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    Well, in all my lists I've listed him as a 99% innocent, so I can't go back and say he's incredibly suspicious all of a sudden.
    Well you can point to that then, all is good.

    Just something I noticed.
    So I'm chasing my bonus playing Jacks or Better Videopoker.... NATURAL ROYAL FLUSH!!!!!!!!!1

    Congrats.... that will help the variance.
    Yeah, it's fine. Two minds are better than one.

    And yes, that helped the variance quite a bit =)
    So who do we go for tonight?
    Nah, I think he's innocent.
    I guess we should start working on that. Ok.

    Dreamchaser points to you and TRK. That may start a bb88 versus TRK lynching would it?
    So thinking out loud, do we need to go for someone on there suspicious list or non suspicious lists Non suspicious right?
    Yeah, non-suspicious. Right now that would probably be dreamchaser or Spoonie. Dreamchaser would point to me, but it might point to me TOO much.

    If I was Tall Paul and was in the mafia, I would kill off dreamchaser in a heartbeat to get the heat on bb88 and trk. A lot of people would probably realize this.

    And I used TP as an example. If I was ANYONE but myself or trk, I would kill dreamchaser in a second.
    I am going through everyones list, and Krazy seems to be on most everyones leaning innocent so far. Still have a few to go through
    Right about Dreamchaser and it being too obvious. We can out think ourselves here too.
    Krazxy isn't a bad idea, either, I forgot about her.

    Krazy, spoonie, dreamchaser all look innocent so far.
    Hey, I could switch my vote back to irish and it'd be tied....

    Itd look weird, though.
    I know Nside will not like this but we need to hold off giving the name. If we give it right away an observent person will realize the mafia were getting there name together over the last 1 or so. and we have been online for the last 1 or so.

    I would prefer to wait until 4 or 5

    Does it matter?
    I'm bringing it up in the main thread.

    I completely agree actually. We can either just wait to hold the name, or I can kindly ask Nside to hold off posting it until like 4 or 5 to help us keep our identities secret. I'll PM him right now and ask if he could do that upon request.
    I have a vibe...
    I had to comment on you. I had to answer Spoonie since I asked him and just couldn't ignore his comment on you.

    If we kill Spoonie, it might point to you now though. Maybe not though.
    TP and Spoonie kills point to me. i also know that I will most likely be killed before the end of the game, and you will need to finish the town off. I hope this doesn't happen but. I think it will likely fall that way.

    We can leave TP, no one seems to be listening to him. He is still suspcious to them.
    I don't think you are that bad off right now, actually. People are TALKING about you, but nto VOTING for you.

    I'd say trk, irish, TP are all more likely to get killed tomorrow than you.
    I didn't mean tomorrow, just before you.

    Do I change my vote.

    Irish voted no one, and Spoonie has voted for no one.
    Spoonie is good, dance dewey dance.
    Is spoonie saying I stick out?
    Ok, we have three choices:

    1)We get rid of a "known" innocent.
    2)We get rid of someone that doesn't link to either of us.
    3)We get rid of someone threatening to us.
    If we go for spoonie now. Will it actually point away from me.
    Do you know what the final vote was?
    Looks like DBF with 5 and then 4 others with 2
    1)We get rid of a "known" innocent.
    Krazy , Wynton

    2)We get rid of someone that doesn't link to either of us.
    Krazy, SJ, Steve

    3)We get rid of someone threatening to us.
    Sponie, Dream, Irish, Dire, TRK (indirectly)
    I'm not sure where Spoonie would point. He mentioned you at the end, so it could possibly point to you. Might be so obvious that no one thinks about it, though.
    What about Dire. The last comment he made, how would an innocent feel if they read that and then Dire died.
    Dire would point to me and Wynton.

    Dream would point to me and trk.

    Spoonie would point to you.

    Irish would point to me.

    TRK would point to me or dreamchaser.

    That's the obvious ones so far I think.
    This one is important, we need to make it through 1 more day at least without getting caught.
    Krazy points to Steve, SJ, Spoonie
    TP will point to me
    SJ point to TP and Krazy
    Steve who knows.
    i think we leave TP, TRK , Stevegriff, SJ, and Dream alone.
    I really want to think about killing dream tomorrow though. I do NOT want him in the endgame with me, but I don't want to go for him tonight.
    I do not see how we can ge Dream on the chopping block tomorrow.

    I have him as innocent.
    Yeah, me either. I mean killing him tomorrow night.
    There is no way we want to get you lynched. I do not think I can win an endgame.
    I think Spoonie may be the way to go tonight.
    Spoonie, or Dire
    Maybe not Dire.

    If we do not Kill Dire, will they think he is on to something?
    Dreamchaser will.

    They may. But I think people will be quicker to jump on Wynton than me. People defended me pretty well against dreamchaser.

    McFoldem, I think you could win it. We just have to get through another day without one of us going and we'll be in crunch time together.
    I agree about Spoonie. He's who I wanted, he's the next most trusted innocent.
    I would've thought of killing Wynton, but I'm hoping Dire goes on a Wynton kick and not a bb88 kick. Dream and Dire together with Irish might be enough to get me.
    If we kill Dire, they might think the mafia wants us to think he was on to something.
    Just thinking out loud can we spin Spoonie move off of DBF to a no vote with Irish?
    You mean Spoonie trying to protect irish?
    Irish came in and voted for No one. Then right after Spoonie voted for No one.

    He also mentioned that the Mafia seemed happy with DBF going. I think he mentions a no lynch again toward the end before changing to vote no one
    Starting to out think myself I think.

    Spoonie or Dire?