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    And doing my best innocent impersonation....
    I think it is going to be an interesting deadline today.
    looks like Spoonie thinks i am innocent for the time being. He can change on a dime. Now Tp has moved his vote off of me onto no one.

    Good luck without me.
    Before I get locked out, some tips.

    You have to take out TP, Wynton, the strong players ASAP. You have to step it up a bit more, but not too much to arouse suspicion.
    I wish I was around for the deadline, I definately could've made everything ok. UGH.
    I'm going to go take a shower. I'm sorry I let you and Bugs down...
    Oh, and keep posting your ideas here so when it's over we can all read them and call you a genius with how you led the mafia to victory.

    Ok, right now dream is 100% going to push for irish and dreamchaser is in trouble himself. So don't touch either of them. You could go for someone who has threatened you in the past (TP probably), or someone who is possibly the angel (Wynton maybe? but he might get himself into trouble).

    I'd probably go for TP, but you are the don now, it's all up to you.
    Ok well its me against the town. 7 -1. Long odds but will give it my best.

    Votes for me 2 days in a row.

    He has me as an innocent.

    Not around much bit I think he had me as suspicious

    Has me as suspicious

    Town sees him as Suspicious but he had bb88 right so he may get some support in his case against Irish.

    Some suspision by the town.

    Has some suspicion on him.

    I think TP has to go. I might be able to make it for 2 or 3 days if I am lucky. Will try for more.
    I think I have to carry on as if nothing has happened. I do not want to increase or change my posting style(if you can call it a style) at this point.

    I will be helpfull but not to helpful.
    PM sent. TP your Dead. mwahaha.
    Ok with TP dead we are now 6-1
    I just got thinking, I didn't change my my vote to bb88 therefore I will surely be under some suspicion for that.

    Of course I have to reasons for that. One he is my mafia buddy, and 2 I was out to lunch at the deadline. Of course it looks like I was online and said I would be here for the deadline so there you go.
    I am having dejavu. Its game 1 all over again. Only this time I didn't have to vote off my team mates.
    I am going to try something extreme. I am going to tell everyone I will not have access all weekend. I am going away since it is a Canadian holiday weekend.

    If I make it through the first day and make my hit at night. It may just buy my innocents. A long shot.
    A shot in the dark, we will see how it goes. Sorry Bugs, and bb88 if it doesn't work.
    Ok so if I make it past this Day, I think I will take out Spoonie.

    This should leave who ever is left from Dream, Irish, and Wynton to do battle the next day. Then I have to decide who I want to have as my last 2 innocents.

    This can't work can it?
    Nside, I know your busy with WSOP now, but what will happen after tomorrow's deadline. Will you pass off to some one else?
    And Good luck in the events your going to be playing (unless your head to head with Matt ;) ).
    One more question Nside. I know Huey and Dewey can't post in here anymore, but can they read it now or do they need to wait for the end?
    Ok, so far so good. Irish does an investigation on me and turns me up innocent. Long way from out of the woods yet. Interesting Krazy sees me as innocent but wants to lynch me on the second day. Hmm, if anyone picks up on it maybe she will be more of a target.

    I feel kind of bad doing this, its like I am trying to win by not playing. Meh, not enough to worry myself. We have to win and this is the best play I could think of, and it suits my game up to now. If I just started posting and came under fire i think my chances would not have been so good. And if I was around and still not posting I would suffer major attention.

    I am all-in.
    Ok made it past the first night. Now time to choose my KILL.


    I think I will go with Spoonie.
    Ok looks like Dream is taking on the old Spoonie role of getting everyone worked up. If they do not lynch me today, and they still might, We will be down to 3 innocent and myself.

    At the moment I think I would Kill Dreamchaser if he is not lynched today. We will have to se how things go.

    Interesting vote by SJ, he voted for a dead person. I think he did it to look more innocent.
    I don't think they are still reading and I'm not reading much myself. ;)
    Looks like the innocents are coming together and proving themselves innocent. Bad news for me, I liked it alot better when they were fighting ;)

    It was a long shot, and even if it somehow still gets me to 2-1, I will still have a hard time proving I am innocent.
    Ok, as it stands right now, 2 hours and 15 minutes until deadline.

    SJ - Dream
    Krazytanya - McFoldem
    Irishiain - Dream
    Dream - Irishiain
    McFoldem -

    McFoldem said he would be back Monday afternoon.
    Irishiain says he is on a plane and won't be at the deadline.
    Dream said his fairwell and implied he would be back in the afternoon to see how it went.

    SJ and Krazy I am not sure, they may come back on before the deadline.

    As it stand now Dream is Lynched.

    Dream Lynch
    That leaves Irish, Krazy, and SJ. Not sure I like may chances against these 3, i would have to dig up some good stuff on one of them.
    If it stays as it is I will be taking Irishiain, and SJ to the final 3. Krazy voted for me, and ruled the other 2 innocent. I will need one of the 2 to notice this and vote for the other.
    Ok looks like Irishiain is the lynchee.


    Hmmm. Final 2 innocent are going to be.....
    Problem with Dream is he seems to get an idea of someones guilt and never wavers, so I am not sure how he feels about Krazy or SJ.

    SJ not being around who knows what he is thinking.

    Krazy thinks I may be innocent, but maybe not as inncent as the others. Although she changed her mind toward the end.
    Maybe a mistake but i think I will try and survive the day with Krazy and SJ.

    This is very tough. This leaves Krazy to decide whether SJ or I am innocent.

    SJ in his last suspicion list has Krazy has suspicious, but have things changed in his mind? He is not posting so how do I tell.
    PM sent.

    Dreamchaser your dead.

    Not going to be much of a town with only 2 people left. If the Mafia win he will only have 1 person to torment.
    I was thinking about keeping Dream and SJ around, but I wasn't so sure Dream would go after SJ. Also Dream had already posted about me bing there logged off and watching. If he really thought about it I am sure he may have come to the conclusion that with 6-1 odds it may be a way for me to get to the end game of 2-1 without the chance to screw it up by posting somthing wrong as I tend to do.

    Another option was to have Dream and Krazy gang up on me and I did not think I would win that one. Similar reasons as above.

    So that leaves me with Krazy and SJ. This will all depend on whether SJ comes out to play and whether or not he has followed the last days. Also whether during those last 2 days does he think Krazy is mafia, and does he beleive I was not here this weekend.
    I am really not sure how to play this endgame. I will have to explain to KrazyTanya why I thought SJ was mafia and left my vote with him, and why I voted for him the next day.

    My reasoning is going to be that Bugsbunny and BB88 were the ones vocal and SJ was designated to be the silent one that came out to vote.
    Above when I said Dream would likely figure out my motives for being away, I am not saying Krazy, and SJ couldn't also piece it together, they likely will.

    I just hope SJ is still suspicious of Krazy and believes me, and I hope Krazy will think I am honest and innocent as well.

    Still trying to figure out how to play this. I think I will come out voting for SJ and giving my reasons. I think I would like to be the first vote, don't want to be following. I also do not want to be piling on the 2nd vote for someone either, at least not early, maybe with 1 minute to go.
    Oh the second thoughts they keep coming. Maybe with Dream still in it, and Irishiains suspicion of him, maybe SJ or Krazy might have voted to lynch him. With him gone its 3 of us that have had no interaction against each other. Hmm.
    An so it begins, I am back online and looks like SJ has smelled a rat in Krazytxan.
    I need to create FUD without pissing of either one too badly that they vote for me.

    I would love to come to the deadline with them each voting for each other and me deciding who to lynch. Is that too much to ask for?

    I wish deadline wasn't so far away..:(
    Ok I got the scenerio I wanted but the deadline is 24 hours away.
    Going back over the thread should by me at least 12 hours.
    I am having a hard time findig a Mafia. Both Krazy and SJ look innocent to me...
    i am currently looking for amunition should I need it.

    SJ - There is not much to his posts. He does not make any lists so i can use that, and he hasn't posted much.

    KrazyTanya - I know have few posts to make her look innocent, and few that make her look bad, depending on which way i need to go.
    Its 9:41 am and I am really uncomfortable with the way things are sitting right now. I think I wanted to be the one to make the decision but now that I am in that place, either one I voted for knows they are innocent, so they think I made the wrong desicion.

    I should be posting and acting more innocent, but I think the more I post the more they will be convinced they are both innocent and I may be the mafia.

    On the other hand by not posting and SJ not going crazy defending himself, it may appear to be the Mafia are happy. Maybe I am reading to much into it.
    This is going to be a long day.
    9:57 here comes the begining of the end with Krazy wanting to change her vote.
    Its 12:36 and Krazy has switched her vote back to SJ. Now I think there is just the waiting for SJ to come back switch his vote to me. Then giving Krazy the opportunity to decide.
    2:00 pm ish
    Well I hope my questioning SJ about his switch in direction is a good move. It is up to Krazy now I guess. Since SJ did not move his vote I am not sure how Krazy will respond to this.

    Did someone just slow down time or is it my imagination....argh..
    3:45 pm

    SJ comes on and explains his move, and seems to be resigned to his fate. He still tinks its Krazy that is mafia. He may be thinking I will change the vote at the end.
    Krazy came by and looked at SJ's posts but did not comment. Whats running through her head right now?

    I need one of theose remotes to speed up time I think.
    I also have a desicion to make at 5:30pm. This is the time I normally go home, and would not get home until after deadline.

    I may have to stay at work another 30 minutes today. Thanks Nside ;)
    4:06 pm
    Krazy comes up with some good stuff on SJ, and his lack of evidence suspicions. Very mafia like.

    Now as long as SJ keeps his suspicion on Krazy and keeps his vote there all may work out.