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    • CommentTimeJun 21st 2006 edited
    Welcome, San. At the moment, you are just talking to yourself.
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    • CommentTimeJun 21st 2006
    First sign of going mad, apparently.

    Just so I can laugh at myself later, at the moment my 2 biggest radar twinges are:

    Nutjob - "didn't follow game 5 closely". ahem - yeah, right.

    bb88 - overly keen to get a lynch ont he first day...this is exactly what I was like as a mafia.

    I had a pre-game tell that Tall Paul was innocent.

    That is all.

    I have no idea how closely i'll be following this now that I'm dead - I won't be filling in the spreadsheet that I had set-up that's for sure.
    I always feel bad for the people who die on the first night. It is something of a complement, but it still stinks.
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    • CommentTimeJun 21st 2006
    I can live with being dead

    (pardon the oxymoron):

    1. It certainly is a compliment :-D

    2. Means I have time to fill in a bucnh of application forms, which I've been putting off for months anyway.

    3. It means I have an excuse if my team loses handsomely and can therefore still claim a 100% record. shweet.
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    • CommentTimeJun 21st 2006
    heh, just read through what was going to be my first post in the game....this bit struck me as amusing:

    Which would lead me onto a heavy-hitter point. In this game we have 7 who have previous experience as a ‚??heavy-hitter‚?Ě on their CV:
    San (yes I am big-headed :p )
    Tall Paul

    Obviously, it‚??s unlikely that all of the above are innocent‚?¶however, they are also the biggest threats to the mafia that we know of (I confidently predict at least one will be dead by the start of day 1 [writing this during the night]‚?? hope it‚??s not me).

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    • CommentTimeJun 21st 2006
    Nside - can you believe these people are anti-putting up a slate of candidates?

    Surely one of the dubbed "heavy hitters" should explain that everyone should be proposing a slate, not just picking a lynchee of someone else's slate, so that information will be more available to look back on once there's actually a known mafia or two...

    The whole game at the moment is completely lacking structure and needs someone to take the game by the neck...dammit i wish i was alive.
    Having everyone as a candidate is potentially interesting because it means that the situation at the end of the day is very fluid, but it is also very dangerous because the six evil characters have a TON of power to manipulate the vote.

    I do think they are going to need to figure out a way to narrow the field. At the moment, the voting is so scattered that no one will think themselves to be threatened, except perhaps PizzaByNight, but he still trails "no one" by a wide margin.

    I tend to look hard at people who make one or two quick posts that seem to be completely devoid of real content. Sometimes one of them is a kind of "advice to the innocents" post. This is a typical mafia pattern as they try to "hide in plain sight"
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    That would, without going back over the thread, seem to implicate both Evv and Pilchard.

    hmm...i clearly need to refine my mafia detector. Might take advantage of this game to do just that
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    San's innocent-o-meter.

    wynton's reactions to TRK and starting a vote based on one line make him a dead cert innocent in my eyes at the moment

    TRK's post about reverse psychology is too original to be mafia (I think) - he's innocent.

    Spoonie voting for himself - in previous games, doing this when no stroing bandwagon was on you led to lynchings. no way a mnafia takes that chance. innocent.

    Krazytxan - Good long post proposing slate of 3 + not lynching heavy-hitters. Suggests lynching no-one which i'm still inclined to think is a viable innocent strategy in this game...any thoughts on this nside?

    I would say that the fact that there will be an expected 2 deaths a night is, IMHO, a factor leaning in the no-lynch, rather than the lynch direction, since there will be that much more info to be gained from the night's hits + the game will approach the endgame that much quicker, the innocents would surely rather delay it as long as possible. Why do you need the extra info from a random lynch?

    TP - I hapen to know his role from an IRC convo. I had picked up a pre-game tell that he was innocent and i was (more or less) right.

    Dreamchaser - surely

    Pilchard - there is no way someone as strong a pilchard would amke himself stand out that much if he was mafia, given that he knows most of the field won't be engaged in higher level thinking.

    San's mafi-o-meter:

    Tanya Peck - played the wynton card of being a n00b for a while - i think someone in game 6 did this as well, and they proved to be mafia. ... arguing non-lynching is bad which is very counter my thinking.

    Evv - based on your little tell there nside

    Nutjob - still based on that 1 semi-lie, which wasnt that big a lie.

    bb88 - just because of his pro-lynch stance. Won't even consider a non-lynch. Again, in game 5, this is what i did and iw as very unhappy with my post about it - something like "I see where you're coming from but i disagree with it" - no reason given (as I couldnt really think of one) - bb88's posts have these qualities.

    Everyone else i have no real leanings...It worries me how much time i would ahve spent on this if i was actually alive. I think i owe the mafia a big thanks
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    • CommentTimeJun 21st 2006
    I'm now adding mxrider ot the suspect list - he's completely going with the flow.
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    • CommentTimeJun 21st 2006
    I'm also going to stop with the redpillian conversation soon (if only because im off to the cinema soon).
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    • CommentTimeJun 21st 2006 edited
    Ogre Wrote:

    You certainly wouldn't defend an innocent if you were a mafia and definately not two of them

    How many games has ogre played now? Surely he doesn't believe what he's writing here.

    I can't believe both Tall Paul and Pilchard are ont he chopping block - that's appalling innocent strategy, regardless of how suspect they might be by their respective absences.
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    • CommentTimeJun 21st 2006
    What in the heck is up with Bugs - he's now saying he'll be voting for either pilchard, pizza or tall_paul. Hah.

    Shirley to goodness he's mafia/warewolf, and what's worse a lot of the newbies are going to be following his lead.

    If he's innocent I think he's either seeing how people will react (typical bugs) or playing appallingly....i guess it depends on where his final vote lasts but he's just set off massive alarm bells in my head.
    You have very good instincts. Some of the things you are discussing are wrong, but you are wrong for the right reasons.

    I think there are other people obviously innocent that you have missed, but you are thinking the right way. I usually find it easiest to identify people that I think are almost certainly innocent. I'd put DreamChaser in that list. Could you possibly imagine a bad guy making that post?

    If you were still in the game, how would you handle one of your tells? For instance take the Nutjob "I didn't follow Game 6" tell. Keep it under your hat or use it? If the answer is use it, how?
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    Yup, i had dreamchaser as innocent.

    I think I'd have to try and pull a bit of a bugs and get nutjob talking to me for a while - see if he would be so kind as to put up a full list of people he trusts and distrusts asap with as full a reason as he could.

    After we'd been through that before the end of the day, I'd then make it obvious what I thought and why, and would try to push a bandwagon through...Of course, tehre's the problem that I'm completely inexeprienced as an innocent in this game and might not trust my instincts enough to go with it...or I might change my mind in the meantime.

    Do you think a lynch is the way to go from an innocent's POV in day 1 in this game? Is that purely for voting patterns in the future? If so - isn't it arguable you've got it from the way people are voting now, and it would be better for every innocent to switch to no-one in the last 10 minutes?

    /off to the cinema now.
    The problem with switching is that once people know that is how the first day is going to end then the first day's vote becomes meaningless. At that point, I believe that a lynch is better than a no vote again.

    The one thing that you should also think about is getting Nutjob in active conversation with you and then springing the WTF? about his not following the early game on him. He will have to respond quickly because you are going back and forth and his immediate reaction might be telling.
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    Hi guys. :) I need to go get caught up on the thread, I had to close it yesterday shortly after I died, since it was too frustrating not being able to offer any theories or post anything at all. Grr. I guess I am flattered that they took me out right away, though a bit annoyed at the general consensus of "why Angel-fish? It's not as if she's ever been a useful player or anything..." Whatever. I was all prepared to prove myself in this game, since I had a good important role and everything. Oh well.

    Ok, that's enough venting. I'll go read up, since now I have a place to post my thoughts. :)

    And for the record, my first and only investigation was of Pilchard. Nside didn't give me the result, though, since I was dead.
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    I do agree that Tanya's overly-noobishness is a bit suspect. She's a smart lady; she's read the rules. And her suggesting McFoldem was responsible for my death seemed a little too convenient. He and I were trading a little playful banter based on our toon characters, before the role assignments were made, but I have to believe it was completely meaningless and all in good fun.

    I'm only on page 6 now, but the more I read, the more I'm convinced that Tanya's up to no good.
    Pilchard really "gets" this game, I think. His logic for lynching Pizza is that Pizza has associations (I call them allies and enemies on my spreadsheet). He figures that if Pizza gets hung, it will give him candidates if he is innocent and candidates if he is guilty. That is exactly why I pushed to lynch SuitedJock in the last game.

    It might just be me, but bb88's post where he said:<blockquote>If we lynch malteg, what information do we gain?
    If we lynch pilchard, what information do we gain?

    I'd be pretty comfortable voting either one right now. If we lynched Pizza, we would certainly gain a healthy amount of information, but Pizza is quite a good player, and losing him would really hurt if he is indeed innocent, which I suspect he might be.</blockquote>really seemed odd to me. No problem lynching pilchard, but would hate to lose Pizza because he is a good player? I agree that Pizza is good, but anyone who watched the game that pilchard took over would have to say the same about pilchard.
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    • CommentTimeJun 21st 2006
    I find it interesting that no-one pushed a pilchard vote through. You'd assume the bad guys would prefer him out, and probably wouldn't have switched if they were on him...then again, they might not have wanted to seem suspicious....I have to believe, however, that there was some serious bad-guy bandwagoning going on for pilch.

    Let's see, from my previous suspects list:

    Tanya made a last minute switch to malteg without explaining it. Done once there was no prospect of pilchard getting lynched.

    bb88 was already on pilchard

    So was Evv98

    Nutjob's post voting for malteg is all honesty, I don't understand how anyone can think pilchard is anything but innocent after today, but he said "I don't know"...then again I've been told I have an odd mind many times, and at least one innocent (probably several) actually did vote for pilchard, so what do I know.

    Still, those 4 are out-and-out my top mafia candidates now.

    Bugs - didn't follow through on his threat to vote off a heavy hitter. He' s being his usually tricky self, so maybe he was just seeing if anyone would bite...I imagine had I been alive he'd have labelled me innocent from whatever my reaction tot hat post would have been. Moved from my top suspects list back into the don't know" category, for now.
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    • CommentTimeJun 21st 2006
    You know what bothers me about that lynch - Tall Paul stands out like a sore thumb on the list of people who voted for Pilchard - everyone else on that list is someone hwo you'd think "yeah, ok, he's prone to not thinking things through"...TP should have seen how big a mistake voting off pilchard could be and skip it...he may well be in trouble tomorrow. (he's my one known innocent).

    Of course, I'm working from the hypothesis that pilchard is innocent - which I'm sure is right, but god knows.
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    • CommentTimeJun 21st 2006 edited
    The one thing that you should also think about is getting Nutjob in active conversation with you and then springing the WTF? about his not following the early game on him. He will have to respond quickly because you are going back and forth and his immediate reaction might be telling.

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    • CommentTimeJun 21st 2006
    Oh and hasn't pilchard done a bloody good job of making sure he won't be hit at night?

    I swear I am redpill reincarnate
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    • CommentTimeJun 21st 2006
    Amazing how much you already have spotted in this game, San!
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    • CommentTimeJun 21st 2006
    And how much should I have bet?
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    Hah...I think you could have pushed the boat a bit mroe there ;)

    You know what most people's problem with this game is? They think suspicious behaviour =probable mafia. That's nonsense. Suspicious behaviour = probable innocent.

    "Oh look malteg only has 3 posts"...mafia malteg would then respond asap and start pushing his post count up a bit. nobody seems to get that....which is kind of what Evv has done in day 1.
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    That was my problem, I really haven't been online most of the day. When I was, I tried to post as much as possible, but there was so much reading work to do that I needed most of the time just for that. ;-(
    A bigger bet would have been more convincing. The small bet looked like it could be a double-cross.

    San: You are so right. suspicious = innocent, overly "normal" = bad guy.
    San sayeth:<blockquote>Oh and hasn't pilchard done a bloody good job of making sure he won't be hit at night? </blockquote>Want to make a bet?
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    • CommentTimeJun 22nd 2006
    Nside - clear this up for me - Can the angel; protect against mafia hits? I was under the impression it could, hbut that doesn't seem to be the general feeling in the thread.

    I'm surprised teh warewolves went for pilchard - to do that they have to have at least one very strong player who can read between the lines well there imo - That would probably mean pizza or bugs has to warewolf. hmm. Pizza was also the person who pilchard voted for. And For some reason, I didn't think pizza's posts were obviously innocent yesterday. hm....also, there's this line:

    "This is twice I've been fooled by Malteg's disappearing acts. I may never ever vote for him again because of this reason." So, he made the same mistake twice? Oh dear.

    Pizza's now a top 6 candidate for me. That makes:

    Tanya -although I tend to think her last minute switch looks innocent, not guilty...

    actually i'm editing it. Tanya is now off my top 6 list replaced by fatshaft...

    Fatshaft - his posts really just seem to go with the flow. Has he said anything vaguely orginal or particularly controversail ever?
    bb88 - he's probably bottom of the suspects list at the moment though.

    A couple of others are still well on my radar:


    Tanya's not off the san hook yet. That said there's no reason to think a genuine newbie won't genuinely play the newbie card...and she does seem to have stopped that to an extent.

    and to an extent: Bugs.

    There's a giant problem when it comes to reading behaviour and that is: different people behave differently.

    If anyone but bugs behaved the way bugs is behaving they'd be mafia. As it is, i'm now leaning innocent on him. gah.

    Newly onto San's probable innocent list:

    Suited Jock - "I'm now reading through last night's events, gimme a minute" post: "What's my looney tunes character called?". Too dodgy to be mafia.

    He then goes on to analyze the malteg lynch in some detail. I may not agree with what he says, but by jove I like the way he said it.

    I think i need a cup of coffee.
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    • CommentTimeJun 22nd 2006
    Actually, I'm not sure about suited_Jock...

    Suited_Jock wrote:
    Joining in with the masses even though there is very little information so early on

    I vote to lynch Malteg

    Does an innocent express that he is joinging in witht he masses when he is the 3rd one voting. That's way off in my book.
    very interesting analysis. Many times the "doesn't feel right" instinct is the best one.
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    • CommentTimeJun 22nd 2006
    That's a good point...

    It's relatively easy for a mafia to fake being logical, but faking gut instinct is much trickier as I found out in game 5 - in that game I was soooo grateful to mcfoldem for giving me a nice easy target to focus my thoughts on for 3 days...without it it would have been much more of a struggle to keep the "gut instinct" persona up.

    I take it the implication is that S_J is a bad guy...

    That makes the list:

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    • CommentTimeJun 22nd 2006
    SteveG's just jgotten more innocentin my eyes with his addition to wynton's suggestion about analyzing other people's posts.

    Wynton's cemented his positiont here. Right now I'd bet my house on him being innocent. (taking the bet nside? ;) )
    I think Wynton is very obviously innocent. There are several of them, I think.
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    • CommentTimeJun 22nd 2006 edited
    I'm going to assume the bad guys willw ant to appear pro-wynton's idea, but won't want it to go ahead...

    bb88 wrote:

    As far as the investigation goes, I'd be fine with it. You would need to make sure that just about everyone is in line with it, though. If we only had half or even 3/4's of the people go through with it, it wouldn't be nearly as useful as just having everyone post lists or something.

    I'm forced to change my mind on him again - he's genuinely been less useful in this game than he was in game 6 where he was a very pro-active innocent.

    Spoonie wrote:

    I've just investigated Toro and Da_Big_Fish. It all I have time for..

    They both look middle of the road. I'll keep my eye on them.

    You can cross them off the list.

    Sigh....but for spoonie's track record this post would have me leaning mafia in a big way. What the hell does "their ioddle of the can cross them off the list" mean...since it's spoonie we're dealing with I'm still leaning innocent. But it's much less of a lean now.

    Nside...I think I owe you a big thanks for this thread matter how far on or off I am in my analysis of this game I think you've improved my play for future games an awful lot here.
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    • CommentTimeJun 22nd 2006
    Then again...bb88's recently posted list based on spoonie's data actually contains all my mafia suspects...

    Either i'm way off base on everyone else, or bb's just gone a long way toward persuading me he's innocent again. ... Why do I feel a bit like a yo-yo?
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    • CommentTimeJun 22nd 2006 edited
    fatshaft wrote:

    SP has posted nothing at all of consequence, and tends to follow up on Tanya's posts or just before her, almost as if they've been concoting a plan and then come out of their lair and start attacking.

    So far Tanya hasn't posted a credible thought on anyone, and is innocent, you must believe her, she's just a noob, oh and in case I haven't mentioned it this is how Pizza told e to play.

    Sorry Tanya, guilty guilty guilty guilty


    I doubt it's possible for an innocent to have quite that strong an opinion on Tanya...therefore I must conclude Fatshaft's mafia, as suspected. (or he's seer, and tanya actually is warewolf, but that's too remote).
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    • CommentTimeJun 22nd 2006
    Course he might just be testing her....but i have my dounts about that.
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    • CommentTimeJun 22nd 2006
    Actually, I've changed my mind again (this happens a lot)...

    would a mafia try to stand out as much as fatshaft is doing right now? Well, I did, but nobody else has so far....

    I HATE this game :-D
    Certain players confuse me because it is hard to distinuish between mistakenly held ideas and evil plots. Spoonie is one of those kind of players for me. I sometimes have trouble getting a good read on him.

    This is compounded when there are two competing bad guy groups involved. More than anything in the world, the wolves would like to lynch a mafia player and the mafia would like to lynch a wolf. So some bad players will look like innocents in some ways in this game. That adds an odd twist that usually will benefit one of the bad groups.

    I'm glad to be able to help. I think it is more instructive to talk about a game in progress than to summarize afterwards.

    Tanya reads 100% innocent to me too, so it does make you wonder about fatshaft. He could just have gotten a bad hunch that he can't let go of.

    I also put a lot of stock into a finding that someone is playing markedly differently than past games. You have to wonder why that is.
    Also, sometimes the light-hearted quips seem innocent to me. Spoonies bit with the mustache was clever and quick and didn't match the way an accused bad guy usually acts.
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    • CommentTimeJun 22nd 2006 edited
    Sigh, I'ms eeing plays exactly like i did as mafia everywhere now...

    fatshaft wrote:

    PM to Tanya] Please do not take this personally, it may be you are genuinely offended, if so then you shouldn't be. We are in a game, so I assume that you are playing the game until you are eliminated[End of PM] My vote stands

    I made this exact post when mcfoldem voted to lynch himself in game 5...

    I'm thinking fatshaft is trying to play it the way i played game 5 - i.e. aggressively.

    Certain players confuse me because it is hard to distinuish between mistakenly held ideas and evil plots

    Yup spoonie definately has those qualities....another is Ogre. If he ever ends up mafia I won't know what to make of him.
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    • CommentTimeJun 22nd 2006
    Might be seeing things that aren't there now but...

    bb88 mentions that people in the middle-ground of posting are the likelyest bad-guys...

    Pizza (who was 1 above that category) suddenly starts making a bunch of one-lined posts.
    I feel like I get a really good read on Ogre and Bugs, but I know that other players find them hard to figure out.
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    • CommentTimeJun 22nd 2006 edited
    I've got a feeling mafia ogre might be easy to spot, but might not - all i know is I'm never ever comfortable with him.

    Bugs moves around so much that I find it v.hard to know when he's being serious and when he's just out fishing...if there comes a time when he doesn't do this he will be easy to read. But he's probably clever enough to know that.

    Of course, one problem is neither has been a bad guy as yet (assuming bugs is innocent this time)
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    • CommentTimeJun 22nd 2006 edited
    Ahem - I repeat how thankful I am that I am dead...I liked wynton's idea so much I did it for SJ

    Suited_Jock- Game summary

    1. Calls Dreamchaser vllage idiot ‚?? assumes he is seer; votes to lynch Tanya Peck.

    Says he will be more active this game. (posted 3 times)

    2. Argues Dc is seer‚?¶.buyt we should kill him and be done with it.

    3. random

    4. ‚??ole lefty‚?Ě joke ‚?? innocent?

    5. defends UKers posting hours

    6. ‚??Spoonie let‚??s be friends‚?Ě - huh?

    7. Wanted to vote someone in day 1. MAFIA lean


    9. day 1 = blind leading the blind.

    10. points out wynton is online & we might hear from him.

    11. Complains about being an ordinary Innocent again. Mafia lean





    16. Thinks spoonie and Tanya are innocent. Votes no-one.

    17. Focusses on dreamcatcher again ‚?? asks why ahsnt he posted since his original.

    18. KEY POST ‚?? ‚??joining in with the masses‚?Ě voting for Malteg ‚?? was the 5th vote on him. STRONG MAFIA INDICATOR.

    Day 2:

    19. Suggests a TP post asking is Steve Griff was going to waste his vote is suspicious!

    20. I am here guys but bare with me im trying to look at the voting patterns and see if i can pick up anything...

    next post, 12 minutes later:

    whats the name of my looney toons character in my avatar... anyone know?

    i.e. no follow up ‚?? mafia

    22. Acts confused about special characters‚?¶possibly trying to pretend ‚??not quite getting it‚?Ě

    23. starts looking at how malteg was lynched‚?¶.

    24‚?¶BIG POST‚?¶

    Says irish started the voting. ‚??WOW PAGE 30‚?Ě

    Then says Pizza actually opened the voting after withdrawing his TP vote..

    Then points out wynton seconds the vote
    Then bugs
    then Mx
    then SJ himself ‚?? only one to give the BS reason.
    (finishes list and says):

    What I think this suggests is two possible links or groups deciding to vote at one time.. in one group SuitedPair and Tanya... in the other PizzabyNight and Tallpaul (possibly wynton).

    this post repeated several times

    25‚?¶defending multiple posts due to bad quoting.

    26. misunderstands vigilante role

    28. ‚??I find the silence earily strange‚?Ě‚?¶

    29 ‚??Tall Paul and Pizza By Night top my suspect list... page 30 was too weird. It was like they thought out a plan‚?Ě

    30. Continues to attack TP with argument about him changing his vote to pizza. Don‚??t follow it atm

    31. asks other opinions on TP ‚?? IE WONT START VOTE

    34. ‚??Why should we vote for sweet little becky?‚?Ě ‚?? OUT OF THE BLUE

    36. joke about football & schedules.

    38. apparently, made an error in one of his ‚??list quotes‚?Ě ‚?? says he‚??ll try to find it. Never does.

    39. ‚??Lol nothing was meant by it... I was just searching lazily if you click on Wyntons post count you can see all his previous posts in a smaller view however it doesnt have anything like quotes there just plain text... Apologies.‚?Ě ‚??Lol nothing was meant by it... I was just searching lazily if you click on Wyntons post count you can see all his previous posts in a smaller view however it doesnt have anything like quotes there just plain text... Apologies.

    umm im looking at this in a search function box which has quotes in it. I presume this is a lazy lie, but I also think ‚??lynch all liars is viable‚?Ě. STRONG MAFIA LEAN.

    40. Is anti Wynton‚??s research idea‚?¶says he‚??s not 100% on wynton yet.

    41. Im quite happy to evaulate every post Dire has made..

    42. Votes for Pizza, and says he‚??s away for a while‚?¶this is off, his biggest suspect earlier was TP...!?

    I think that‚??s enough to convince me of his evilness.

    Also the way I‚??m reading this game suggests he‚??s trying to establish a link between pizza and TP when there really isn‚??t one (I have a slight cheat as I know TP‚??s innocent).

    He does vote for pizza, but at the moment he probably knows that‚??s not likely to get anywhere‚?¶

    I therefore have a hunch that SJ is trying to engineer a reverse-link between himself and Pizza, and trying to link TP to pizza‚?¶

    Pizza and SJ = bad guys on the same team.

    Also, the way he reacts to DC ‚?? trying to see if he can get a bandwagon for the ‚??seer‚?Ě makes me suspect they‚??re both warewolves‚?¶.which is what I thought about pizza in the first place.
    I appreciate there is a high degree of probability that I am miles off.

    Have I gone mad?
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    • CommentTimeJun 22nd 2006
    TP's list bears a striking resemblance to mine...

    Guess I'm not completely mad....misguided perhaps, but not mad I tell thee

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    • CommentTimeJun 23rd 2006
    I guess talking to yourself really is the first sign of going mad.

    The movement this morning seems to be for suitedPair - I think that's a mistake.

    A mafia would almost certainly not draw as much attention to themselves as her last minute vote switch did yesteray - especially if that mafia was not around enough to be able to defend themselves categorically when they became under attack for it.

    SP's playing a bad game imo - she's advocating "suspicious behaviour = mafia" which is miles off, but it is an understandable mistake. Nobody's picked her up on it, but then maybe they shouldnt, as they don't want to give mafia clues on what they're looking for.

    her day 1 stance on pilchard is all over the place - she accuses TP of random voting,....a fedw hours later says sh'e suspicious of pilch herself, then changes
    her vote, claiming she was just info hunting with that vote. This kind of change in stance, especially from someone with so few posts, is probably too unconsidered to be a bad guy.

    Long story short - I'm leaning innocent on SP and worry about their lynch tonight.
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    • CommentTimeJun 23rd 2006
    Oh and BTw Nutjob is reading SP in the exact opposite way from me - either one of us is thinking one level above the other, or he is manipulating things.

    I especially like the way he's already defending himself -- "Am I sure this makes SP a mafia? No" - exactly like me in game 5 again :-D

    Nutjob's getting more and more mafia to me.