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    Wow the rush is on for Malteg.
    Yeah. I'm going to switch to Pilchard and just say I don't want it to be a one-pony race. Switching on this late would look weird methinks.
    If we can pull it off I think one of you should go for Pilchard and the other for Wynton. I wouldn't throw the Wynton vote in until there's at least 1 more Malteg vote (he has 5 right now so after one of you vote for Wynton it would be 6/4 after 1 more Malteg vote). You can switch to Pilchard at any time - sooner is better I think.

    If either of you want to go for Malteg I'd be very careful about the timing and how you do it. It would make more sense for bb to do it since he's laid the groundwork.

    You're both going to have to switch votes though (I think)
    Should I come out and mention Pizza doesn't have me on his list?
    Probably a dumb qestion but I tend to make mistakes in this game and would not want to draw too much attention to us.
    OK we have 6 for Malteg.

    Just make a valid sounding reason when you switch.
    I went for Pilchard already. It would look kind of bad for me to go Wynton, since he is kind of a bigger name and someone may call me out on that.
    I don't like the idea of voting for Pilchard, I have already suggested not going after heavy hitters, or none posters. I suggested going for low posters. Thats why I selected Ew98, he has been rather quiet I think.
    I was going to say no, but I changed my mind. Yeah, mention it. It would make sense for you to look for where you are in any lists that you see, and Pizza's lists are definitely something you'd be paying attention to. Just don't make a big deal out of it.
    McFoldem - go for Wynton
    Wynton eh, I will need to find a good reason.
    If Pilchard goes that's fine as well - no matter what he is :)
    What if I use the old I do not like taking Pilchard out this early, and Matleg already had a 6. Its pretty lame.

    I will take another look at his posts.
    Reasons - well all of a sudden Wynton is getting away almost scot free etc etc You just don't like the fact how he all of a sudden slipped off the radar.

    That would make the vote 6/4/4 - which is fine. I just hope that a Wynton vote doesn't start to gain momentum, but I don't think it will.
    I think it's best for us if Pilchard DOES go out. Suited voted for him... maybe he'll pick up some steam...
    Finding some reasons in his posts would be great to go along with the other stuff.
    Yeah, I don't think a Wynton vote will pick up too much steam. I'd be surprised if it wasn't malteg that went out.
    I am not finding a good reason to vote for Wynton, in fact he suspects Malteg and Ogre, so I kind of like that.
    The Pilchard lynching is gaining steam!
    How about you think Ogre is innocent, and anyone with only 3 posts is almost always innocent as well Malteg knows better etc. So Wynton is suspicious to you because of who he finds suspicious. And you think everyone voting for Malteg is barking up the wrong tree. And since you don't want to waste a vote you want to vote for someone that actually has a chance of being lynched (All In your own words, of course).

    Out of Malteg, Wynton, Pilchard who would you normally vote for? I can come up for reasons to vote for Wynton, especially since he's most likely going to be prime suspect number one tomorrow.

    I think a Wynton vote would ultimately look less suspicious than a malteg vote
    I agree. And it gives us the luxury of being 100% seperate, which is good for us. And with the steam malteg and pilchard have had lately, I doubt Wynton will end up lynched tonight.
    Bleh TRK changed his vote from Wynton to malteg.
    A vote for SuitedPair wouldn't be horrible...
    How is this?

    Looks like a vote for Ew98 is a waste today at least. The only thing suspicious was his lack of posting, maybe lack of time to spend on the game at the moment.

    [b]I vote to lynch Wynton[/b]

    1. Wynton posts he suspects Matleg and Ogre, and I think they may be innocent.

    2. I do not think Malteg is mafia/werewolf. Landslide voting seems to always point to innocent. I still don't like the fact he has 3 posts though.

    3. I do not like voting off key player that can really help us if they are innocent. For the time being I do not want to vote for pilchard

    Not really much to go on but its early
    That looks fine to me
    I changed it slightly, too much malteg in the original.
    Sorry bb, looks like your list is out dataed
    Post looks good. If Malteg comes up innocent you look even better. If he comes up wolf - we'll deal with it if that happens. I really doubt it though.
    Maybe I should have mentioned Pizza, and SP, I actually thought Wynton had more votes than just 2.
    Nice post Louie. I like the way today is shaping up.

    Is it too early to start discussing who to hit tonight officially?
    We have another 1:45 right?

    Lots can change yet.... I will be driving home in about 15 min. Be back online around 6:30pm
    Personally I'd like to go with someone completely out of the blue that'll throw the town into a tizzy trying to figure out why we offed them.

    Hopefully the wolves go after dreamchaser, I'd hate them to hit one of us.
    The wolves better not continue on there alphabetical kick.

    It may be a very good thing that Dremchaser came up with that post.
    I don't think they went alphabetical. I'll bet their reasoning went something like this:

    "Let's go with someone completely random to confuse the town".

    "Hey, good idea."
    (they skim through town and make a list)

    "How about this list they'd all be pretty random:

    (next person looks at list and sees angel-fish first)
    "Hey, angel would be perfectly random!"


    But I completely agree that dreamchaser helped us big-time. He's throwing both the wolves and the town off :)
    Alpha would be very bad :) The good news is I don't think there's anything that ties us too closely together.

    If I do depart in the night I really hope you 2 keep it going - we're looking good so far. I do suspect that the wolves will get me sometime relatively soon, but you never now. I seem to be a popular target to set up for a lynching.

    As far as who to go for tonight I really like the thought of going for Ogre. But I'm also open to ther suggestions.
    I've said a couple times Ogre's death would make me happy so no problems here.

    For some reason I have a bad feeling the wolves may go after me. I don't know why it's a feeling I can't shake.
    Well then we both have that feeling, since I think they may go for me.
    Holy shit it looks like a Pilchard lynching might be happening....

    Good times.
    I am back online
    I was wondering what to do at the end.
    Ok, it's back up. Malteg is nothing but a normal innocent.

    We have some discussing to do, McFoldem. Bugs PM'ed me while the board was down and he said he thinks two or possibly three wolves were in the vote Pilchard camp.

    This is the PM I sent him regarding my thoughts on it:

    Would you rather try and nab someone who voted for Pilchard instead of Ogre tonight? Spoonie is out, because we both had tiny clashes with him and that'd look way too bad. Obviously I'm not a wolf, either.

    Leaves us with:
    dreamchaser (doubt it)
    Tall Paul
    Whew, he was innocent. Very good.
    I was kind of hoping Pilchard would go down or we'd nab a wolf, but enough went down at the end of the day so that if a wolf doesn't nab us tonight, the three of us will almost certainly survive another day.
    I will need to go over the thread for each of those and Ogre to see what can be drawn from each during the day.
    I'm here
    If Malteg turned out to be a wolf I would be toast.
    Good idea McFoldem, I will browse and do the same right now.

    I'm against killing Tanya or Suited right now, though. Both switched late and are going to come under suspicion. No need to kill them. Dreamchaser also doesn't frighten me as a possible wolf.

    So this leaves Evv, fatshaft, Tall Paul and Ogre for my list of who to lynch. Anyone think there's a reason why we SHOULD go after Tanya or Suited?
    Are we in a rush for this, can I take an hour to look over the posts?
    No you wouldn't. I'm going to go have a cigarette (we don't smoke in the house) and switch computers, I'll be back in a few.

    Thoughts on what you want to do tonight, and why, for starters I think.
    We have time. Go look at posts, but keep an eye on here.
    I'm not in a rush really. I'm supposed to go out later, but I'm going through the entire thread right now myself.