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    I'm here
    Do you guys have an estimated vote time?
    BB is suppose to be back around 8 pm, so I am thinking 8:30pm 9 at the earliest.
    I would say at the latest rather then earliest - I can't see it taking very long once he gets back. And he may be back earlier, based on his comments. If we really need to we can make a decision without him, but I'd rather wait.
    Of course that may draw attention to the EST time zone, so maybe 4 am might be better.
    Time zone won't be an issue in this case I think. Could well be Central or west coast as well for starters
    Louie - who do you think it should be?
    Agreed, we just need to keep it in mind since we are all from EST.
    "Louie - who do you think it should be?"

    I can live with that, although I may have preferred slightly different. That was his first choice as well. We could just send it in now if you want.
    So Angel, San, TP, TRK, you and I are online now. Visibly at least.
    Who did you want, Spoonie?
    I've pretty much been online the entire time. One of my tabs is permanently set to ITH. (I only have 5 tabs open at the moment). I plan to stay that way too, the majority of the time.
    I have no problem with doing it now. Game on.
    Of course Nside may have read my message and left for a couple of hours.
    Nah, I was thinking of Tall Paul. Spoonie is viable as well, but that might give more of a link given what happened last game. I also think that there's a larger chance of the other group hitting San then TP.

    Or we could go for someone like Malteg or Ogre. But I think I prefer not going there yet.
    Nside is online. If I send now it's San. Yes or no - last chance to wait.
    Unless San is in the other group...

    We arn't as close to a discision as I thought.

    We also have Stevegriff, or Ew98
    Now may be better for other reasons as well. BB comes back after the thread's re-opened with his out with the girlfriend story, if he gets questioned about coming in late. Or he could pull a "wow - we started already while I was out" type message. His choice.
    If your fine with it go for it.
    Anybody can be in the other group :) If we start going that route we'll be here forever. It's a guess puyre and simple. If he's in the other group that's fine. They may well hit me tonight for all we know.
    Yeah sounds good, go for it.
    I'll send it, we'll see what happens and take it from there. If I'm gone there's not much I can add to any of this. Just remember to think and act innocent as much as possible.

    That can include starting votes and voting early - when appropriate. Questioning votes against innocents can also be appropriate (we wouldn't defend an innocent if we were mafia, would we?).
    Message sent
    Here's the message:

    We decided not to wait. It was his first choice anyways.

    Rub out San - tonight he sleeps with the fishes

    -Don Wabbit
    The werewolves took out the detective making our lives much easier :) I suspect I would have been investigated rather early so that's good news for us all round. If the seer investigates us we show up as innocent.
    Yes it is good news. I may get some attention directed my way but all should be good.
    So the werewolves, are they new and just started at the top. Or was there some sort of master plan. Maybe one of them will come on and point the finger at me.
    I wouldn't worry too much, that would be a little too obvious. Nut may have to go sooner rather than later though - he can be VERY dangerous.

    And I've already made some tiny noises about Pizza.
    As far as starting at the top - very possible. New or not it's as valid a strategy as any other.
    Only problem i can see with that strategy is BB88 is next on the list.
    Then you.
    Back guys. Made a post in the regular thread, reviewing this one now.
    bb - good first post. We all need to play the innocent game for now.

    McFoldem - you may end up being a bit problematic but we can't overeact. This happens to you all the time. Just the way I knew somebody would be aiming at me sooner rather than later. As I said the best move is to divert attention to others. I, obviously, have to maintain a high profile. Hopefully I'm up to the task.

    I also can't go crazy defending you, and neither can bb - again for obvious reasons. I made a defense, and also a dig. We'll just have to see how things play out. Tanya's attack on Krazy may be something to work with a little bit down the road.

    I think give things just a bit of time to settle down and we can start going after the non-posters - they're always good for diverting attention, especially early when there's nothing else togo on.
    Yeah as soon as i saw angel, I new I was in for it. It may have been a ploy by the warewolves. Innocent or mafia they don't care.

    I do not think it will develop into anything unless i go to far defending myself, which I won't do.

    I agree do not defend me, either of you. Don't jump on the bandwagon early either. :) We need to keep a safe distance from one another.
    I was never one to jump on the bandwagon anyway. I'm really trying to find something that will let me build a case to open the vote on someone, hopefully I can find something nice.
    A safe distance, but not too obvious. We will have to mix it up somewhere along the line. Hopefully it'll develop on it's own. Staged stuff often looks, well, staged :)

    Just interact normally.

    I am taking a break for a while from the main thread. I've actually been posting too much - even for me.
    No rush on opening votes. The only reason I opened a vote is because Nut voted for me. My Ogre vote isn't going to stand - I will be changing it as soon as I get a better target.

    Getting on some votes second or third will be good as well, but we should be spreading out our votes as much as possible.

    Confusion is our friend. We eventually want as much FUD as possible.
    Yeah, Bugs I already made a comment to you and mentioned you as an example of a big name. I think we're all doing pretty good right now.
    You know, it'd be awesome if the werewolves were Ogre, Tonya and nutjob and all six of the bad guys were playing speed mafia.
    Any thoughts on my pushin for Evv or toronexti, or the list I made in general? I think nutjob would be someone we would be wise to try and get lynched, but I can't push for that, especially after the post I made (which kept me in line with the last couple games, and gives me a good reason to defend bugs without going overboard).
    You know, it'd be awesome if the werewolves were Ogre, Tonya and nutjob and all six of the bad guys were playing speed mafia.

    That would be interesting. It's also not impossible, although it is unlikely.

    As far as the "big name" players go there's quite a few of us in this game. I wouldn't want the others forgotten :) Of the top of my head, without checking the list some of those that would fit that category (other than myself)
    Tall Paul

    I'd prefer to keep them around as long as possible as long as they don't start getting too dangerous, but if an opportunity arises (one of them starts attacking another, or is attacked by another player) we can take the one out to point at the other. Even if people don't quite buy it at the time it'll plant a seed that may blossom later on.)
    Its a good list. A place to start with some thought behind it.

    Nutjob is going to be a problem, unless Bugs can sweet talk him tonightand even then. As it is now he is pointing right at Bugs if anybody goes after him.
    Can't push for Nut yet, although if he doesn't get off me I'll have a reason to go after him. I'd rather try to "turn" him though. If he is a wolf this may yet prove very interesting.

    For an initial vote the way you went is as good as any. Let's let things settle down a bit and see how things develop - we don't want to force all the action, just guide it, subtlely, if it moves in the correct direction.
    I agree we should leave some of the bigger names around just to keep the heat off bugs. We could probably knock off Pizza without a problem though. Let's see what his list says. If he trusts us, no reason to get rid of him.

    Ogre is another good player who we could kill under the radar.

    Hopefully the Seer investigates some of us. That'd be quite useful, because even if they don't KNOW we're innocent, it means there's a 50% less chance of us being bad.
    Is dreamchaser the Seer? WTF was up with that post?
    So the Seer has already outed himself. Man if I was an innocent I'd be pissed.
    I was thinking the same thing.
    And the fact that dreamchaser is probably the least valuable Seer they could possibly have.

    It probably doesn't help us nearly as much as it helps the werewolves. Now the Angel has to protect the Seer and they can have their free pick of anyone.
    So do we think dream is the Seer, a wolf, or just a drunken innocent?