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    • CommentTimeAug 23rd 2006 edited
    Welcome to your secret lair. You may begin plotting your first kill immediately.

    Your members are:
    mafia1 -- angel-fish
    mafia2 -- nutjob
    mafia3 -- san
    mafia4 -- fatshaft
    Looks like we have some experienced ex-mafia members...

    some of us just can't stop being evil eh? :-D

    Nut, I think we should palce a sidebet of $1 on which one of us lives longest in this game (I want my buck back dammit!)

    Quick point...

    BROWSE BEFORE THE START OF DAY 1....bugs and TRK love looking out for this as an innocent tell, because "mafia know when the game will start"

    Beyond that, who to kill?

    Candidates I would suggest:


    Of those, doc will probably protect bugs.
    HAHAHAHA! What a list of bad guys, and girl! This should be fun.
    San, I'll take that bet! ..... of course it may mean that I try to get you killed : ) .... kidding, but the bet is on!
    Let's see if I can remember what I did last time I was here...

    1. I kept a nice little spreadsheet of my in game opinions so I could be fairly consistant... that said I wasn't afraid of changing my mind providing I could justify it.

    2.I started votes, but was generally quite scared of doing so without good reason...this time I think I'll be starting them all over the shop. The later justification would be "tring to provoke a reaction".

    What bothers me...

    Bugs will be thinking on a higher level to most of the other players. To most of them "suspicious behavious = suspicious" which is wrong. In reality in all our previous games "suspicious behaviour = innocent", innocent behaviour = probable mafia.... so to fool most of them we need to act innocent. to fool bugs and possibly TP/cybrarian and anyone else i'm underestimating, we need to act suspiciously.

    *dinner time* back in a bit
    [b]Nutjob says:[/b]

    (there's only four of us, so the Mafia1,2,3,4 thing shouldn't be all that hard to remember, but I'll tag my entries to make it just a little easier)

    We have one mission that we must keep in mind AT ALL TIMES ..... MUST .... KILL ... DETECTIVE...

    Doctor cannot self-protect, so that's not a huge concern. Vigilante is not a huge deal either - for now - and masons might be spotted if we see someone defending someone else for little reason, which is also a detective tell.

    Anyone pointing fingers at us for no apparent reason is also a possible detective. I made a big mistake last game by not spotting MXrider for that reason.

    As for our first kill, I'll go with anyone.

    Quick note: BigRedChef is a complete unknown to most, but I spent some time with him at the convention and if his real-life persona holds true, he will be fairly quiet .... a good candidate to put "low-profile" pressure on at some point.
    Mafia-San rambles:

    Ok, where was I?

    Good points on the detective NJ. Somethings to keep our eyes peeled for on that front today might include:

    Defending bugs/TP...they are high profile innocents liable to be investigated.

    Attacking nutjob/possibly myself ... again likely early investigation targets.

    The exception might be if we have someone unpredictable in the role (again i'm thinking of bugs here)....i think he's more liable to investigate fatshaft or angel on night one, his logic probably being they're more likely to survive longer as innocents, so he wants to know their status.

    Tonight we have a 5/12 chance of hitting a special character. I think my order of preference would be
    1. Detective (Jackpot!!!)
    2. Masons - these guys could combine to forma very scary leadership for the innocents. Would it be terrible for us if they do this on day 1?...What I'm getting at is can one of us suggest it to try and cement our innocence?

    3. Doc (semi-jackpot - now the det cant reveal with impunity)
    4. vigilante - he wont scare me for a fair few days, although him having a weapon to confirm his innocence will eventually annoy.

    As for "who to kill" - pizza would get my vote i think. He's very analytical, can put the pieces together and, best of all, pretty unlikely to be protected.

    Ideas for day 1:

    1. We could make a no-lynch suggestion and try and push it. This would seem like very non-mafia behaviour, but if we advocate it early we get the benefit of a day of no information for the town, which could help in the end-game.

    2. Alternatively, we let the lycnh mobv develop, then with about 15 minutes to go to the deadline, one of us advocates a no-lynch saying "I didnt bring it up earlier to get the votes in....we have all the info now, let's no lycnh". Now that would be great from the POV of proving our innocence, but could backfire in that it's actually a very good innocent plan. Ideally we'd get a lynch through anyway. :-)

    3. In the reasonably unlikely event of a bandwagon for one of us developing, one of us must be the 3rd person voting. The 3rd person is seen as the momentum starter. There's no way a mafia member would get levvy the momentum on his fellow mafia member like that, right!?

    4. Irish and BRC will probably be our "low volume poster" cover in the first few days. We should be able to get them up as lynching candidates with impunity.

    5. Keep your eyes peeled for comments like "If you lynch me you'll regret it", or "lynching me would be bad for the side" - this is only true if they're specials.

    More as I think of it, and sorry for making you all read so much (lawyers ramble - it's a trained skill to put clients to sleep so we can charge them for sitting in their chairs).
    Krazy just posted asking for an explanation of mason's roles...

    I think this most likely makes krazy a vanilla innocent...If she's mason she woul most likely PM nside.

    If she's another special, would she take the risk of us thinking she was mason by posting that before the start of the game? I think not.
    Nutjob says:

    San, that may be the best pre-game strategy/tips list I've ever seen... Keep em coming and STAY ALIVE.

    A Pizza kill could place a ton of suspicion on me, but that's fine and dandy. We've played enough game that almost everyone has multiple connections.....

    Remember the masons' power is greatly diminished once we get one of them. Once it's down to one all they can be is a single known innocent.

    If the time ever comes to where we think a fake anything would be a good move, I have no problem sacrificing myself. In the same vein, if the time comes where a battle between two of us would CEMENT someones innocence (if the detective is dead), I have no qualms about being up for a lynch race.

    Hopefully Angela and Fatshaft will be on soon ... In Fatshaft's case, if we don't hear from him soon, it may be an overnight thing....
    In the meantime, can we spin teh fact she posted at night as a possible mafia tell...maybe along the lines of

    "the fact that the thread was left open, maybe 1 of them felt they had to post".
    One thing we can think about is that the mafia have made a habit of making early appearances ... we should stagger our starts ... It might even be good if one of us - maybe me - doesn't post for the entire first day?
    Nside, can we get any slips from you: i.e. Xxxxxxx seems to be sniffing around a bit or Xxxxxxxx seems to have lost a stethoscope?
    Good thinking...

    Angel's previous mafia eprsona would probably make her the ideal candidate for non-appearance.

    Only problem is that would put her in the spotlight, and could get her lynched. Maybe if she just makes a token appearance half way through the day saying "i'm busy today doing <insert lie here>, will be around a bit more tomorrow just like in previous mafia games" or something along those lines.

    Nut I think you should be as close to your game 5 persona as possible - switch votes, ask tricky questions and put pressure on people. The 3 of us included, although we might appreciate a little prep :-)


    This brings up a related point on what we should do if one of us is a candidate for a lynching.

    There's 4 of us. How's this strategy...

    Assume mafia1 is a candidate. If so...

    mafia2 is the 3rd to vote for mafia1. It is a firm vote and doesn't change all day regardless.

    mafia3 gets on the bandwagon at about #5, only if there is another valid candidate. It is an "im not sure vote" and can change if we feel it wise to do so.

    At no point does mafia4 vote for mafia1.

    IF mafia2 is up, add 1 to all the numbers etc. etc.


    One more thing...we could set up a private chatroom either on MSN or IRC to make triming things easier. My MSN address is if we fancy that.
    <blockquote><strong>Nside, can we get any slips from you: i.e. Xxxxxxx seems to be sniffing around a bit or Xxxxxxxx seems to have lost a stethoscope?</strong></blockquote>I'm going to try not to do anything stupid this time.
    Mafia-Angela checking in. Woohoo! Being in the Mafia is exciting. Now I just have to figure out how to play it this time.

    In the past, I laid really low in the beginning when I was Mafia, and was far more vocal (and probably way too defensive) as an innocent. I'll probably try to be somewhere in between this time. I think I should pop in and say hello sometime in the next couple hours.
    Hiya Angel, welcome to the winniing side's board ;-D

    The one thing I'll say about trying to match past-personas is this: Very few of the innocents check back to compare...nut would, no worries there...I think Pizza has been known to do this, Maybe TRK, though I don't think he's as thorough...I doubt many of the others will be overly bothered.

    What all this means is - how we compare to our previous selves is not overly important, espeically since we're all learning the game (and in fatshaft's case, he's only ever been a badguy IIRC :D )....that said being able to say "this is consistant with game X where IOw as innocent" will be handy. Spin it that way!

    so, who should we kill?
    Hey Angela!

    San wrote: "so, who should we kill?"

    ALL OF THEM....

    Seriously, the first night kill is a crapshoot IMO so I defer my vote to anyone who cares.
    Angela and San if you guys come up with a viable candidate, Fatshaft is likely asleep for the night if he doesn't come on in the next hour or so. San,it's getting late for you too, no?

    I'm in the Eastern time zone and Angela is Pacific... 4 p.m. and 1 p.m. respectively right now.
    I'm up until 3am most nights tbh (Until i get one of these pesky job things....note to self: Could fake an interview as an excuse to miss a day of mafia activite)

    I still fancy a sevging of pizza on a platter tonight. Only reason not to is the outside chance he'll be protected imo.
    I forgot to mention that your numbers reflect your order of Don-ness. At the moment, Angel-fish is your designated Don empowered to bump off innocents via PM.
    I have a soft spot in my heart for the Pizza man, but this is mafia after all, and if you feel strongly about having a slice, he is a VERY dangerous player.

    I would also submit bb88 as someone who could be a Day 1 candidate - He will be very active and not very likely to be protected.
    He also places some suspicion on Bugs... : )
    One more thing is that we could use Angela's time zone as a plus for us since we have two UK-ers ... If our kill goes in whilst San and Fatshaft should be sleeping, it could serve as a tiny bit of cover for you two.
    I was really impressed with how Pizza played in the last game I was in. I was kinda hoping to "make friends" with him this round. Will see how it goes, though.
    Nside, is the game waiting for our kill to get started?
    I don't htink anyone would protect bb88 tonight...equally though I worry more about pizza being around than I would about bb88.

    It must be +EV for the mafia to take out the most dangerous thinkers on the first, who are the most dangerous thinkers?

    For me, in order...


    I'd put cybrarian in there but I don't know if he's experienced at this game...and I think experience is a big factor in how well they can put pieces together.

    Thsoe 3 are all experienced and dangerous...of the 3 I have a hunch Pizza is least likely to be protected. I think having you here NJ increases our probability of a succesful hit quite a bit because there's a fair old chance the doc will protect you.
    One more thing is that we could use Angela's time zone as a plus for us since we have two UK-ers ... If our kill goes in whilst San and Fatshaft should be sleeping, it could serve as a tiny bit of cover for you two.

    heh, me likey.
    I agree with your order of thinkers, but I wouldn't underestimate cyb, he has been a moderator twice - I think - and has been killed fairly early when he played.

    Again, if you and Angela come to any kind of consensus, I'm good with it.
    I don't know if Bugs is going to get as much respect this game after the screw up when he let Nside die a couple games ago. Cyb is another who has a strong chance of being protected. In fact, if I was the doc, he's probably the one I'd protect. I do agree though, that we need to take out a strong player if we can.

    Hmm, yeah, I think I could go for Pizza after all.
    this thread's already getting big....who says talking's only good for the innocents?

    The mason role is bothering me...

    san wrote:

    2. Masons - these guys could combine to form a very scary leadership for the innocents. Would it be terrible for us if they do this on day 1?...What I'm getting at is can one of us suggest it to try and cement our innocence

    benefits - probably gain trust; possible innocents would think of it anyway; find out who the masons are.

    burdens - people for innocents to rally around who would have to be taken out eventually....whilst we're taking them out, we can't take out the detective. But of course, eventually the masons will become known anyway. Is it better for us to have two known specials who the doc is liable to protect, or to try and have them stay hidden?
    angel wrote:

    Hmm, yeah, I think I could go for Pizza after all.

    Well Don angel, that's close to a carried vote then.

    Pizza slices all round
    sorry Pizza : (

    But such is the way in the cruel game of mafia.
    Once we reach a consensus, we need to think about what would be the best time to relay the verdict to Nside. If we do it right now, I know it looks suspicious for me, since this is my prime forum browsing time. I think we should wait a few hours and do it in the later afternoon / early evening.
    <blockquote>Nside, is the game waiting for our kill to get started?</blockquote>Action is on the night people. Usually the mafia are the last of the night people to act, but I can't say if it is the case this particular time.
    Oh, and Nut posted while I was posting. Looks like we do have a consensus then for Pizza.
    Action is on the night people. Usually the mafia are the last of the night people to act, but I can't say if it is the case this particular time.

    heh, I know, I was trying to be sneaky and get a browsing tell..... hehehe.. I'll be good from know on ; - >
    Angela, you can make the kill anytime you like - strategy wise ...

    Nside any way we can just make our kill in here, so Angela doesn't have to log on to do it?
    I don't really care if you want to do it in here, I guess. If you confuse me and I think you have made a vote when you haven't -- you'll be stuck with it. Hopefully it won't come up, but that would be my only concern.
    We might as well leave it a few hours then...

    fatshaft will be in bed and wont have had access today. he can honsetly say that tomorrow and should look vanilla. If angel looks less suspicious from it too that's great for us.

    People know I'm not much for this early to bed malarky so I personally wont try to pretend to be in bed. :-D
    OK, so when we make our kill how about we do it in all caps:

    mmmm, caps, bolded and said by at least two of us should be a reasonable safety system.

    although it does have a bit of a "Simon Says" feel to it :-D
    OK. You kill XXXXXXX tonight. ;)
    heh, Stop it Nside!
    I would hope so too....don't want a bunch of pansies going around blowing kisses in my town. ;)

    Nside....I'd love for you to make a death story somehow incorporating "XXXXXXXXX" into it. Could be a very amusing little in-gag.
    errr, why isn't my [b]bolding[/b] working San? We went through this before I think.
    You need to click either the bbcode box or the html box underneath the text box nut.
    di that but it keeps defaulting back to Text !!!!!!!!
    erp. there it goes
    This software is buggy, but its free.