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    If we hit TRK.

    Dreamchaser is right about 1 of you, maybe some more pressure to come after you, but since you are on most of the top 3 innocent lists it may be ok.

    TRK mentions he want to do a thorough investigation on me if Steve is Innocent. I think thats fine, I point to no one but dead people. Which may in itself look really bad.

    TRK is a player that can cause us all sorts of problems, and his the top poster right now.

    From an innocent point of view there is no way you would hit TRK if you were mafia would you?
    One other think about TRK. Not sure but he brings up the angel and wants him to come out. Could TRK be the angel. His change in posting coincides with the last werewolf kill doesn't it? I have to check that last comment.
    One more thing about a TRK hit, he is on all the Top 3 innocent lists Spoonie had everyone make for us.
    The innocents probably wouldn't think I'd hit TRK.
    Maybe they will think the mafia are trying to point to both of us...
    Tall Paul is another option, he's against you pretty hard.

    Honestly, I think I should leave this one up to you. You are in more trouble than me at the current moment.
    Suited_Jock or irish are probably the next lynch victim before you. POSSIBLY dream if we take out trk, I'm not sure who TP would point to. TRK maybe?
    Let's keep in mind that everyone thinks the mafia is playing pretty straightfoward. I'm not sure how we can exploit that, though.
    TRK is taking a huge role now and we have to shut him up. TP is still under some suspicion (hope he isn't the angel). TRK is very trusted.

    Its not just me though we are a team. Do you think they will find enough to take me out? Or can we get SJ today?
    Tp might point away from Wynton, and toward SJ. SJ thinks TP is mafia or he'll eat his hat.
    7 -2 after the hit right?
    Well I think the thing is that since it was up to a coinflip, that Suited_Jock isn't off yet. I think at least a couple will think the mafia left are SJ/irish.

    TRK is definately taking a step into the leadership role and he's definately one of the better players.
    Yeah, I think it should be 7-2 let me go double check.
    I say we take TRK down. I do not like the idea of another day of him posting.

    They still have Spoonie, TP, and Wynton. Sorry and you of course. I would need you to take a big role in gently steering things the direction they have been going.

    I think Krazy, SJ, irish, and dreamchaser and I are suspicious.
    Yep, 7-2.
    Yeah I have to try and ease myself into more of a leadership role. I think it'll be easy as I believe I am more trusted than TP or Wynton right now. Spoonie, but I think I could make the case for him later if I had to.

    TRK it is?
    Another greatest moment, or fall flat on our faces.....

    TRK it is.
    I will not be posting tonight I think. I will make my apologoes tomorrow morning about being absent.

    I do not want it to look like the mafia were waiting for me to get online to vote to kill.
    Well, I think TRK is a lot more straightfoward. We are trying to take out the best player, thats how I think the innocents will react.

    Besides us, of course. We are kicking ass and taking numbers.

    PM sent.
    I'm hoping the angel comes out tomorrow and leads the town in the wrong direction. It will give us an easy kill.

    One thing I DONT want to happen is the town to begin wondering why I, one of the most trusted innocents, have been left around, when the mafia is trying to take out known innocents.

    I think we could go angel tomorrow, Spoonie/TP/dream the next night without arousing too much suspicion though.
    Do you agree about me NOT posting tonight?
    You actually are not on all the lists of 3 spoonie orchestrated., but TRK is.
    We will see how the day goes. If they do another innocent tomorrow we make it 5-2 for the next day. It get interesting voting then...
    Yeah that would be crunch time.
    We do need to keep going with trusted innocents, it will make it easier for us to make lists and such, plus keep the suspicios people suspicious.

    Also the less talking that happens now the better, so we need to go for big time posters.
    I agree. But if the angel comes out I think we have to absolutely take them out next.
    But the angel is TRK...;)
    You think so?
    Just an educated guess. Its either him , or SJ, or Dreamchaser, or....
    HE is a smart guy, he maybe thinking of things like the Angel coming out, or he is the angel and that is why he is thinking about it.
    Yeah, I thought it was dreamchaser, but I could definately see it being TRK.

    If dream comes out, and I *dont* die, we get an easy pass to kill him.
    Event 3 at the WSOP

    1 Peter Zakhary $34,700
    2 Randy Jensen $27,000
    2 Richard Chase $27,000
    4 Annand "Victor" Ramdin $24,500
    5 John Juanda $21,000
    5 Marcello Cabrera $21,000
    7 Michael Mizrachi $20,000
    8 Tim Phan $19,000
    9 Matthew Hilger $18,000
    SWEET how many are left?

    I bought a $50 stake in him. But really that's not the thing he's such a great guy he deserves at least 3-4 bracelets.
    Roughly 200 left....

    Last time I checked the thread Matthew had just taken care of Fischman.
    I won some stakes and bought 50 more.

    They are on dinner break, I think 200 left. Its first day.

    There is a thread with updates on ITH
    Yeah, I've been checking it. Man, he's so good. He's always in the hunt in these things....
    Did you enter the WSOP fantasy Challenge?
    The man knows what he is domg that is for sure.
    Oh well I was hoping he was Angel. Who is that Angel?
    Firday at noon deadline. Its going to be a long day with there Innocent Angel...

    Nside what do you think your doing........:)
    I like to torment you. Plus I'm on an airplane most of tomorrow.
    Thats why you should have made TRK the Angel...;)

    No problem we will try and dance our way through another day.
    Oh and good luck in Vegas....
    I am out. I will sign back in tomorrow at 8 am. ish
    Alrighty. For what its worth, I think dream is the angel, which is either very, very bad (he'll push for me probably) or very, very, good (no one will listen and we'll have a free out to kill him).
    Doesn't look like dream is angel, but it looks like he FINALLY has softened on me, just a tad.
    Ok he just made three monster posts.

    I have no read on this guy.
    Oh man, dreamchaser was hit HARD by TRK's lynching.

    Looks like TRK's killing was even more successful than we thought.
    I am here, and agree Dreamchaser has taken up the stance of being of little help. He is looking really innocent now.