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    OK, I'm heading out for the evening ... might be back on late night

    : )
    Might as well get this in now...


    Ideall the casting vote can be thrown after Ive gone to bed but there's no telling when that'll be....problematically it might be after snide goes which wouldn't be that great tbh.
    Ok, lets go ahead and make it official, then. I think it's late enough.


    Death to Pizza!

    or MAFIA KILLS:PIZZABYNIGHT or however we want to post it. :)
    Did I just call nside "snide"? That typo's too good to correct tbh :-D
    I just had an idea so stupidly bad it might just work...

    Remember how nside took control of game 6 by claiming detective early on?

    I could do this about half way through day 1. Hopefully the real detective would react very slowly and badly and we could, sooner or later get him lynched.

    One mafioso for the detective = bargain, and I think it's mor elikely to work if we strike on day 1.

    Obviously self-sacrificing and obviously, if we do this, i'd want to cancel my $1 survival bet :-D

    just an idea....discuss.
    nside wrote:

    He was found sprawled across his front porch with a jug of moonshine labelled "XXXXXX" upended next to him. I'd advise everyone to stick to name brand booze for a few days.

    love it :-D
    hmmmm, 2 minutes after cyb refuses to give me a direct answer, TRK jumps in with some pre-emptive defending...

    TRK wrote:

    This is definitely in keeping with how cyb played the early games. Getting him to commit to anything early on will be difficult!

    TRK could be det and have investigated cyb; alternatively they could be the masons..alternatively I could be seeing things that aren't there again..
    Being the only mafia in the house is good get to see the rest of them trying to interrogate each other and getting nowhere.
    bb88 wrote:

    the person with the strongest connection to Pizza was fatshaft

    There is so much irony in this it makes my head hurt.

    Calling mafia4, We've dug a small hole for you....fancy climbing out?
    Hey San, just got home from a looooooooooong night out.... I seem to be the topic of quite a bit of discussion. : )

    I'm tempted to not post at all today.... the detective play is interesting, although I would say that if we decide to pull it, I may be a better candidate. There are a few players who DO NOT want to get Nutjobbed again... let's see how the lynch goes and we'll discuss.....

    I was in IRC last night and I know Tall Paul and MX were there, my parting shot was that I was going out drinking ... whether they remember that or not, I don't know...
    Hope you had fun last night.

    I'm concerned about fatshaft's life expectancy right now, you'll be way are the town getting a mafia kill on the first night on my watch! The problem is it's harder to defend fatshaft's absence than it is yours since he's yet to "pull a nutjob", though we may well need him to at the end of this game.

    If we go with the detective play it can only really be me or you, since we'd feel likely to get taken out by the would-be mafia..I'm not sure if i'm sold on it. It's high risk with a potential high reward, but depends on how well the real detective plays his hand...there's defiantely no way we should ever get ourselves in a revealing another mafia situation.

    anyway, i'm really off for a run now
    Nutjob wrote:

    As for our detective hunting, TRK is my first guess for now. Plenty of others have thrown my name about, but he is the only one who made any kind of push to have me lynched. When it gathered no steam he backed off. IF he were the detective I would certainly be on his short list to investigate, if not his Night 1 suspect.
    San Says:

    Yeah nut I spotted that as well...

    I also thought he might have investigated cyb because he was so quick to defend him.

    That's 2 scenarios where TRK's a detective candidate, so I guess he's mafia enemy #1 at the moment.

    I'm also fed up of letting bugs live the whole time though.
    Also, bb88 could be Miller-ish .. he protects Dire and Irish??? strange.
    I finally posted BTW
    Cripes, my spreadsheet's got wynton on it too. oops.

    nj NJ
    LOL, I love the Wynton comment. Good post, NJ.
    Three votes for fatty. This is not good.

    Nside: Is your PM to him still in your outbox, meaning he hasn't read it yet?
    Well I sent him a PM a few hours ago which he hasn't read yet :-/
    BTW I just posted challenging you to vote for someone....just keeping up the "put pressure on" for wynton for all i care ;-)
    hehe, San, you and I just might have to battle at some point if we're alive for long. I don't know what we can do about the fatty situation without being too obvious.

    I might make a post saying that mafia types have NEVER done a no-post on Day 1, and even though that is a good reason to try it now, I wouldn't suspect fatty (no offense) of coming up with that play. What info do we gain?
    How big a disaster would the loss of 1 mafia be at this early stage? Can we afford to get on his bandwagon?

    If not, how aggressive can we be in pushing osmeone else?

    Nside, if fatshaft doesnt turn up and lives, can we have a replacement?
    San, we should not get on his bangwagon, but it will hurt pretty bad if he goes. Angela and Fatty are our best long-term hopes.

    I might cast a vote for someone with a vote already "just to make it a race"
    I don't want to go with Irish even though I planted a seed that I might, mostly because you voted for him.

    I think Dire might be my choice, which will help with cover if we decide to kill TRK tonight (he voted for Dire, also)
    I'd have a problem going with Dire in that I made a play earlier implying i thought he was clean as a whistle, which I'm pretty sure has got bugs on-side.

    If it was a two way race between dire and fatty, I'd have issues with switching off of irish.
    I'll probably vote for Dire, too. He definitely made a mistake with his comments about TRK. I'm not in any hurry to put a vote out there yet, though, as we still have 5 hours to go.
    I agree Angel, maybe you and I can go Dire at some point, hopefully spread apart a little and we can get one more to see the light to save fatty's ass.
    I think I might make my vote for Dire fairly soon to "see how others react down the stretch" ... Angela, you might have to monitor to see if it's a good idea for you to do the same... we might be putting ourselves in a sticky siuation.
    Hold on!

    Can't we just go with the original plan of suggesting a no lynch, only actually going through with it?

    It sure beats the crap into ahving fatty lynched
    I'm already down for a no-lunch and Krazy has voted that way as well...

    So, now it's fatty 3, no-lynch 2
    heh, I said no-lunch
    No lynch would definitely be fine, too. Whatever keeps our little group alive and under the radar. I'm not doing anything hasty.
    oops, she's LEANING toward a no-lynch, hasn't voted
    Sweet...we should have enough voting power to push that through at the end, hopefully.
    Angel could drop a no-lynch vote using the mafia probably wouldn't just not show up thing.. I'll just stick for now.
    If fatty survives, he easily could be skipped over tomorrow. If he survives and someone makes another strong push for him, we could have another detective candidate on our hands. (although that wouldn't be most players' choice for a Night 1 investigation)
    sweet BigRedChef voted NO ONE
    Sweeter, KT voted to lynch NO ONE
    strong push for him, we could have another detective candidate on our hands. (although that wouldn't be most players' choice for a Night 1 investigation)

    No but a detective might investigate him on night 2 when he was the closest to getting lynched.
    I like the way this is going btw...

    everyone's just stopped discussing things beyond the time limit. No more info being gained for them tonight....

    innocent san would now be posting about how we must keep the discussion going by saving no-lynch strategies until the end of the day....mafia san is going to keep logged out and pretend he went watching a DVD
    oh, Irish has a vote for no-one as well
    I'm playing some poker, got some innos in IRC : )

    check back later
    fatshaft is a no-show thus far. I'm inclined to say that if he dies from non-posting that's too bad for your side. I've let innocents die that way before. If he asked me to replace him, I'd have no trouble doing so, but I'm not sure I'm willing to do so pro-actively.
    In that case we should consider starting a serious bandwagon for him, whether that's today or tomorrow, that way we get ourselves some deep deep cover.
    I did leave myself an out by saying that Dire could be the detective who has a read on TRK. So no-lynch should look fine coming from me.
    Hmmm....what if we got the innocents to agree to a replacement?
    i.e. tomorrow, mention that fatshaft's in danger of dying of natural causes in the game thread and ask you to replace him for the fairness of the game.

    Would you do it if everyone agreed?
    No lynch should look fine coming from everyone. It's not typical mafia strategy, which is why it's a bloody good idea in of itself.
    The whole replacement thing was such a huge PITA last time that I'm not certain where I stand on that topic. Let me think about it.
    I think the replacement idea is more trouble than it's worth. If Fatshaft were a regular innocent, his absence wouldn't be a big deal. If Nside were to replace him, that would lead people to believe that he had a non-Innocent role & would cast suspicion on the replacement.

    I think if he doesn't show up, we should just accept the loss.
    If that's the route we take, then the two o f you could start his bandwagon tomorrow.

    I think my semi defence of him just now would make it too much of an u-turn, at least initially.