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    I thought krazy was new, my bad. We can ignore my comments about her, then.

    Steve or Ogre is fine with me. I'd prefer Ogre, but would have absolutely no problems with Steve.
    Sounds good. I think Ogre, as long as Steve keeps thinking we're innocent we can keep him around for another day or so and see if he gets in any serious feuds. Ogre's already feuding - just keep Steve in mind.

    If I do get killed tonight (or any other night) there should be quite a reaction. I'm pretty sure we're clear of each other for the moment so just take advantage of whatever mayhem may ensue. Use my death to advantage in any way you can.

    If they dig they may make some loose ties, but nothing definitive.
    I have been going through the posts and found this one from Steve. He list me.

    "OK. Well I've drawn up three candidates for who I think we should lynch today. Remember, we haven't got much to go on. Firstly, the Dreamcatcher situation. Him being alive at the end of today is much better than him being dead. He's probably not a baddie, so I prefer to let the baddies take care of him than whatever.

    Here's my list:


    1) SuitedPair - Hasn't participated yet. I'm pretty sure that nsidestrate would have mentioned something to her. Maybe she's away at the moment? Who knows? But I prefer to lynch non-talking innocents than talking mafia's at the moment, as I'm sure talking Mafia's will make mistakes and further down the line we'll get 'em. If you catch my drift.

    2) McFoldem - Same reason. I can't remember any posts he's made yet. Maybe they are there, they we're just unimportant or whatever.

    3) MxRider - I saw one post from him that was short and didn't seem to do much in helping the cause. One of the things that I learnt from game #6 that Mafia try to keep in the game, but are less inclined to post long, deliberate posts.

    I'm probably totally wrong with these three, but I have to start somewhere. I'm hoping that these three will come out and post more today and prove their innocence like many already have today. The most people I can tick in my innocent list the better the chance of lynching baddies.

    Anyone care to talk more about these three?" End quote

    I guess he changes his mind later.
    Well honestly if I was wolf I'd be going for either dreamchaser or whoever I thought was the Seer, so we might all be safe from harm for a couple nights.

    Bugs, if you die, McFoldem and I will make sure to go on a killing spree like the mafia game has never seen before.
    Steve thinks we are innocent, so lets keep him around one mor enight or so.

    Ogre is our hit i think.
    LOL - I'd like that :)
    Yes, once he saw some posts he changed his mind. The later view is more important.

    Are we agreed on Ogre for tonight?
    Is it unanimous?
    OK, I'll send it. Let's see - San slept with the fishes. What should we give Ogre. OK, I think a Mexican bowtie :)
    Mexican bowtie it is *thumbs up*
    Message Sent

    From: Bugsbunny
    To: nsidestrate
    Posted: Wed Jun 21, 2006 9:02 pm
    Subject: Night 2 - Mafia hit
    Tonight Ogre gets to wear a Mexican Bowtie. Hope he enjoys his new look Twisted Evil

    -Don Wabbit
    Awesome. Hopefully everyone else has sent theirs in so we get to see the aftermath.

    I'm giddy with excitement here.
    As long as the aftermath doesn't include one of us. :)
    Yeah, that's what I'm worried about...
    Just in general terms I think we're in real good shape here though, so lets just keep it up and not do anything stupid. Remember:
    So far so good.
    I agree. If we come out unscathed here and get a wolf or special, we are doing fantastic. Not getting cocky though.

    I definately want to get rid of some wolves, but I want to do it without appearing threatening to them. This is going to be very, very difficult, but I think we're all up to it.

    We're definately in great shape compared to the other two groups. Innocents lost their detective and possibly have an almost useless Seer (dream). The wolves are quite possibly NOT as concealed as we are, and still have a Seer to try and get rid of.

    Oh, good times.
    Anything else for now? I would guess we have a few more hours and I think I'm going to try and get a few hands in
    See you back here when the thread opens, or 8:00 am if its after 11:30 pm.
    The wolves may be just as concealed, we don't know. But the seer has to concern them until he's found.
    Well I said probably since it'd be hard to be as concealed as we are >right now<. None of us are set to be in the line of fire.

    That's all I've got for now. Hopefully we'll have some good news the the thread opens back up.
    As far as the line of fire goes, the Wolves may have something to say about that. They may take someone out that points right to us. Doesn't matter to the innocents if we are Mafia or wolves...
    This keeps getting better and better.
    The Doctor and Pilchard gone.

    So why did the Wolves take out Pilchard, surely some misdirection?
    Stevegriff who?

    Yeah Baaaaabyyyyyyy!!!!!
    Pilchard's death may point to me a little bit, but I'm not really worried about it.

    I think they were just going for misdirection. I'm going to look back and try and find something I can use.

    Any ideas on where to go from here?
    Maybe they did it to go after the people that did not want to vote off Pilchard.

    There has to be something there that makes them feel safe. I will check it out.
    I think this gives Bugs' idea that several people who voted for Pilchard are wolves ALOT more ground.
    Really? Do you think they figured Pilchard would come after them?

    Maybe they figured the doctor would not protect him and it gives them a chance to take out a heavy hitter.
    No, but it takes the suspicion off those who voted for him.
    Sorry Dewey you lost me. How does it take suspicion away from those that voted for pilchard? Since he was innocent would it not make sense that those voting for him would be mafia, and or wolves trying to get rid of him the easy way?
    Maybe it doesn't. But it makes them look better, having voted for an innocent, at least. I'll put more thought into it later, I made that comment without putting much into it. At the very least, we can agree it doesn't HURT his arguement.

    I'm going out for a couple hours, I'll be back around midnight, maybe a little later.
    I had typed something in and lost it, seems I got logged out somehow.

    Anyway we done gooood :)

    As far as Pilchard an wolves go how about this theory? By the time the final vote came there were no wolves left. What if Suited Pair and/or Tanya are wolves? They abandon the Pilchard vote in order to make themselves look good/remove suspicion from themselves and then rub out Pilchard at night.

    Very possible. That would leave Nutjob directing them right?
    I will be back at 8:00 am ish

    I guess that plea Ogre made to be a special character was a tell after all.

    Gret job gents. Tomorrow wolves are going to die.......
    Maybe - noyt sure about going that far yet. Although the way things are going I think Nutjob isn't long for this world one way or the other. Suited is smart enough, easily, to be the one running the show over there.
    Sleep well :)
    I'm here as well
    I'm here.
    What do you mean you don't think nutjob is going to be around for a while? You think he's going to get lynched?
    I tend to agree he's acting weird and will probably end up being lynched if he doesn't change... just making sure we're on the same page with that.
    I think that he may find himself wearing cement shoes, or being lynched, depending on how things go down. Not immediately but in the near future.
    Oh look - TRK thinks both of us are innocent :)
    It's good to be a known innocent.

    Nutjob voted for me, but in jest. That bastard =)
    AHAHAHA and like everyone rushed to my defense. Awesome.
    Ok, just Pizza. Fatshaft's was just coincidental.
    Bugs, I think I love you. Awesome post.
    I really think nutjob may be a wolf. He's acting a little strange, he's more jokey and not as cut-throat as normal.

    Plus that slip nside made still sticks in my mind...

    Man if he's a wolf, it's horrible for the innocents as they have three bad guys controlling the game right now.