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    San, since we got TRK, I will say to hold off on your attacking of me .... but do whatever you see fit.

    I can guarantee Bugs and bb88 will prolly be after me....

    Al I can say is that no matter what happens, I feel I contributed with my TRK find!!!!!!!!

    MVP already tbh

    I'll mention he mentioned you and say i thought he might have been mason with cyb...try to spin it like i think he investigated cyb who came out as an innocent.
    Here's my best defense against a Night 1 investigation. TRK first real post:

    I'm here!

    The hit on Pizza I don't think really points to anyone - let alone Nutjob. He's just a strong player and I reckon mafia simply him out of the way.

    I've only just got up so I'll be posting more shortly. Especially since I'm superbored at work!
    Good, should be sorted.

    I suddenly quite like the way this is going.
    TRK may have investigated Bugs on Night 1, he repeatedly doesn't seem too concerned with a very dangerous player....

    I'll prolly use that ... in one of my posts, try to get on the Bunny's good side before he bites it too.

    : )
    Way to go, guys! I'll post something in a bit apologizing to Dire. There's no way he would have hit TRK last night if he were Mafia. He should be perceived as clearly innocent (though misguided) at this point. We'll have to pick through his posts carefully, but IIRC, he never pointed fingers at any of the three of us.

    Anyway, I gotta go to work, will check back in an hour or so. :)
    He bantied my name about plenty, but I have some defense ready for that....

    there's still the subject of BRC votes that I'm gonna get into. As far as Dire goes, yes it would look too obvious, but that doesn't mean he won't get grilled a bit. : - >

    heh, aside from the bollocks up of cyb's quote, I love your post San ... Even the vote for me ... : )

    Actually, messing up the quote might make you look good... : - >
    I made what I think is a pretty good post. I've got tons more ammo in the defense category, but didn't want to overcook it right off the bat.
    lol nice one nut, i love how this is going.
    hmmm, thread's a little dead
    OK, looks like me and bb88 are going to battle today

    : )
    Hope you don't mind if I sit this one out.

    Tear him to shreads nut!
    : )
    After the arguments progress for a while, maybe I can side with Nut against BB. I think Nut has a decent case with TRK's initial post.

    I can't be obvious about it, though, so will wait a while to see how things play out.
    good idea Angela, let's see if it gains any momentum or if there is some backlash on Dire first.

    The argument thing usually helps prove innocence, so we'll see.

    DAMN YOU FATSHAFT!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I LOVE your post Angela
    I'm out for the afternoon, be back later ... Happy Scumbagging!
    Yay, Fatty's finally posted! Welcome to the team, Fatshaft. Sorry to tell you that you're on the "bad" side, but we also happen to be the winning side at the moment.
    guys, sorry been away, will get going soon.

    one thing, I have always been a heavy posting eccentric, I think few experienced players will expect me to be a mafia three games from three, it's time for me to be very quiet and look uninterested, bugs will be first to click onto my change in style, hopefully taking it at face value.

    What do you think?
    That's not a bad idea. And if you have to, you could always use the excuse "I checked my PM and saw that I was just a regular Innocent, so I figured you guys could do without me for a day or two until I got back from my trip." It's not uncommon for an Innocent to be disinterested at first. The game is fun for Mafia members throughout, but it really only gets interesting for the Innocents later in the game.
    well we have well known heavy hitters NJ and San as mafia, they are going to be highly likely to be hit as we saw before, so I think low lying works well, although in the last game it was played brillianty to success, in my case with a background of lunatic aggressive posting, a change of pace will look like disinterest????
    Love that strategy for Fatty and Sooooooooo glad you made it!

    I gotta check the thread to see how worked up they are about the Nut!

    Fatty it is noicce to see you.

    I am genuinely pretty drunk, but i'm not hammered. Would it be wise for me to post something pretending to be completely sloshed and acting as if i really didnt give a toss ot not?

    Good luck on living nj. you know my stars acct right?
    thre should ve been a safetery wink in tehere.
    on 2nd thoughts, judging from my typing, im coneltely sloshed and acting it shouldnt be too hard
    Hey guys, I'm going to hunker down in defense mode for a bit ...

    we've got some time, but I want to have a plan ready if it looks like I'm gonna get the rope.

    Now that Fatty is back and TRK can only investigate the lid of his coffin (hehehe), IF it appears I'm going down, what's our best shot at revealing a special? And which one(s) are most important to us?

    I would think the doc is our next most dangerous threat, but let's consideer me coming out as any of the three remaining speacil roles.

    The doctor - this is the best because if the doc comes out, we either get him lynched, OR we kill him/her that night. win/win and no protection for either of the masons or the vigilante.

    The vigilante - Could help us get the vigilante lynched, OR maybe I get lynched and you guys "know" who the real vig is but can't hit him/her until the doc is dead.

    The mason(s) - prolly won't get both to come out but might get a "Nutjob is NOT a mason" type post or vote from one or even both if they blow it.

    So, my thinking is that IF it's needed, I make a play as the doc. Who did I protect the first two nights? Bugs of course! But that's pretty irrelevant.

    So, IF it's looking bad for me, maybe I come out about three hours before deadline?

    innocent rambles

    Aw shuckles we have a movement!

    TP I no still love you but I don‚??t think I can have your babies anymore. The missues will have to do, sorry.

    At this point it is a god idea to say I am typing this in word with serious autocorrect goinmg on ‚?? am a tiddle tiddly.

    Whaley ‚?? aha of course im acting the same. I was trying to act innocent last time. if there wasnta similarity id have been lynched on day 1 of game 5. But meh, indulge, what similarities?

    Get dire off that damn slate btw ‚?? he is obviously, patently, so innocent.

    I‚??m in this state on less than a tenner btw ‚?? never let it be said that the student population doesn‚??t know how to spend its mmoney wisely

    end innocent rambles

    I wnot post this without at least 1 approval, as iam not thinking straight.
    Heh, San, if we can get the doc, I'll happily send $1 to Santa Claus.

    (that is your name right?)
    Go with it San, good for a laugh at least!

    No mafia-types have ever made a post like that.
    Nope... :-->
    The only problem with me coming out as DOC is that I would be setting myself up to get killed by the mafia tonight anyway..... so that might be a terrible play. ... ugh.

    hmmm, maybe (IF I'M IN TROUBLE) I go with vigilante or mason to get things stirred up quite a bit.
    OK, the wheels are starting in motion..... votes are going out all over the place right now.... hopefully this trend continues....
    erm, San if you could find a way to gracefully get your vote off me it would be nice..... If you think it's best to stay I'm fine with that and I'll eventually pull the vigilante play if necessary (unless someone comes up with a better idear)

    We should prolly try to stay spread apart in our voting .....

    I might make a move to The Whale or Irish if anyone gets onto him... Prolly The Whale. ...

    Be back in the a.m., hopefully about three hours before deadline if I can wake up.

    It's possible Angel won't be on for the deadline, which is OK, since here vote is on bb88 and mine will probably move....

    Hopefully San and Fatty will be up soon to discuss strategy .... see you all later...
    Nut, how does this sound to you...

    I makie a post saying im not changing my vote, having htought it hrough i think you're our safest mafia bet etc etc, try and get fatty of angela on you as well, which should make us look fairly golden.

    Then you come out as DOCTOR. We just wait to see how everyone reacts. Ideally there'll be a counter-claim fromt he real doc which means we can take him out tonight. See how things develop, but we would eventually come in saying something along the lines of "to the real doc, if it isnt nutjob: don't self-expose". That's after giving them enough time to hang themselves, of course.
    If you claim vigilante, you'll likely end up vigilantied tonight.
    San, I have no problem with that play at all....... my only concern is that the doctor can't self-protect so there's less of an incentive for a soon-to-be lynched doc to come out EXCEPT for the fact that I can say ... LET'S NOT get the doctor lynched AND have another innocent killed at night!

    Best case: We get the doctor to expose or we get a no-lynch or we get, say, The Whale lynched and get our kill tonight. Once I'm not killed in the night everyone would pile onto me tomorrow and you would be looking VERY good. Plus Angela and Fatty are looking fairly good at this point as well.

    Worst case: No one buys it, I get lynched. Well, we're still looking good as you initiated this whole thing and Angela and Fatty are still looking fairly good.

    You're right that it's better than the vigilante play.

    I'm going to draft something up and will pull this fairly soon in the hopes to get The Whale lynched or get a no-lynch.

    I won't post without running it through you guys first.
    The doctor would be silly to expose since he/she can't self-protect, so a no-lynch or Whale lynch is our best hope. We'll see how it goes.
    Once I'm not killed in the night everyone would pile onto me tomorrow

    There's actually a defence to that: The amfia would know full well that a known doctor would be expected to bite it....they'd could leave you hoping to get you lynched.

    It'd be difficult to swing it that way, htough.

    Hopefully the real doctor exposes and we don't have to deal with it.
    Yes, San, already thought of that flimsy defense : )

    But I think we're in as good a shape as can be expected right now, so it won't much matter.... Plus my death, whenever it comes, helps us in the long run..

    : )
    San, I think I'll make the doctor post in about 40 minutes....

    That would leave about an hour and a half for some movement.

    Normally I would wait longer, but it doesn't appear that anyone is paying attention.....
    ok, mind if i put a bit of pressure on you now?

    I'm going to "disappear" about 10 minutes before you make that post

    Would you agree though nut that TRK's stance on you yesterday was a bit off, if he didn't already know your status?

    Also, I jsut found this TRK quote on page 3...

    No-one has overly impressed me with their innocence yet

    Maybe just a slight hint that he'd found a mafia?

    end ramble
    San, you can hammer the shit out of me! Yes!
    This is fun

    : )
    Over to you nut

    : - )
    I replied ... and the Doc should be coming out soon!
    I think that was the best impromptu fake fight any mafia types have gotten into...

    : )
    The "Doc" comes out in 20 minutes.
    The san comes back as late as he can manage