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    I amy have fell into TRK's trap if it was one. The outing of the angel is definitely what the mafia would like. Maybe he made that claim to see who jumped on and wanted to do it. The good news is TRK isn't around and maybe no one else will pick up on that aspect.

    They still seem to be pointing at other people. This is good.
    Very good.
    Very good?
    I keep seeing the dead looking over the forum, Bugsbunny, TRK, MXrider, and Stevegriff all stopped by ove rthe last few minutes.....

    I think they are all happy to be watching from the outside...:) Myabe not Bugs.
    I see Dead people....
    They're everywhere!
    Also, I think it's fair to warn you now that I won't be around all day Saturday, I'm going to the shore with my g/f and all her friends for her birthday.

    Hopefully the deadline won't be until Sunday.
    Its pretty quiet today. Everyone taking a break since we have an extra long day?
    Saturday, no problem. If the deadline falls on Saturday you will need to let Nside no that I will be the acting Don. We will alos ned to get our pick to kill together before that.

    It looks like the angel is not coming out to play.
    bb88 wrote: "My list will be up sometime this evening when I have had time to read over and digest the reactions to last night and all that good stuff. "

    I do NOT want you to go out and write an explaination to this line but what do you mean about good stuff? 2 innocents died, there wasn't much good stuff.
    I think everyone is burning out a little bit, which is great for us. No one except dream is putting in a huge effort.
    Just a figure of speech.
    Maybe we should get rid of Krazy before the weekend, what do you think?
    I will check to see who is more active on the weekends, I know Krazy is one.

    We need to get rid of the thinkers, and the active posters at night and we can get rid of the non posters during the day.
    I will be back in an hour or two, I'm going out to lunch.

    I agree we get rid of the thinkers. TP and dream are the next two on my list, TP is suspicious so maybe dream. No longer on the basis that he has it in for me, but he is the only one putting out a huge effort.
    Well we still have a long way to go today, but Irish sure has dug himself a hole. I hope he can't climb out.
    Looks like Spoonie is getting everyone all riled up.
    Nice meaty post there.
    Yeah I don't think either of us are in trouble today.

    I'm beginning my push for leader now. We need to figure out who is going to follow me and my ideas (irish for one, probably) and then keep them around. I also made a post about you linking you to some other people so if you are lynched we will have some suspects to go after before I am suspected.

    I'd really appreciated your input on my list, what you think about it.
    For the record I think tomorrow is going to be the day one of us is on the block. Tomorrow as in the next mafia day, not Friday.
    I think I should investigate Spoonie, what do you think.

    He has played the game with an innocent feel but I should dig deeper and see if I can find some confusion in his posts. Something to shed some doubt.
    And I really hope the angel comes out, it gives us an easy kill. If the angel doesn't, maybe we should go for a "shocking" hit. Someone who isn't a trusted innocent. Because if we kill off the trusted innocents one by one and it's down to me and a couple other people, surely they will wonder why I have been left alone while the other trusted innocents have bitten the dust.
    Hopefully we can hold then down until then(then being next Lynch day).

    I think it is going to be hard to keep them off of us today.
    Its dangerous taking out a suspicious person, although maybe Irish might work.
    Yeah, it would throw the whole town off though.

    Tall Paul wouldn't be a horrible candidate.

    And it looks like Spoonie finds me fully innocent again.
    Maybe he will like me if I investigate him and question him about a few things.
    I hope they don't get into who has had confontations with who. I have not had any confontations, and that will look reeeeaaaaally suspicous.
    For now Sponie has bypassed me.
    Dreamchaser seems to be after Irish now, so if we by chance take out Irish today. What would happen to dreamchaser tomorrow if we took out Spoonie tonight?
    I'm not really sure. As of right now, I'm not sure I want to take out Spoonie.
    If it could go down like I suggested, then we would be at 5-2. Might be more suspicion on you at that point though without spoonies support.

    Just an option.
    i am on my way home. will be back online arount 6:30-7 pm.
    I hope I'm not playing too fancy right now, but I'm pretty confident I've done nothing but solidify myself tonight.
    You look fine. I hope I can come out of tonight ok.

    Krazy thinks I am innocent, but keeps leaving me off her lists. She could get both of us(Krazy and I) in trouble that way.
    Oh boy it looks like dreamchaser might be on the block...

    You will be fine it's irish vs. dream right now. And if dream goes in the next lynching (which we should definately try for) then irish and suited jock are still two suspicious guys who have been left alone.
    What are your thoughts....? Remember you are innocent, keep thinking like an innocent.
    I'm happy right now. Dreamchaser is going to single handidly win us the game with all the confusion he is brewing right now.
    Plus he gives you perfect opportunity to vote off Irish
    And I think we can kill dream off next without much fuss, which is what I'd rather do now unless you have strong objections.

    Come deadline we'll probably have changed our minds though :lol:
    Will that not point to you if you Kill Dream?
    It might. But it might make things look way too obvious.

    Of course, we could easily spin irish' innocence into dreamchaser's guilt.
    Whatever you do, stay covered. I am exposing myself right now and we need to make sure if I go down, you don't go down with me.
    I was feeling bad that I couldn't come in do anythig for you. But I think you did an amazing job all on your own.
    Don't feel bad. Hopefully it'll be dream vs. irish.

    But I'm confident I can beat either irish or dream in a race.
    I'm definately thinking Tall Paul next kill now, though. I think dream will get himself lynched eventually.
    I agree you are more innocent to all than Dream or Irish.

    I am fine with TP. He keeps voting for me then changing off to someone else.

    I wanted to come out and ask him what about him looking at other people, he said he was going to do that. Then he comes right back at you. Didn't want to get in the middle so kept my mouth shut.
    Oh well I think my investigation on Spoonie is pretty lame but that's me the lame innocent trying to win.

    I am off now and will be back online around 8' ish.
    It pretty sure, but summed up Spoonie alright, so it's not horrible.
    Bedtime. I'll be on about 10 hopefully, but no promises, I have a lot to get done tomorrow so my time may be limited, hopefully not.
    I am here.