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    Since he is new he could be anyone of the above.

    Could be a wolf trying to draw the real seer out.
    I honestly don't know what to make of that post
    I think the other wolves would probably tell him not to do it, though....

    I think he's really the Seer and the innocents are in trouble.
    I am gone until morning. i will be back on at around 8:00 am.
    Or just a crazy innocent.
    It's a strategy we have not seen this early that is for sure.

    Someone did say post your ideas even if they are bad ones.
    Either way, I have no intentions of going after him. His seeing can only help make us look more innocent, and gives the werewolves more to worry about.

    Really, this game has been really great to us mafia men so far.
    Yes, so far so good - but things can turn on a dime. Let's not get overconfident here.
    I wouldn't say I'm confident yet... just pleased with the way things have been going.
    That toro/wededing comment is very strange. How would she know that, even if it's true? I just checked his posts and see nothing posted about a wedding anywhere. I also don't see any posts since the signup thread back on the 17th.

    If she claims it was irc I may want witnesses :)
    Hmm it's possible she is ALWAYS in IRC when I'm there. If not, very suspicious indeed...
    I wouldn't mind killing Pizza tomorrow...
    Do you guys think there's a high chance he'll be protected though?
    Going to bed, hopefully I'll be back sometime around 11am eastern...
    I am back, going to read now.
    I'm also back, I think we're looking good right now but I have some catching up to do myself
    bb - you made TRK's innocent list - that's a good thing. Keep it up, depending on how things go you may be the one that has to win this for us at the end.
    I was Mafia in Game 1, you probably already know that but in case it slipped your mind. I assume it was just something to wrote to make it meaty. :)
    Should I come out with a post stating I was mafia in Game 1?
    No, I actually did forget that. It was an honest question. Remember the first game I played was game 4. I don't think it will hurt to respond that you were mafia in game 1.

    Make sure you don't try to fly too much under thae radar - although there's no votes for you at the moment so that's a good think. Just keep visible. And hunt werewolves as though you were an innocent, that should help in the mindest.
    Woot, Steve thinks i'm innocent.
    I noticed that as well. :)
    I don't like my vote out there in the single vote group. I do not see somone with 2 votes that I want to vote for. I am saying spoonie looks innocent, Dreamchaser I said we should not vote for. That leaves Pizzanight, or Tanya.

    I think I will wait and see for now.
    So your pushing on spoonie, who are the Warewolves pushing on. Pizza, Tanya. Not sure they would be pushing for Dreamchaser even though they would like to see him lynched.
    SJ and TRK voting for Tanya, is one of them a Werewolve?
    Back and catching up on everything
    I think the non - voters are probably innocent. SP, Dire, DBF, Ew98, Pizza, and Wynton
    Gone for lunch, be back in 1 - 2 hours. Department lunch's always go long.
    Voted to lynch Spoonie. Based on his reaction, I think he's pretty much definately an innocent, and I'm trying to avoid ruffling the werewolves fur too much. The only way I'll be kiled soon is if I mess up big time or they decide to kill me, so I'm going to try and keep my distance from them without dropping my posting, if that's at all possible.
    You know, if we wanted to go the safe route, killing off someone like Tonya wouldn't be a horrible play, either. She's pretty crafty and seems to be trusted by most.

    Just kind of rambling out loud.
    If you're talking about tonight (about Tanya) it's a possibility. Although she did cast a vote for me earlier so I don't think I want to go there yet. I'd rather go for someone that hasn't voiced suspicion in any of our directions, but has been suspicious of someone else that may be lynchable.

    Griff is a possibility. He thinks McFoldem is innoicent and I don't think he's been suspicious of me or you yet. Have to see how he votes and what else he comes out with.
    He just talked about how I looked suspicious, but it's a small thing and I don't think anyone is going to pick up on it.

    We could even go Ogre. I've always found him tough to get a read on, he always plays about the same.

    I'm really hoping we can get a lynching in today, I hate non-lynchings, even moreso now that I'm a mafia man.
    I'm pretty sure we'll end up with a lynch. We might actually be able to get a Tanya lynch in, some people are getting suspicious of her. Depending on how things go we may be better off spreading our vote among candidates that don't get lynched and let everyone else do the actual lynching. Although if we're already sitting on the lynchee as the votes start to build we shouldn't get off them without a VERY good reason for claiming that we all of a sudden think they're innocent and have decided to vote for someone else.
    Ugh - I think you made a mistake with your spoonie vote. Whatever you do don't follow my lead when I split off from that, which I will be doing. I just haven't decided which way. I'm leaning towards Tall Paul or Malteg. And Griff is looking better and better as a hit tonight.
    I'm not too worried really. Spoonie is coming out of this looking crazy and suspicious.
    Yeah, he does seem a bit paranoid, I may well be going back to him in the days to come.
    Yeah, especially if he flips out again.
    If he flips out again, and someone else calls him on it that would be good. Wynton and Ogre seem to be going at it. If Wynton escapes today (and I'm hoping he does) Ogre may make a fine choice for tonights hit.
    I like that idea again. I'm not going to push Spoonie any harder. I'm going to lunch and will come back and lay just a tad lower until the lynching is done.
    I wouldn't mind seeing Pizza go down. He really does seem suspect to me so if he's a werewolf that would be good. If he's innocent that would cast suspicion on Pilchard, also good.

    You can't vote for Pizza though, given your stance against lynching the name players this early. McFoldem could, I'm just not sure how suspicious it would make him look. I suspect if he jumps now and ties it up he's be OK. I would certainly be willing to argue that case. If he jumps later it would look worse.
    OK, given Suited Pairs comments just now:
    Wow. I took an extra long lunch to catch up on the reading and I am still not finished. So, if this is redundant sorry. I feel stronly that we must lynch someone tonight. Not lynching only helps the bad guys. I also feel that this point is fairly obvious and am therefore suspicious of anyone pushing a "lynch no one" option. Also suspicious are lots of singleton votes, especially when the "no one" choice has enough votes to be in danger of passing. As the deadline approaches this will be more critical. I am still working my spreadhseet, but my initial suspects are as follows:
    TallPaul - made the first lynching post then quickly swithed to Pilchard (a strong player) for a random reason.
    BB88 - went out of his way to defend OgreMkV (at least twice) and Irish.
    OgreMkV - see above. Although his first post sounds suspicious, would a bad guy really be so daring as to complain about not having a "special" role? I'm on the fence, but perhaps BB's defense makes it more suspicious.
    All for now. I will make sure that I am around at the deadline to vote. (and will try to be caught up.)

    I really hope Wynton survives today and Pizza goes down. Then we hit Ogre tonight, which will help bb look innocent and cast suspicion on Wynton. I'd settle for anyone other than Wynton actually. I don't think I can switch to Pizza, although I'll think about it. I may well switch to Malteg under the "don't want to waste my vote" theory if nobody else jumps on TP. Some others have voiced suspicion of him though so we may see some action.
    Of course if Ogre does end up[ being a wolf that would look bad for bb, but I still think it may be worth it.
    I am back from lunch. Just read this thread, now on to the innocent thread.
    I'm also back.

    A couple people put me as suspicious, but I have many more supporters than people against me. And the people FOR me are more vocal than the people against me.

    I'd have no problems voting malteg either, if you think it's a bad idea though, let me know.

    I have no problem hitting Ogre tonight. He's one of the people I'd consider hitting anyway.
    Bugs, McFoldem, I'm pretty close to switching to malteg. Bad idea? Good idea? It pretty much follows my starting game strategy.
    Now that I switched I'd hold off if I were you. Let me think about how to do this.
    Yeah, had you not voted for malteg I would've already made the vote.
    I may vote for pilchard and say it's to make things more interesting...
    In fact, if neither of you have any objections, that's exactly what I'm going to do for now.
    I should have checked in here before I switched. However if you do switch that way a little later you've at least set the groundwork for it.

    You can hem and haw between pilchard and malteg a bit more, and then decide that a Pilchard vote would be wasted.

    If one other person jumps on Malteg I think you could switch then - or you could go for Pilchard if Malteg looks like he's in the bag, completely disassociating your vote.
    I WOULD switch to Wynton if we didn't want to keep him around.

    It will look suspicious if I don't change soon though, being as I talk about how much I want a lynch and that two of my candidates have multiple votes.