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    Yeah that would be pretty awesome.
    With the Dreamchaser around I am afraid the Angel is protecting him, unless I have it all wrong.
    That leaves the wolves to go after all the big guns.
    Maybe we should take out dreamchaser? Freeing the angel up to protect others. I really doubt he's the seer, but I also hate to "waste" a hit on him.

    And even if he is the seer I don't know how effective he'll be.
    The other problem is people would wonder why the mafia is going after a possible seer, since he's helpful to them.

    Hmm - maybe he's the vigilante?

    You think it would be possible to get him lynched?
    It would cause all kinds of confusion if he was the seer and we took him out for sure. No links back to us either I do not think.
    The only problem is what's the chance that the wolves go after dream also and we waste a killing when they might have taken dream out for us?
    mxrider wants to lynch dreamchaser, I wonder if there's some way we can take advantage of that. We have lots of game day left yet so let me think. Just be ready to take advantage of an opportunity if it presents itself. That's in terms of anybody that is a possible threat.

    I am going to the bank now. I'll be back by 5 at the latest, probably much sooner.
    Problem wth that Dewey is if the angel is protecting Dreamchaser the Wolves can't kill him. The angel only protects against a wolfpack kill. So they won't be going after Dreamchaser, they are gong after us.
    Fatshaft is on a war path, he is really giving it to Tanya, what does this make fatshaft? Isn't he going a little too far for an innocent?

    what about fatshaft and Tanya, wolf and wolfette
    I'm not sure, but Tanya definately makes me suspicious.
    Boy, the way the innocents are all over each other is AWESOME.
    Bugs, when you get back I think we should discuss how I should go about my investigation of you.
    It sure is awesome. It happens every game. Not sure how to combat it if your an innocent. You want people to post but it is almost always the innocents that are messing up and getting themselves lynched.
    I'm back and haven't checked the thread yet. doesn't surprise me that thtey're turning on each other. Try to see if there's anyone else that's either:
    Sitting back and letting them go at it
    Subtlel encoruaging it without coming to the forefrront. Time zone factors have to be taken into account, especially for people who can't post from work.

    These may be our wolves.

    I'm going to go check on the thread now, probably in anonymous mode first to scope out the landscape.
    God i should really check my spelling before hitting submit :)
    Bugs I'm about to start working on my investigation of yours. Any ideas?

    My feelings are I don't want to become too wishy-washy and indecisive, and I don't want to accuse you. I may say that I find you to be innocent so far, I'll have to try and see how successfully I can spin that.
    Hey Dewey, not sure how well I did my investigation of MXrider but I put something out there.
    I think your mxrider investigation was fine, why shouldn't it be? It was a straight, honest, investigation - and actually got me thinking about him. He may be a well coached wolf. Or else he just picked this up very fast. Most newbies are much more lost then he's been.

    There was also soem apparent, at least minor, connection to Suited Pair. But I may be seeing things :)
    Dewey - do my investigation straight up, as though we weren't working together to take over thiis place and see what it looks like. If it looks bad we'll see if we can massage it. And it may warn me of things to watch out for. I think it should stand on it's own though. At least I hope it will.
    ok, i have nutjobs done as well, and i did it similarly.

    i say he looks innocent but he needs to be watched as do all top players
    Well there you go, both investigations done. Now to wait the wrath of nutjob, maybe.

    I am a little worried how my vote for Wynton is going to look. I wonder what the Krazytxan will write about me, and I wonder if Irish will even do one....
    Well I am outa here, be back at 8:00 am
    I'm going to be away from the keyboard for about 15 minutes, and then after that I'll be home the entire night. I need to run over to blockbuster and return some movies.
    I drove over and forgot one dsjhdsjhdsdjhds.

    I'm not going back I'll return that one in the morning (Saw 2, in case you were interested).
    Ok Bugs I'm going to basically go through every post and make notes as I go through. I'll make sure to be careful and if you are here I'll post the final post here before I do in the main thread. If you aren't here, I'll double check it quite carefully.
    Bugs, I really hate you for posting so damn much right now =)
    I'm on like page 45. I really, really hate you =)
    I hope you feel good about yourself and having to investigate Dire and Da Big Fish.
    [quote="Nutjob"]OK, starting at the top and working my way down

    [b]bb88:[/b] if he is not innocent I quit mafia forever. I got halfway through his posts and didn't really feel like I needed to conitinue. I would post more here, but he is locked in my innocent file.[/quote]
    trk: "bb88 is the most innocent looking player of the game. "

    Good times...
    Also from nutjob: "In reading all of Bugs' post. I am locking (realize my locks are never really locks) him in with bb88 as innocent. If he's not, then he's Nutjobbed the Nutjob and hat's off!"

    Actually, if the wolves are going for mafia, they probably won't go for me if they figure me to be as vanilla as everyone else. Same goes for you...
    Goodnight, all. Big day tomorrow. If we can get through unscathed again and maybe knock out a wolf, we're in gooood shape.
    [quote="Nutjob"][b]BugsBunny:[/b] Ok, I thought his "tone" was a little off, but in doing the search, and reading [b]just [/b]his posts... this is the same Funny Bunny I have seen as an innocent. Maybe because this thread is so insanely huge, some of his "tone" was lost in all the noise.

    I didn't like his cock up confusing Ogre with Pizza in the early game and I didn't like his suspecting of Ogre (or whoever he thought was Ogre) in the early going, because I have played with Ogre a couple of times and pegged him as an innocent in one post. That's right, one post.

    I threw out an early vote for him because of this AND because I wanted to see how he'd react... he's way off my radar for now.

    In reading all of Bugs' post. I am locking (realize my locks are never really locks) him in with bb88 as innocent. If he's not, then he's Nutjobbed the Nutjob and hat's off![/quote]
    night - I'll be up for a while
    Will you be around during the end of the day?
    Well, hopefully you are, and I will see you then! I'm off for real now...
    Ok, at this point I think we take Dreamchaser out tonight. He has me listed, which is bad. But he has me listed as a wolf, which is good. There's other people on that list I wouldn't mind being marked as suspicious either.

    If we take him out and he is the seer (which I seriously doubt) my ass may be cooked, but I'm willing to take that chance. We'd still be in decent (but no longer great) shape. Otherwise we prove he's not the seer, and free up the Angel who may well be protecting him. We free up the angel either way actually. And if we prove he's not the seer enough people have me in the innocent category that I think I can weather any heat that may come down.
    Yes I'll be around for deadline
    I am here
    Fatshaft just posted wondering where you where since you posted in the general forum over an hour ago. Wait a few minutes before showing up, don't make it look like you showed up just because off his post.

    After you get on the thread don't make any excuses as soon as you sign on. Say you ahve to catch up and you'll be back

    After catching up you can respond and say that you wanted to have breakfast or whatever before getting to this thread because you knew it would be keeping you busy for a while. If you get called on it sooner you can also respond.
    Actually I started writing a post and work got in the way is the truth of it.
    I am trying to update my suspect list. I was moving fatshaft and tanya off of my list of 4.
    OK - that'll work. Truth is always a great excuse :) And really try to get more involved today
    I will try we have 2 hours then the thread gets locked.
    I voted for evv because I did yesterday and want to stay consistant. I know you also voted for evv98 Hewey but your seen as innocent by most now, so I think it will be fine right?
    it'll be fine. I'm not sure If I'll stick with him or not anyways. I wouldn't mind seeing him lynched so if he gets any momentum I'll stick with him.