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    Dreams post at 8 should be interesting, I hope not too damning.

    Do I put you on my innocent list. I have 3 strong innocents on my full list but one of them is mxrider. Great play saying not to put mxrider on the lists.

    I have you, TRK, fatshaft, and irish on my leaning innocent.
    I don't think it'll be too bad. There really isn't THAT MUCH out there against me.
    Just trying to think what it would look like if I got lynched or killed.

    Better to have you innocent or not there. If i put TRK there, it might be better.
    You really had to post that didn't you......

    We aren't suppose to talk about it dude..... do you want to die?
    I don't think Nside will kill me for it.

    I actually made that in an attempt to amuse Nside.
    Since "bb88 is mafia" is almost exactly what he said =/

    Nside, if the post didn't amuse you, I apologize.
    We need to watch out for TRK, he seems to be moving his vote around. Do you think he is waiting for someone to jump on the bandwagon with him?
    It amused me.
    Ok, I can see where your coming from with trk. He's trying to get something to stick...

    Town is more convinved of krazy's innocence... we need to get another solid lynch candidate in.
    I thought it was a litte l funny too. I am sure, the rest of them will also find it funny when they read this thread..
    Who do you suggest trying to lynch? I think we need another solid candidate, especially before dream's big post. If they agree with it and I carry through, I'm screwed.
    Currently we have

    bb88 2
    Krazytanya 2
    DBF 2
    TP 2
    Fatshaft 1
    I am on DBF
    Your list is Krazy, Irish, and Wynton for bad guys
    How do we get Wynton on the chopping block?
    I though Wynton was a lawyer.
    I've also mentioned krazy and TP. I'd rather vote for TP while he's not at the keyboard, though.
    Sneaky, sneaky.....

    Krazy seems to have forgotten about me. This can't go on for ever, sooner or later they will come after me. I just don't think I should be changing my posting yet.
    I don't think so, either. You are in better shape than I right now. If I can survive tonight though I'll be fine.
    Is MXRider smart enough to investigate Fatshaft but tell people he investigated Dreamchaser?
    By smart enough I mean does he have that play in his playbook. (When you read this MX, didn't mean anything bad there)
    fatshaft voting for me is enough to get me on him. I have to go for now, but I'm voting fatshaft.
    Maybe fatshaft is taking it a bit too far. The mor ehe keeps after it the more I think wow man you made your point already. I may take a look at game 6, he was mafia then, i think this is a big change in character.
    This presentation is so horribly bad it's laughable.

    I am no longer frightened.
    TRK is another possibility of someone to kill. It shoots down dreams theory of me and may make me look better. It would cast some suspicion on me, sure, but I think I could point to that as being way too obvious.
    Heh. It looks like it's me vs fatshaft.....
    I am here.

    I agree, and good response post. It looks like people are coming to your defence.

    He sure put alot of work into it though. I saw him online all day yesterday.

    He is right about you sort of, in that you are bad.
    He is right, but his reasoning isn't that great. I was worried he really caught something, and I don't think he did.

    I'm glad everyone rushed to my defense. Hopefully it stays this way and we can avoid another night of one of us being killed. I hope the wolves don't go after me. If the wolves go after trk it'd be great.
    What do you think of my feable escuses?
    They're fine, IMO. Wynton and trk are more or less voting fatshaft since they don't want to lynch me, and that's not a great reason, either.
    Now that you mention it, they can't really say anything can they.

    I am not really laying low, when you add these posts to the ones in the other thread. :)
    Alright, I should be back in around 20
    If you add these posts together, we would have the two highest counts, I bet.
    MXrider bring up a great point about Nutjob killing himself, and how it affect TRK
    We can scratch TRK off the list

    irishiain -
    Krazy-Tanya -
    TP -
    One other thing, I went back and looked at why I took fatshaft off the list. It was because he was being way to reckless to be mafia, but since he was a lay low mafia last game maybe.
    Yeah, I don't think he's anything special either, but I obviously wasn't going to vote for myself.

    I've been thinking about going for irish tonight anyway. He was one of the second people to vote for me, and always follows other peoples leads. Since he isn't following ours this game, he's only going to be a bother. Especially since I think dreamchaser is going to keep going after trk and I.

    Would it to be too suspicious? I don't really think so. So who are you leaning towards?
    Hadn't thought about it fully.

    Definitely one of the 4 above.

    Krazy is off base but in the right direction for us.

    Wynton has too many good idea's right now. He seems to be having trouble following the game. His post about the Dire vote for instance, and there has been more instances. Does that make him more innocent?
    Not really, but it means keeping him around is probably good for us.
    Fatshaft is definately gone. We survived a close call- very nice job by both of us, I think.
    Yes, we did. Now there going to be looking at voting patterns if he is innocent. He will be the first innocent I voted for, but I said I didn't want to. Mafia coverup for sure. We will cross that bridge when it comes up.
    Do we follow MX or wait to see if someone else does first.
    I think Spoonie is indiretly trying to get you lynched Dewey.

    He is spreading the vote out.
    Yeah, that end voting was pretty weird. I think staying quiet was best, though.
    I couldn't move my vote, I think its tied.
    So who do we go after now? Huge kill here, there's a decent chance I might be offed tonight by the wolf though.
    I believe TRK made it 5-4. I'll double check
    I missed that vote. I am sitting here fixing our fax server here and refreshing the pages here, totally stressed out.
    Ok Fax server is fixed, now time to kill someone.

    We ned to kill someone that points directly at you.

    We could go fro Dreamchaser, or the werwolf.
    I don't want to hit trk now definately. He'll probably by the next lynch target and when he's found innocent I might be freed up a bit. I don't want to push the trk lynching though. Hopefully someone else does.