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    Lady and gentleman, our fatshaft is down to one vote \o/
    TP's constantly browisng, but not posting....

    He could be like me, just leaving the window open all day while at work. I'm just hitting refresh every half-hour or so and catching up.
    unless i'm very much mistaken:

    People who use the old "leaving window open" thing are invariably full of it. Here's why:

    The ITH server will recognise you as browsing if it has sent you data in the last X minutes (im thinking 5 but i don't know) has no way of knowing if you're still on that page 20 minutes later unless you're browing another page.

    So if TP is continuing to appear and disappear on the browing thing (and same goes for everyone else), it means he is refreshing...and he's not posting.
    TP is playing a TON of poker, wouldn't read too much into it
    bb88 has got to be a mason, no?
    Bah, I'm not good at this game. San, how can I convince you that I'm not in the Mafia?

    I'm really starting to think we should just throw fatshaft to the lynching mob.
    Bah, I'm not good at this game. San, how can I convince you that I'm not in the Mafia?

    I tossed a coin to decide which one of you I'd put in the list :-D
    Tomorrow Angel, if he does not sign on, the ONLY play is to lynch him to avoid a 2-kill day (in the innocent frame of thinking)... and if that's the case, oh well, we perservere
    bb88 has got to be a mason, no?

    He keeps defending Dire for one ... and Irish as well .. it's not a lock, just trying to keep us focused on one of the many tasks at hand.
    Don't worry about San, Angel, I highly doubt you will be a lynch candidate soon, although talk of the detective on the thread is bad...

    It's good if we're "suspicious" of each other for cover later. Even a skirmish or three would be good.
    to be fair, Dire's the obvious innocent at the moment.
    To you maybe, but not to someone who doesn't "know" his innocence ...

    But that does give us a clear shot at TRK tonight if we like...

    Anybody have any ideas on specials?
    I would also have no problem killing bb88 tonight
    Not really.

    TRK might be detective (his reaction on yourself), or mason (his reaction on cyb) or vanilla.

    If we don't hit a special tonight, given the fatshaft situation i think we're struggling...

    FWIW we would have killed a special by the end of night 2 about 69% of the time on average in this game structure.
    True. I'm pretty sure that Dire isn't the detective anyway. Knowing what we know, his actions don't make sense. But you're right, I won't mention the theory again. I was only suggesting it to "protect" Dire, but it does look like I'm fishing for useful Mafia information.

    And yes, I have no problem with San throwing my name out there; was just wondering if I'd said something in particular that made me look bad & if there was some rebuttal I could make to redeem myself.

    And I do look forward to getting into a fight with Nutjob. :) I think you're a terrific guy on a personal level, but I did NOT get along with you in the last Mafia game we played together. We should definitely use that history of animosity to our advantage if we can.
    hehehe, Angel I look forward to it! Great idea.... maybe I'll start in on you tomorrow (like usual : ) ...) and you can volley!

    I'm out for the night .... I'm OK with whomever we decide to kill...

    TRK or bb88 are on the top of my list, but again, it's a crapshoot for us as of now.......
    Don't let me sway you guys off a TP kill if you think he could be a special ... really I have no ideas as of now, I just know, TP, myself, MX anfd Krazy all were on IRC all night playing poker.... might be decent cover for me later : )
    Seeing as TRK's under a little suspicion, it would be a bad move to kill him unles he's special.

    From a palyer POV I'd like to see the back of cyb and bugs.

    Is TP behaving this way as cover or is it genuine? Didja get any IRC read nut?
    TRK's still my most likely special btw. But i just dont have much of a read going on any of them. sadly.
    Oh dear i am tired now...

    Kill Dire, get a TRK lynch? I have no idea where dire's coming from though.

    I suspect this will be a long night.
    I'm totally dead tired. I'm operating on two hours sleep in three days. I think the count is BRC 5, no one 4. Do you guys agree?
    I convinced myself it was good. I'm not sure when I will get to day 2.
    Poor BRC. :( This was a good outcome for us, though, as his death can't really bring suspicion on us. The only one of us to vote for him was San, and San seems to suspect everybody anyway.

    And if I might add, I'm very glad San's on our side.

    We need to think about who we're killing tonight. If we take out TRK, it might cast some doubt on Dire. Or it might just look like we're framing him. The more I think about it, the more I agree with Irish, that Dire's accusation of TRK is decidedly un-Mafiaish. I'm probably over-thinking this. Anyone have a suggestion? Alphabetical order? :)
    I got no read on TP, we really were all just playing and talking poker..... the Dire and TRK thing is really interesting ... TRK could easily go on tilt if Dire continues and maybe gets a little help .....

    as far as whom to kill, there are soooooo many targets ... any of them work for me once again... crossing fingers we get a special!

    bb88 is really trying to not have anyone get mad at him, and no suspicion will come on us because of it, so that's my top player as of now ... but again, I agree to anyone at this point.

    bb88, Bugs, TRK are my top three (but remember the detective might try to lay REAL low unless pressed)

    BRC???? San, I know you'll cover well (and you already did), but I gotta lay into the BRC voters just a tad tomorrow.
    I'm going with TRK as my gut read and No. 1 candidate to bite it.... OK, I'm done.
    FATTY, WHERE ARE YOU!?!?!?!?!?!?
    but I gotta lay into the BRC voters just a tad tomorrow.

    Bring it on!!!!!

    I'm fine with killing TRK.....let's just hope he's a special of some sort at least.
    You are going to have to kill someone tonight, you know.
    Sorry nside...hope you slept well.

    Unless someone objects

    Well, it's 6 a.m. for Angela and she no doubt won't be on for a while..

    she seemed to be OK with any kill for tonight, so I'll go ahead and second the TRK kill....


    San, when the thread opens, the ONLY play for a true innocent today is to lynch Fatshaft if he's still a no-show. Of course we hate this, but we MUST get on board with it.... The only good thing is we can make ourselves look good by 1. Getting on board with it, and 2. Chastising anyone who tries to make it happen too soon, what with them trying to "stifle discussion" and all....
    I agree. I'm going to say very early on that if fatshaft doesn't turn up today then I'll be voting for him at the end of the day....then i'll rabbit on about not letting it turn into a landslide too soon....hopefully, talk of him dying of natural causes will have an innocent bring up the replacement option, which may well cast suspicion on them tomorrow.

    Then I think i'll start with a vote for MX, because of his last post last night which was pretty well timed from our point of view.

    Then I really do need to get some work done for a job interview I have in 2 weeks, which i meant to do yesterday but for some strange reason didn't get round to. ;)
    Oh yeah, I don't htink we should bring up the fatshaft replacement suggestion - I'd bet someone out there will do it for us
    ...Since TRK was coming down like a ton of bricks on you yesterday, i might also bring your name up as a suspect. Nice bit of deep cover there.

    One more thing - Good chance at least one of us has been investigated by now.
    Nut, any comments on this...I changed my stance on MXpurely to keep bugs onside.

    Begin innocent rambling....

    Apologies to the chef, see you in game 9 I hope. Also apologies for thinking it was an RNG situation, I believe I missed angel‚??s switch to dire which meant there was one less no-one vote than I was counting.

    Reaction to last night‚??s deadline ‚??

    Where the hell did everyone go? People who I expected to be there who weren‚??t include bb88, Bugs, nutjob, TP & a fair few others. Any explanations?

    I don‚??t want to delve too much into why, but I am now strongly leaning innocent on MXrider.

    The other thing today is that I will be voting for fatshaft if he doesn‚??t show up. I don‚??t think we can afford to lose two innocents in one day, thus I‚??m now willing to risk letting fatshaft die of natural causes. HOWEVER, let‚??s not let this turn into a landslide early. Information won‚??t be gained that way.

    TRK‚??s an unexpected choice for a hit. He is very active and therefore a threat to the mafia‚?¶

    Just to emphasise this point, I'd be happier lynching Nutjob than irish. Irish has shown that when he gets involved he is a good player. His problem is that he stays quiet for too long and invites suspicion.

    If we do lynch him (Nutjob) and it turns out he's innocent I don't think we lose as much as we do if it were Bugs we lynched. OTOH if Nutjob is mafia we get rid of a massive threat.

    A mafia‚??d up Nutjob detective hunting, possibly.

    Let‚??s see how this goes‚?¶

    I vote to lynch nutjob

    End innocent rambling

    I think that's called rolling the dice
    San, I have no problem with it, and if it gains big momentum, I might have to pull the detective play ..... and that would be a BIG roll of the dice.....

    I'll have a decent rebuttal to your post saying I wouldn't be so stupid as to off Pizza and TRK back-to-back, blah, blah, blah

    And then I'm going to lay into the lay-low types.... and how we continually fall for the same crap ... SEE MCFOLDEM in the mega game!

    If I pull the detective play, I will say I investigated Irish (innocent) on Night 1 because he's always an enigma to me and TRK on Night 2 because he seemed to be trying to get me lynched for no good reason at all....
  38.'ll catch the real detective completely off guard, might make him the lynchee and, in an ideal world, would cause the vigilante to kill you off in the night without revealing his ID, meaning he couldn't be confirmed as an innocent anymore.

    Only thing i'd worry about is it could leave us minus you and fatshaft and therefore a bit short.

    i can't see a movement to lynch you getting too far off the ground √°nyway tbh.
    yes, we'll see and monitor, but it's very good for us to have some sort of plan ready , no matter how risky or half-baked.

    Do you see anything wrong with Irish and TRK as my "investigations" IF, and that's a big IF, we end up going this route?

    They seem like logical choices to me.

    The bit short thing is gonna be a problem no matter what with Fatty taking it tonight. Nside, is there any record of his phone number anywhere in ITH land?

    Here's hoping (praying) TRK was an unprotected detective ... in which case your post about me would NOT go up.....
    I can't see too many probles with Irish/TRK...

    Irish would make sense as a first night investigation. A lot of people won't get it, then bugs will chime in saying it makes sense which will cause the grumbles to lessen....did you make any posts yesterday implying irish was sound as a pound?...

    Also you could add that you decided to be quiet for a lot of yesterday to draw suspicion to hopefully protect yourself from the mafia last night.

    TRK investigation - any half baked excuse will do, people would buy it i think, especially given that he got a few votes yesterday.
    Actually...thought occured.. problem would be if irish turns out to be the which case his counter-claim would make you mr. mafia. 1/9 chance. we could take that risk, right?
    Irish, I mentioned as my only vote candidate - but will say since I knew his innocence I wanted to monitor reactions to try to snuff out any mafia types.

    TRK, since he mentioned me so much early but then backed off I will say it appeared to be a fishing expedition and I thought it might give me a clue as to Dire's status.

    Both would come with much more detail - Nutjob style of course.

    I would also add that I put my name up for a race to see if there was any mafia types looking to get rid of Nutjob by way of lynch and thought it would provide me with decent cover as the detective, because the detective wouldn't be so bold as to suggest himself for a race, therefore possibly keeping me from being killed in the night. : - >

    AND I will say that I wanted a no-lynch so that I could have MORE TIME to work.

    Again, it won't come out unless necessary.
    Actually, god i'm slow today...

    there's no reason whatsoever for you to say who you've investigated AT ALL....excuse is you don't want the mafia to know who the confirmed innocents are.
    Yes, that is a risk... we don't have to use Irish if you think there is a sure non-detective who would have been a viable Night 1 investigation ....

    No matter who we pick, it's a risk, UNLESS I say Fatshaft Night 1 and TRK Night 2 ... then I could say Fatshaft ifs MAFIA .. but I'd have to come up with a reason I would have investigated him.
    San, that's a GREAT point as well ... but I'd have to be ready for something if the real detective came out with his investigations.
    Good morning, guys. I have to get to work earlier than usual today, so won't really be around for a couple hours.

    In the meantime, Nside, lets get things moving. I'll concur with my teammates:
    I don't have any way to reach fatshaft, nor would I use it if I did. ;)
    JACKPOT BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Pat yourselves on the back everybody...

    Now let's see, how protective should we be of nut?

    TRK moved off of him by the end of the day so I think we can still attack him to look good, nut can dewfend himself well anyway.

    Up for that?