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    I'm searching the posts of:

    Tall Paul

    and I'm going to try and find what people would suspect if we killed each one.
    Fatshaft opened the voting for you bugs, then made a list on page 16 of baddies that was you, Tanya, and krazy

    Fatshaft might cast too much suspicion on bugs UNLESS he's werewolf in which case Bugs looks golden.
    From what I have read so far, Fatshaft does not sound liek a werewolf.
    What do you make of the Evv98 slip up voting for Ogre, then switching to Pilchard?

    Evv98 has not posted much. He jokingly points at me though. I don't think it is much.
    The only note I have on Evv right now is that I open-voted for him. If he's a wolf, makes me look good. If he's innocent, makes me look not as good, but at least not terrible.
    Ok, I'm to the part of the thread where his slip-up is. I'l let you know what I think about it in a second.
    No, I think Fatshaft is innocent. We should stay away from him for the moment. He's going to be trouble down the road - if I survive that long, but for now he's harmless. I'm also now almost certain that Suited Pair and Tanya are innocents. The way Tanya is getting into this game I wonder if she could be a special? But that's a pure guess. I actually suspect she may be vanilla innocent.

    Suited? - Who knows. That "gained Intel" line at the end may be harmless, or may indicate a seer trying to figure who to investigate.

    Without going through the thread I still think Ogre may be the best bet. But I'm going to go look now myself. Tall Paul may be a possibility as well, he would help point to both Pizza and Nutjob I think. But I have to check.
    I think we should stay away from fatshaft, too. He went against you (bugs) a couple times and we don't wnat to cast any extra suspicion on you.

    Suited- maybe. But we aren't worried about the Seer, that's for the wolves. It's +EV for the Seer to investigate us, anyway.

    Right now it's a tossup for me between ogre and Tall Paul I'm going to post my full notes I made on them skimming through in a second.
    I also voted for Evv98 before switching to Wynton.
    Tall Paul: list of nutjob irish evv98 and trk, cirtical of pilchard, says he feels fatshaft/spoonie are innocent, suspected bugs slightly, suspects pizza more, goes back and forth with pizza, mentions nutjob slightly

    Ogre: open-voted mxrider, list of sj krazy mxrider, changed vote to wynton, feud with wynton.
    Well if EVV was werewolf we'd look awesome...

    So it looks to me if we got TP if would affect how we looked and Pizza and if we hit Ogre it would affect how we looked at mxrider and especially wynton.

    I don't think TP's mention of bugs was very serious at all, or I would've noted it as heavily as I noted Fatshaft's encounter with bugs.
    Tall Paul has ties to Pizza, Pilchard, and Bugs.

    I like Ogre, he has no ties to any of us. The only thing is the Bugs vote for him.
    I have to wonder about this line in Ogre's post though

    I really hate his use of !!!! marks.

    He may actually be a special character.
    I don't think that vote will really mean anything. It was VERY early in the thread when things were just starting
    Ogre's browsing the thread at the moment
    Yeah, I thought that, too. Which is good since if he's the Seer he's well-hidden and won't be protected. If he's doctor, we're AWESOME. If he's angel, oh well, we helped the werewolves. Vigilante wouldn't be bad, either.

    Ogre is smart, and if he WAS a special character he just might do that.
    Ogre has ties to Wynton, too.

    I like the Ogre vote best and Tall Paul second best.
    He did also ask why all the high profile players are still around.

    I thought it was quite obvious but a couple of people mentioned it, so maybe it isn't
    Ogre gets a bullet from me. :)
    I think there's a good shot Ogre is special or wolf.

    I PRAY the wolves go after dreamchaser or someone other than us. If we lose one of us I'll be pissed.
    I like this post from him as well.

    "Sometimes an effective tactic is to dicuss a lynch, but then everyone vote for a no-lynch.

    I'm not sure that's an option here, because we are really far behind with some serious threats and little power to counter them (i.e. losing our detective).

    Some names that we need to talk about, but we can't really do much until everyone has posted:


    Some good people to talk about tomorrow.
    I like it. So it looks like you and I are on the same page at least. Hopefully bugs concurs.
    be back in 15min
    Krazy has been browsing for a little while I think, too...
    Something else to consider. These were the final votes for Pilchard, not counting bb or malteg

    Tall Paul

    IF Pilchard isn't wolf then I'd bet a lot of money that at least one wolf, if not 2, are in that bunch. I'm really beginning to wonder about Dreamchaser. But I think he'll self-destruct eventually if he keeps this up.
    Yeah and if dream is a wolf he's not a threat to us at all anyway.
    And I completely agree that there are wolves in there, we should try and see if we can't get the voting to be between one of them and Wynton.
    They may have spread ou as we did. Maybe only 1 there, 1 on Malteg and 1 somewhere else.
    As long as Ogre isn't the seer we're fine. The seer is the only one I'd hate to hit. I'm fine with either Ogre or Tall Paul. I think I prefer Ogre a bit more at the moment.

    There's one other factor that makes him a good candidate, I think. Let me check first. No. it wasn't him I have to go find one post.:
    if Ogre is the seer, what do you think will happen with Dreamchaser. :)
    Yes, they (wolves) may have spread out. If there's only one wolf - hmm. Who started the Pilchard vote? Anyone remember the order, without checking?
    I'm not sure but I know I have in my notes Tall Paul was openly critical of pilchard at the beginning so I'm sure he had something to do with it.

    It was right after my vote that the floodgates on him opened up, though.
    i think it was TP at 8:32
    Heh - I'm not sure - we may keep him for comic relief, for a while at least :)
    I'm not going to lynch dreamchaser at first. He's crazy, and does nothing to help. He's like our little helper without knowing it.
    But the point is you were there before the floodgates opened. At that point he was still lower in te voting than malteg (I think) and you just tied him with wynton
    Yeah, I was there before the floodgates opened. It could be argued I opened the gates, I guess.

    Yeah, I think he had two votes and I pushed him up to three. Then a couple more people went for him, and a couple more...
    Here's another possibility:

    Steve Griff's MafiaMeter V1.0

    Innocent It Seems:

    BugsBunny, Dreamchaser, fatshaft, McFoldem
    MxRider, Nutjob, Pilchard, Spoonie, Suited Jock
    Tanya Peck, therivierakid

    Unknown It Seems

    bb88, Da Big Fish, Dire, Ew98, irishian, krazytxan, Malteg, mxrider,
    OgreMKV, PizzaByNight, Toronexi, Wynton

    Bad Guys It Seems

    Tall Paul, SuitedPair
    Hmm that would be pretty good, especially since he has you two listed innocent and me listed unknown. There are a ton of names we could get going from his list.
    It seems good. It would also seem good for the Wolves maybe, if they aren't Dreamchaser voting.
    Of course that would be assuming alot, since TP or SP could be Wolves.
    Krazy is browsing again... possible wolf?
    Not sure about that, Krazy does the spreadsh, she is likely adding to it.

    I do not think a wolf would be so obvious.
    She's a new player though, and might not be so keen...
    Either way, I don't want to kill her now, just something to keep in mind.
    Griffs death could be spun a number of ways as well.
    Is Tall Paul mafia? Or do they want us to think he's mafia because he's really innocent but wanted to vote out a mafia (Pilchard)? Either way we can get information by lynching him. If he's mafia then Pilchard is probably innocent. If he's innocent maybe Pilchard is mafia.

    Of course we couldn't spell it out that way - but we could encourage any discussion along those lines.
    nah - I would expect players to be browsing much more than wolfs. Lot of thread to cover, what better time than at night?
    So TP is out, we can get him indirectly through Steve.

    So Steve or Ogre is that it?
    Krazy isn't completely new. She got bumped of night 1 in one game, and I think she played another after that, but I'd have check. I gurantee you she has spreadsheets up the ying-yang all laid out.