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    dreamchaser voted for trk....

    Looks like I'm good for the day. Hooray!
    I was just thinking the mafia would just leave him alone, so it would help me with my innocents it I try and bring him out.
    Good point. It WOULD make you look innocent.

    Go for it. Your innocence is worth more than him dying of natural causes. And if he isn't coming back, your post won't draw him back.

    Open vote and say you are trying to get him to come back so we don't lose him. I like it a lot.
    Krazy posted about it before me but being the opening vote should be fine I think.
    Yeah definately. You can easily defend it and it's someone you can easily switch off of.
    TRK uses the exact phrase fatshaft was using. "Well there's a suprise!" LOL

    The town should need no further evidence.
    Well I thought he used that phrase but maybe I am mistaken, can't seem to see it.
    Dire is right about us being comfortable, but missed the Angel part of the equation.

    Spoonie thinks we are smart, so we need to keep picking people that do not point to us. It will get harder as we go.
    And I'm off again. I won't be back on until midnight-ish, so I won't be around for the rest of the night.

    We're doing great though.
    What about my vote for DBF, leave it for now I guess.
    My next choice would be Spoonie anyway. He's about as innocent as they come at this point in the game. It seems like everyone else is 100% off the mark, except for dream, but he seems to want to go for trk at the moment.

    We're getting closer, we just need to hold it up.
    Leave it for now. Just exlain you are trying to get him to come out more than anything and will likely change it later.
    I will do that if anyone asks, wouldn't want to explain myself prematurely.

    See you tomorrow morning ,
    And I'm out. Good luck for the rest of the night.
    Arghh, I was logged in all day, how could it say i wasn't logged in. I did have 2 windows open, and closed one of them, could that be the reason.

    Maybe he looked after i posted, because I immediately logged out and shut down the computer.

    Oh well my first vote, that is special anyway. It had to happen sooner or later.
    And before you ask, I never set my status to hidden. I've been visible the whole game.

    This sucks, it is going to be a landslide vote to get rid of me now... @#$$%
    Nah dude, your absolutely fine. More than a couple people have you in the innocent category and no one else picked up on the voting for you.

    You're fine for now.
    So I'm chasing my bonus playing Jacks or Better Videopoker.... NATURAL ROYAL FLUSH!!!!!!!!!1
    And I'm off, as normal I'll be on again around 11-12noon. We are doing so great. TP just changed his vote to SuitedJock, so you are safe from now. Wootah.
    I am suprised, I thought they would jump on TP suspicion that like a pack of wolves.

    Most everyone is suspicious of TP, not sure how I should play this. If I jump on Irish we are both picking him. If I jump on TP and he goes his posts get looked at more from an innocent(angel) point of view , then maybe I get more atention.

    Unless I get a lot of heat I am leaving my vote for DBF, then move it to Irish if the vote stays between TP and irish. Another thing this will do is keep TP around and the suspicion on him.
    Well I am back posting. I think I will ignore TP post about me not being online for now. It may be a mistake as it looks like I am not trying to draw attention to myself but... Well I suppose that is exactly what I am doing (staying out of the ine of fire as long as I can).

    I think my investigations of Bugs lists draws some attention to me but maybe since I did it they will overlook it. Hope you see that TRK, it would be foolish of me to put up a list that points at me if I were mafia.....;)
    I noticed after I posted that I was not showing up on the Online for the Off Topic / non-poker related forum. Again I had to windows open, one for searching Bugs's posts and the other with my post and was cutting and pasting between them.

    I closed down both windows and opened a new one and logged in. I went to the off-topic forum and didn't see me there. I refreshed a couple of times and then i showed up. Very strange, and quite deadly, I may get killed for being hidden when I have been visible the whole time. shesh.
    I don't think the users browsing this folder is accurate. I just posted again and look and my name isn't there. It is on the main forum page as visible though?
    Very weird.
    I come back after writing the above message and hit refresh and my name shows up. What is up with that.
    bb88, check it out when you post your next message. After posting click on the Off-topic non-poker related forum and see who is browsing.
    Just explained what could have happened from TP me not logged in post, maybe too fast a response could mean I prepared it.

    It is an honest response so see what happens.

    Hoepfully this anomoly isn't just with my browser.
    I think what happens is, when you open up the reply window it takes you out of the Users browsing this forum list.

    I just saw it happen with Spoonie's latest post.
    I'm back, I'll checkout what you said right now.
    I'm thinking of switching to DBF. In fact, I'm going to.
    Both of DBF? Is that wise?
    Hmm... maybe not. He voted for irish.
    Well I don't think it's a bad idea, because DBF just showed up and screwed himself over pretty much. This is one of those votes like nutjob's lynching where I don't think people will look too much into it.

    I have to think about this more. I want irish dead, and it would be better to lynch him and kill someone else.
    Looks like DBF is gone no matter what.
    With DBF gone, who do we go after next? Irish? TRK? Dream? Just tossing names out right now, I'd be happy to go with anyone.
    Not sure if irish will make it, he posted he was on vacation and might not have internet access.

    We should wait and see if DBF is mafia first.....
    If DBF turns out to be mafia, I quit the game!
    Oh that is subtle, I like that if he is mafia then the other mafia is a volume poster.

    If he is innocent who knows who those mafia scums are eh...

    I think we could take out Dream. I will need to check out who is on who's suspect list to see if we can't find a better choice.
    "If DBF turns out to be mafia, I quit the game!" LOL
    Did you check out the users browsing the forum?
    You know, I forgot. Next post I make I will, though.
    It still shows me as active, but I'm not sure why that is.

    To be fair, I've seen you browsing several days. I always check who is on and who isn't. I don't think it's best for me to come rushing to your defense, though.
    I do not see you after you made the post.
    Users browsing this forum: Bugsbunny, McFoldem, Spoonie, SteveGriff, Wynton

    That is what i see
    Oh, you know what? You are correct.

    Users browsing this forum: Bugsbunny, McFoldem, Spoonie, SteveGriff, Wynton

    After a few refreshes

    Users browsing this forum: bb88, Bugsbunny, context, McFoldem, SteveGriff, Wynton
    If this gets me lynch i will know I am the unluckiest guy around.

    Game 1 Suited got me by thinking the secret mafia hidehout was on ITH.
    Sorry to go on and on about it. I am not tilting really.
    Careful, your sounding like he is inncoent for sure there in your last post.
    Haha it's alright. I honestly don't think it's that bad, I don't think anyone else really caught on it right now, Spoonie I think it was briefly mentioned it, but I think you are OK.

    The good thing about killing DBF is that we aren't losing any of the suspicious people. Everyone is all over right now, and we can easily exploit that.