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    I also suspect bb88, no clue on the vigilante though.

    I've posted more than I intended, so I'm going to lay off for a while.

    My late switch from NJ has been totally mis-interpreted and they seem to have forgotten he was claiming to be the Doc, that's a big hit to me, damn MX for his late vote!
    Yes, I would squash that. No more sidebets.
    excellent, Bugs has cleared me in his mind.

    Lets see how the night develops, I'm sitting out the night

    poor bugs, we've really done a number on him this time :-)
    I really hope they don't ask me for a copy of my spreadsheet right now...

    mine is horribly incriminating, is taking ages to edit & I would basically have to say that i dont have one.

    *fingers crossed*
    I'm not full of it incidentally - i relly do have a friends coming to watch the GP and really am going for a few bevvies afterwards.

    Anyway day 3 should be a bb88 lynch i think.

    Then, barring any nasty little masons popping up we probably kill either bugs or Dire (as he's trusted by everyone).
    btw, krazy is not a mason - see those damned notes she managed to get uploaded.

    that was a cock up tbh, although they're not great notes, and she did take a few minutes to get them uploaded. There's a case that she wrote them there and then or could be writing them as a mafia.

    But ultimately i cocked up because i betted she either didn't have them or wouldnt get them uploaded, and she did. meh.
    yes, thats apity, but never mind, does mean Bugs will let her go though.

    A quick Bugs hit would be interesting, as he has more or less put me and you in the firmly innocent camp for voting for NJ.
    I am voting to lynch Cyb, he hasnt been there and suspicions are starting, already votes in so some cover there and takes me away from either of you
    Thinking about it, I don't expect to survive to the end game, so when i go any credibility krazy currently has should plummet so it's ok.

    Right now I am thinking:

    -take bugs ou tonight

    -once bugs is dead, try our very best to get the masons to come out tomorrow. If they do not come out tomorrow then the day afterwards I am in serious jeopardy.

    -LKet's not chat about masons today - bugs doesn't want them out until they can make a big difference (i.e. the end game) so he'll shoot down any suggestion to bring them out today, and they'll probably listen to him. If we kill him before he says anything though, we stand a much better chance.
    I agree with that, Bugs looks nailed on as a mason so with him working in tandem he will be difficult to beat, and him thinking me innocent is an added boost. He's also got you on the innocent list
    Excellent, Cyb & BB are underwhelmed with KT's notes, they may actually count against her for the very reason she was so keen to post them, why go to all that bother?

    Could well work out well for you San
    If I'm counting the votes correctly, it looks like TallPaul's the latest lynching victim.

    Any thoughts on who we should take out next? I'd suggest someone less controversial. Dire, or Irish. The others (Bugs, Krazy, Cyb, BB88, Whale) are all more suspicion, so the longer we keep them alive, the longer we can hide.
    I like Bugs because he has been so soft on us all, it certainly wouldnt point to us
    Apologies again, but i am forked.

    I think i',m right in thinking that's a 3-way RNG between 3 innocvents, which is nice.

    I like killing off bugs because it saves my skin for one more day


    Don't feel obliged to agree....i just need my sleep.
    Yup, BUGSBUNNY for me too, he is the only one think is a amson, and no idea o the vigilante so all positive if we get him
    Ok, that's fine then, let's go with Bugs and see what happens. :)

    Okay, I'm goign to lay low on ITH but I will be around today I think despite what I've said, tomorrow is a no-no for me after a week off I will be too busy.

    I have highlighted the notes of KT and hope I can get a bandwagon going, once she shows up innocent hopefully she can clear San by association, why would a nafia so strenuously strive for a non-mafia to show their innocence, obviously San beleived she was mafiA
    Getting KT lynched would be great for me, but I can't be on that bandwagon for the plan to least i don't think so. I'd be fine if angela got on the bandwagon though, nobody would expect 2 mafia to be the sole people voting for someone.

    My top priority today is to get the masons out there. 2 reasons:

    1.If it gets to 4 v 3 tomorrow with 2 masons, that is not that great for leaves us 3 and 2 innocents as lynching candidates. Not terrible, but nowhere near as good as getting rid of one of them...

    2. If there's no known innocent by the end of today and I don't get slaughtered at night, I will almost certainly be lynched the day after.

    FWIW my current best-guess list-o-masons, based more on a process of elimination than any tells, is Irish and Dire. I fully expect to be wrong on that one.
    No, I think you should be taking KTs notes at face value and be proved right when/if she gets lynched and cleared.

    Defo an idea for ANgel-fish to come in behind though.

    I think if you dont get offed tonight then suspicions will arise when yu were first to go last time, why are you still here? It might even do for myself or angel to start querying that? Or is that too dangerous?

    I have no idea on masons, we know it's not KT, and the only previous candidate was Bugs. Maybe Cyb is working away in the background with his partner which may explain why he has been less than full on although he does seem to have picked up.

    Irish - he doesnt seem any different than normal, just posting one line of nothing.
    4v3 isnt great, but the masons are 2v5 remember, so they still have a lot of work to do.

    I think if you dont get offed tonight then suspicions will arise when yu were first to go last time, why are you still here? It might even do for myself or angel to start querying that? Or is that too dangerous?

    Definately be the first to do that tomorrow, regardless of whether we get a mason or will come up anyway, you might as well be the first to say it. You could even start a lynch vote for me and do not budge, no matter what :-)

    If we get the masons to come out today, tomorrow you could chime in with something a bit lighter like "San bothers me because he's still alive, but i guess it makes sense for the mafia to go for the known innocent".
    start a lynch vote for me and do not budge, no matter what :-)

    An idea might be to cast the vote and say "i am busy, probably won't be back", it helps that it's true
    Morning Angela - I really can't get a handle on your clock. :)

    I think we've hatched a plan in here for you to join fatty's bandwagon for Krazy, is that ok with you?
    Hello. :) Mondays are really busy for me at work, so it's hard for me to think about all this Mafia stuff. I've no problem with following Fatty's lead. I did mention once before about being suspicious of Krazy. She's way more hyper and enthusiastic than your average Innocent. The opposite of TallPaul's relative apathy. And I have asserted a couple times that I'm sure TP's Innocent.
    San, I'll go with that tomorrow then, I think a second lead in voting for a mafia should make me about as invisible as it's possible to be, hope the plan holds up.

    Better still if another plausible candidate rears their head and you can survive a lynch
    I'm coming back to the discusssion now as well for about 90 minutes
    scratch that, no posts in 4 hours means no need to say anything, are they trying to make this easy ???
    heh, I love how dead the thread is.

    Im in for the evening now I think, i might spend some time mason hunting. The voting patters will definately tell us that some combinations are impossible, hopefully we'll be able to make an educated guess come the night phaze if they don't come out.

    If I do make a post tonight, it will probably be purely with the intention of drawing the masons out. Depending on how well or badly I put it, it might make me a suspect, but i think that's more than worth it if the masons do expose themselves.

    As for tomorrow, if all goes well it's a 4v3 and if we do get an innocent, we win...i am loving a plan that goes "lynch bb88, kill X (dire?), lynch krazy"

    if that comes off: game, set, match.
    Iā??m going to start off going through the final vote talliesā?¦Iā??ll try to add more by going through the voting patters but these are the nigh-on impossible combinations coming up:

    day one final votes:

    cybrarian votes Dire

    day two final votes:


    day three:

    bb88 votes cybrarian, bb88 votes Tall Paul !?

    Irishiain votes tall paul

    Impossible mason combinations:

    bb88 and Tall Paul?
    bb88 and cybrarian
    Cybrarian and Dire
    Irishiain and Tall Paul

    Well, that was nowhere near as useful as Iā??d hoped it would be. Meh, every little helps.

    Do I have the stamina to go through the voting patterns?
    let's see...

    Cyb has nearly been lynched, so has TP and bb88. Not one of them claimed mason.

    I am arbitrarily ruling them out.

    That leaves Dire, Irish and Krazy. (good, that's close to what i thought earlier).

    Rule one of those out :-)
    day 3:-

    Dire wrote...

    It's UFC night tonight so I will probably be hungover tommorow but hopefully online before the voting. In case I'm not available, I am provisionally placing my vote on Krazy for a number of reasons. This will most likely change should I make a return before the vote.

    I vote to lynch Krazytxan

    Now I am inclined to think that makes dire and krazy masons, he was doing this to see if someone would bite. Lucky us, no-one did.

    That said...


    Okay. I'm up.

    Without too much detail, I'm mostly looking at Krazy, TheWhale and Irish. One thing I've noticed this game is that nobody's put much heat on Bugs or bb88. I'm not suggesting I even suspect either are necessarily mafia, but it's never good to get too comfortable with the certainty of anybody's innocence. Anyhow, it seems like the only person on my list who stands a decent chance of being lynched and thus hopefully providing some more clues is TheWhale.

    For now, I vote to lynch TheWhale

    Krazy quote:

    irishiain wrote:
    Hey irish, good to see you. Hate to bother you but I'd love to hear your thoughts on some people

    No trouble at all.

    Anyone in particular in mind?

    Yes..we do need your help!!

    Just make a list.


    and another one...

    I got the FUD part from San...I think it means your hard to read and sometimes don't post alot Wink

    Your an awesome player, but if you are truely innocent WE need your help EARLY in the game!!

    one more:

    I love irish...he is really a sweetie. BUT in past games he has been a FUD. He is such a hard read and not very verbal. I would love to have him tell us how he can help us win..and before the first lynch...or else he is high on my list.

    ok i lied:

    irishian: plays the game perfectly. He usually posts very little in the beginning, but gets more active as the game goes on. He plays it the same way whether he is mafia or innocent. Very hard to read.

    That's it, that's your lot.

    She has 4 pages or so worth of posts (is that some 60 posts) and she mentions him 4 times, usually asking for his help.
    Irish, in his mighty 38 or so one-liners, has mentioned krazy once...(he's talking about fud)

    Had you previously offered an explanation?

    If you did, then I'm sorry.

    The only elaboration of this term was when Krazy said she thought it meant I would be tough to read.

    interesting that he read her post well enough to remember it, but doent ever mention her.
    Then again, he has managed to mention dire a grand total of once as well (he really is a hard read, fair play):

    Last night right before the deadline he did tell me that something happened that made TRK 100% mafia.

    I would love to hear what this was.....especially in light of the overnight happenings.

    This seems to be in a slightly more negative light than the krazy quote.

    TBF even when he posts he says nothing, so the low numbers of useful references is not that big a surprise.
    it's a stretch San, after all she made that inital post asking what a mason could or could not do, surely she wouldnt do that if she was a mason?

    I might be more inclined to go with Irish and Dire, but tbh I cant spot anyone as yet.

    I was going to post but with nothing happening I dont want to stir the pot when I said I probably wouldnt be online. Off to bed and will keep an eye on events tomorrow without posting, I look in no danger of a lynching so I can keep an uncharactweristic low profile easily.
    Hmmmmm, taking a different approach here. Who remembers Dire's weird "TRK is 100% mafia" claim on day 1?

    this was never explained and the thought occurs that TRK might have picked on his mason buddy...

    TRK wrote:

    Just to emphasise this point, I'd be happier lynching Nutjob than irish. Irish has shown that when he gets involved he is a good player. His problem is that he stays quiet for too long and invites suspicion.

    No, that doesn't do it....actually it probably expllains it. TRK wanted to lynch a strong player on day 1, which is daft for an innocent....mmkay, scrap this approach.

    (apologies for making so many posts - i'm trying to keep track using just this thread).
    it's a stretch San, after all she made that inital post asking what a mason could or could not do, surely she wouldnt do that if she was a mason?

    Do you remember Dr. Ogre's plea in the mega-game: "Why can't I ever be special??"

    I'd rather not kill krazy because we have her on the block. But, if we can throw some pressure on her, and she is a mason, she's going to have to declare, and we can kill her at night, saving my skin.
    I know what you mean about a false plea, but I doubt it, she's always played very straightfoward, does depened on her co-mason though, maybe if it's Cyb then perhaps he could have put her up to it, would have to be one of the stronger players though?

    Not sure at alll.
    I don't think they're allowed to talk to each other outside of the game thread.

    No reason to change from the plan of putting pressure on krazy anyway...if we can get one or two innocents to vote for her she will have no choice but to declare if she is mason. If she doesn't declare, we can kill off dire, working on the assumption that there's only irish and dire left who could be.

    Unfortunately, that's not a lock tbh
    I know what you mean about a false plea, but I doubt it, she's always played very straightfoward

    maybe she really just wanted clarification of her role?
    very possibly, although a horrendous blunder

    A long way till nightfall, I'm off to bed, hopefully there'll be more posted overnight to go on.
    What I am about to do could backfire spectacularly.

    btw I'd suggest you guys don't talk too much about the mason strategy - it could get ugly.

    eyes peeled for mason tells ;-)
    let the record show that people online at the time the post went up:

    Krazy, bb88, cybrarian (and angel).

    If any of them fail to respond, or seem to take their sweet time about it - mason alarm bells.
    [quote="krazytxan"]San let me think about it...for a few.
    Wish some of the others were here to share their view.


    Survey Says.... :-) :-)
    well bugger me backwards.

    bb that is a fascinating play. I hope we don;t end up lynching you for it...

    Int he meantime, cyb is the other one. I think.
    Nside - you haven't done something a little evil and made angel a twisted mason have you?
    ok, scratch that.