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    I'm finding it very interseting that Nut hasn't responded yet. That's really not like him
    We're on the same exact wavelength...

    So do we try and get him lynched or kill him sometime at night?
    Assuming we want to kill him off so early.
    Nut may very well be a wolf, and I'm not even considering Nsides slip. I think I may have tumbled on to something and he's trying to figure out how to deal with it. Note that if I'm right it will make a hit against me LESS likely (I think/hope).

    He may also smell a trap here - damn wolves with their sensitive noses. Although I'm nowhere near sure yet.
    I'm not sure yet
    Fatshaft finds us both COMPLETELY innocent =)
    I think we should wait until nutjob posts his list to come to a conclusion about him. If it smells fishy, we've got something to think about.
    Time to go to bed. We did a great job tonight, I think.
    I'm off to bed as well, if I can sleep with all this coffee in me. I think we're doing real well at the moment.
    I'm here.

    I think I need to get more active. I wish I had the gift you 2 seem to.

    Will give it my best. I feel like I am one of the ones sliding by flying under the radar. Hell Pizza didn't even include me on the list. My pointing it out seemed to slide through with no one noticing either.

    Well have a lot of reading to do.
    Wow, looks like Huey and Dewey went to bed 5 hours ago, I guess I am on my own for a few hours.
    I'm up and about, but I'm watching the USA/Ghana game and the Italy/Czech game so I'm not going to be around until noonish.
    I'm up (barely). Don't worry about getting TOO acrive, if you're not making peoples lists that's not a bad thing - it means you're not perceived as a thareat. It also means you're really flying under the radar - which is good.

    This may become important down the raod. I was thinking about this lat night. There might come a time when you have to win this in the end game, on your own. I'll explain more later.
    Also, both of you. I haven't seen this morning comments, yest on the other thread but DON'T get too gushy (for lack of a better word) for any theories I post out there. You should be critical at times, even very critical :)
    ooh - game. I may have to switch to the laptop in a minure.
    I'm just browsing the comments. nut and pizza both seemed weird at the end of the night, not nearly as wordy as they normally are...
    Huey said "There might come a time when you have to win this game in the end, on your own".

    McFoldem, or myself?
    I just tossed out what I think is an awesome theory, and will keep up the heat off all of us.

    Game time...
    Whoops, just posted 3 times.
    Should I go ahead and post my findings on pilchard. There really isn't mush, just a finger pointing to Pizza.
    Huey said "There might come a time when you have to win this game in the end, on your own".

    McFoldem, or myself?

    McFoldem. You, on the other hand, may want to cut back just ever so slightly on post counts and not appear to be an effective leader. An ineffective leader is fine :) I'm think of wolves now - you want to stay out of their line of fire if possible. And wolves may also be what leaves McFoldem out on his own.

    The 2 of us are well disguised from the town, but we may well end up being prime wolf targets. They're our biggest worry at the moment. So we really need to find some wolves, preferably an entire pack of them.
    It's a fine line you have to walk. I can't help the position I'm in.
    Your the Don, even though thats my real name....;)

    If and when you both go, Any suggestions on how I increase my posts without anyone noticing, or do I?
    I understand Huey.

    I am a little jealous that you guys get to watch the games, and I am stuck here at work.
    I'll have more to say on that general topic later. It's a long game day so we have lots of time. USA just scored an equalizer, but ghana now has a penalty kick - on a bad call.
    Ghana just scored again, 2-1
    That has to be one of the biggest bullshit calls I've seen in a while.
    So other than U.S. winning, what has to happen in the other game?
    And I completely agree, Bugs. The wolves are the ones bother me right now. If this was a regular mafia game, we'd be golden.

    We need to try and find some wolves, but not lead them to their lynching because we don't want to get knocked off.

    Obviously with the doctor and detective gone, we absolutely have to go for wolves at night.
    Italy has to win. And they're winning 1-0, and a man from the Czech Republic was sent off so its 11 men for Italy vs 10 for Czech right now. So it looks good Italy may win.

    We just have to rally and score a couple...
    I'm back and posting in the main thread again... the investigation will be interesting if it happens (which I doubt, though), since I'll have to investigate you and Wynton will have to ivestigate both of us.
    I was thinking the same thing. It might make an interesting diversion while they discuss the investigation idea. Sort of like a committee to study the idea of forming a commitee.

    As long as they're running around confused and not pointing at us I'm happy. If we could flush out wolves I'd be even happier.

    McFoldem - I see you have been coming under a bit of heat today. I also didn't realize that your post count was quite as low as it is, so yes we have to get that up somewhat. I think you've been doing well so far.

    Just dig through threads and see if you can pull up anything even close to being "incriminating" and post ideas. Doesn't matter if they're off the wall (up to a point - don't go crazy. That's MY department :) ) We are trying to, honestly, find wolves after all. So go and try to find some.

    Just try to get involved somewhat, respond to other peoples posts - preferably with valid reasoned comments, especially if they're posting stuff that doesn't point at us. If they do post anything pointing at me or bb just ignore it. Do NOT try and defend us. (You may even consider throwing a dig in at us, especially at this point where I don't think anything pointed at us is likely to stick. Just don't initiate those digs, rather maybe half-heatedly agree if someone else trys)
    You know, I don't know if this makes sense, but I've been thinking Suited and Tanya might not both be wolves.

    If they were both wolves, why would thye go after Pilchard? If he turned out to be mafia, they were both toast. In fact, Pilchard would probably make the least sense out of all to hit if they were wolves, I think. Unless they thought he was a special.

    I think i'ts quite possible that maybe just one of them is, though. I would lean Tanya.

    Obviously I can't post this in the main thread since people could just say "well the two of them can both be mafia, they don't have to be wolves", or something like that.
    I was going to agree with SP's post about her vote for Pilchard and swap to malteg, and saying I disagree that they would be wolves.
    Oh and i can't just go nuts posting, i will space it out a bit i think.
    Kinda wierd, Pizza points out he forgot me but its buried in his post and really does not say much about it.
    Guess I should go ahead and agree with Wyntons idea.
    Pizza has really acted strange this game.
    Pizza and Nutjob both
    My choice for a wolf between the 2 would be suited pair. She got on Pilchard early (like we did). Tanya would have been better coached, unless all the wolves are noobs.
    Thats what I thought, bugs. The only way Suited and Tanya are wolves is if they are in there with someone else who is less experienced. Krazy maybe? An all-women pack?
    I was expecting SP and Tanya to tell me they did not want to lynch Pilchard as there reason to swap over to Malteg, or at least be part of there answer.
    Tanya is VERY jumpy, and not just because she voted for you, Bugs.
    Thats too funny, look at spoonie's avatar, he chopped off the mustache
    Ahaha Spoonie is a funny guy. I'm pretty sure he's innocent, too, for whatever that's worth.
    Time to lynch those without mustaches or whiskers....
    I like that list of "mid limit" posters. I also like how you figured the cutoff to just exclude McFoldem :)

    He's being a bit more visible today as well, which is good.
    Yeah, 9 yeserday and 6 post already today. We have to remember it was only 1 day so far. I keep thinking it has been longer.
    Yes, I cut McFoldem first and then came up with a reason why he was the cutoff later.

    I really like it because I don't think it's threatening to the wolves, I'd be surprised if more than on or two were in there, and it makes me look really innocent to everyone else.

    McFoldem is doing well right now also. Our main problem right now is trying to avoid being killed by the wolves.
    What we need it the angels protection, at least one of us per night.