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    It's really, really close. My gut says Dire right now. It might point to me, but it'd be really, really obvious, too obvious.

    And I don't want tohave to fight off three people (Dire, Irish, Dream).

    Whats your lean?
    I would hate to lose you, but I think you could fight your way out of this should something arise.

    I think maybe Dire gave us the perfect target, maybe too perfect.
    Lets go for Dire and see what happens.
    Looking back, Dire has been MUCH more critical of Wynton than me. He mentioned my name once. He mentioned Wynton many, many times.
    So your saying it will make Wynton look more innocent or guilty?
    Dire it is.

    We are going to look back at this killing and think of it as genius, or idiotic. Either way, I'm happy with it.
    TSN(espn) Turning point
    I think if we survive tomorrow, our chances of winning are like 75%.
    I'm also going to ask Nside to not post it until 445-530.
    PM sent.
    Sounds good. Maybe 76.5
    Either way, I don't care WHO we lynch as long as we lynch somebody.
    I am going to sign off for now. I will check in at arount 7 pm.
    I should be on again around 6-630.
    Possibly later, who knows.
    I haven't logged into ITH quite yet, and may not for another hour or so, but I read the thread without logging in, and trk and tp and wynton are all way off. It's awesome.
    And I'm telling you right now you are doing a KICKASS job of posting just a little more but not too much to arouse suspicion. You have been suspicious to everyone all game but haven't been up for lynching or on the highest leve of suspicious. AWESOME job.
    Ok nevermind I'm logging in right now.
    I hate to break this to you Dewey, but the reason it looks like i am doing so well is because i am actually innocent., Not sure how I got in here, but my PM says innocent. ;)
    Bastard! You better not turn me over to the masses.

    Lynchings frighten me =(
    Not yet, but in game 1, I cast the the deciding votes for my 2 mafia mates.
    have to work on my list.
    I have a problem. All of them look innocent to me.

    Actually honestly I hink we are running into a problem. We have too many good players left.
    I agree. I was about to say starting tonight we get rid of the strong players. Tall Paul is gone tonight.
    As in Kill?
    Maybe Stevegriff can get lynched today, or irish.
    I have another problem. I can't make the deadline. I am in training from noon tomorrow until about 7:30.

    This is bad.
    It's alright. We just need to get someone else besides you on the block.

    Don't worry so much... yet.
    And it doesn't look like you are on the block anyway.

    We don't need to pull any crazy vote switching stuff at the deadline yet anyway.
    But if we do its only you to switch votes. I guess Its not like I can save you by a late vote switch anyway i guess.
    Nah. We aren't on the block anyway.

    If its NOT SG, SJ, or irish I'd be surprised. I want to keep irish off for now I think since people might link his innocence with my guilt. So maybe we try and go for SJ and SG?
    Ok maybe you can help me with another problem. I only have Stevegriff and Suited jock on my suspicious list. I am having trouble finding anyone else.
    Maybe you should be suspicious, with Dire, and Dreamchaser listing you as a bad boy.
    It does look really bad that almost all of us have Steve, and SJ on out list.
    What do you think of this?

    "Krazytxan/Tanya ?? She seems to be putting out her ideas, and using her spreadsheet. I am suspicious, but I am not sure if it is the change in roles though. There are too many variables here and I am not sure how to separate them. The change in roles, going from weekday to weekend. Krazy 1 said she would have more time on the weekend. Krazy 2 seemed to spend more time. I am suspicious but not my first lynch choice. I need more time. "
    Ok, I'll be back around 10-12, if I get here early I'll just hang in the mafia den and not on ITH.
    Ok, Just submitted my list. I will be on for an 1 or 2 hrs.
    I am starting to really want this game over with. 2 more days...... hopefully.
    So we need to get rid of:


    I think maybe that order, or TRK first depending on how things change.
    Hopefully we get Stevegriff today, then maybe Irish tomorrow.
    Whats with this comment by TP on page 156. He even winks at the end of it.

    "Wynton, my doubts about you have long gone, even though you want to hang me by my bootlaces. I suggest you take the leadership role tomorrow while I'm away. I'll take over once I'm home from work "

    Are they the mafia, if so what have we been playing at here all this time. :)
    Well I am out of here. I will be back online here at about 8 am until 12.
    Dreamchaser continues his bb88 kick *rolleyes*
    I THINK I have somehow softened his stance on me. If I have, we're definately set, he is easily my biggest enemy right now.
    I'm back but I'm going to shower and stuff before I post in the main thread. I've read through it, though, and we seem to be safe.... for now.
    Unless the angel comes out I think our best bet might be to kill dreamchaser tonight and have you push for trk's lynching tomorrow.

    What do you think? TRK coming up innocent would probably make me look innocent, and I think we could push dream's killing to trk rather than me easy.
    McFoldem, are you here? I just got back and would like some help deciding who to hit tonight.

    It's dreamchaser or TRK for me, maybe TP. What do you think?
    Ok I'm going off to play some hockey right now. I shot Nside a PM and told him not to expect our kill until like 9pm eastern.

    Hopefully we're both on when I get back, around 8-9, and we can get a nice kill.
    irish thinks I'm a top innocent now... maybe we won't go for dream.

    Who do YOU want to kill tonight? I'd be happy to do whatever you want since you are more likely to be on the block soon.
    I am here now. Sorry I couldn't be around today. Looks like I am alive and Steve bought it.

    I need to read what happened since last night.