to come out as the angel about an hour or so before the deadline.

    Then, I pray the angel doens't die. We will go for someone who certainly ISN'T the angel. Probably mxrider.

    Next, I'll jump on and post right after and tell everyone that I'm NOT the angel, just a plain innocent, and unfortunately, that was the onlyt way I could avoid a lynch. I'll say that if they still wish to vote for me to go ahead, since I agree that it was incredibly suspicious, but that I knew I was innocent and had suspicions about my opponent, so I thought it was in my best interest to do whatever I could to get them lynched.

    It's so crazy, it might work. But I hope I don't have to use it.
    It is a gamble, it would actually work if the werewolf was killed during lynching, or at night.

    Actually the werewolf would take you out at night, do not do it, it would make no sense.
    This is true. But I'm ONLY going to do it if I'm going to die anyway, so a 2% chance of living is better than a 0% chance.
    If dream DOESN'T come back tonight with a spreadsheet thingy on me, I'm going to call him out and ask why he didn't.
    Should be interesting what Dream comes up with if anything.
    Evv98 Wrote: "Dire -- Placed the initial vote against Pizza on Day 2. That doesn't disqualify him as werewolf, but it makes it unlikely. He also never His low post volume also makes it unlikely that he is either mafia or werewolf, since they like to be inconspicuos with their presense, if you knw what I mean. He has mostly been invisible. Innocent (70%) or mafia (30%)

    Suited Jock -- SJ cast the second vote against Pizza on Day 2. Citing my "Rule of Voting #2", he won't be werewolf either. Suited is either Innocent (70%) or mafia (30%)

    Can we cross SJ, and Dire from our list?
    irishiain -
    Krazy-Tanya -
    TP -
    TRK -
    Wynton -
    evv98 Wrote: Tall Paul--Was voted on by both Pizza and Bugs on day 1. While I wouldn't put it past either of these players to open a vote against one of their own kind, I doubt they would cast a second vote against their own kind and risk starting a bandwagon. At the time of these votes, there were several players with two votes and any momentum toward any given player could have started a bandwagon. Paul also put the 3rd vote against Pizza on Day 2, giving him the lead in votes at the time. Paul is either innocent (80%) or Mafia (20%).

    Maybe even TP.
    TP might not be. Dire probably isn't. SuitedJock I'm not so sure about, but I suspect the others more than him.

    The more I think about it, KrazyTanya is probably the last wolf. She might get lynched tonight, and then we kill off innocents. This is an early order I'd like to go for:

    mxrider-obviously the only KNOWN innocent once the wolf goes, he's gone
    dreamchaser- he's threatning unless he gets off the bb88 kick
    trk/tp-strong players, but if they stay on my side they can stay
    spoonie-pretty heavily known innocent
    irish-not on our side this game
    Not that is makes much difference at this point, but i think Steve may be the Angel

    Steve Wrote:"I'd prefer we leave Dreamcatcher alone and let the bad guys take care of him. If he's innocent, he'll be a dead innocent. If he's a seer, the doctor/angel/whoever will protect him"
    We could take out Steve tonight if the angel or last wolf isn't lynched. This way the wolf takes out mxrider tomorrow night and definately not one of us.
    Going for the Angel does have merit for sure.

    Steve posted that quote I put above right after MXRider voted for Dreamchaser.
    If we do not lynch the werewolf today, the werewolf will likely take out Dreamchaser at night. Unless the werewolf is TRK. This due to where he is pointing.

    Unless they have a line on the angel I guess.
    Well, I hope the wolf takes dream out tonight. That'd be great for us.

    If they think I'm mafia after my effort tonight, I'd be surprised. I'm interested in dreamchasers thing though.