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    I think that worked.
    If this vote gets close, one of you should cast a pretty decisive vote for me, maybe even both of you.
    I may show up "just in time"

    Angel, make sure you check this thread before voting, post what you're going to do so we know whats going on

    bb8 & Dire have just come out as the Masons, I dont like it, lessens our chances
    I like it....i tstrengthens our chances a lot I think.

    If someone would be so kind as to notice that I've been very pro-dire since day 1.

    I am planning on pulling a last minute switch vote, expecially if i look like going - i want to set krazy up.

    PS I really did go to visit someone in hospital. the hour's drive thing was a bid of a lie though.
    I have double checked my rulebook and see that I previously held that a vig hit takes priority over everything else. So if the vigilante is alive and gives me a target that target will go, no matter what else happens that night.

    That I do not like
    now would be a good time for you to buy it and vote for me btw
    Tomorrow, assuming i go:

    point out the krazy notes thing & really pount the mafia voting for the whale during the nutjob vote point - everyone should buy this. - oh an dpoint to what will hopefully be a persuasive vote switch coming up from me later. It'll only work if the vote is still close though, so we'll see how this works.

    Point out that i did not bring irishiain up as a mafia after making the mason play, say that i am certainly cunning enough to name a fellow mafia as a probable candidate and that i wasa obviously going for bb88 anyway - once bb88 was mason, I STOPPED GOING FOR IRISH.

    Kill bb88

    Then say the 3rd mafia has to be TP/cyb. Why is TP so quiet, but once san's int he firing line he's suddenly investigating everything left, right and center - more deep cover?

    my opinion of cyb has gone from leaning mafia early today to leaning innocent after the mason play - look at that as well.
    one of you should really hav ebeen 3rd on me :-/
    Ugh, I'm just trying to catch up, didn't see that you already have 3 votes
    I think you should definately get on me asap anyway.

    I cant decide exactly how i'm going to play this yet...
    I'm sorry. =/

    So you want us to kill bb88 tonight, then? Dire the next?
    Now I know how nutjob felt :*)

    Got to be're going to have problems with the vigilante. Do not make a fake claim unless it will win you the game if you're right.

    One more thing - be browsing waiting for nside to put up the results to "look" innocent - i'm sure TP will be looking for that tell, probably all the rest to boot.
    ok, how's this.

    I am going to confess.

    That makes both krazy and irish look super super dodgy.

    shall i go with it?
    now TP has voted for KT, it's 4/2
    dont confess
    The analysis could go:

    san could have switched his vote to irish to force a tie, why wouldn't he do that?

    + he could ahve left his vote on KT who was gaining momentum....

    Why the hell would he confess when he had a chance?
    dont touch cyb's post with a abrge poll
    yeah i'm not living. sorry guys i think i'm going for it...i hope i haven't cost us the game.

    Get those masons.

    Nside i'll ahve the keys to the dead thread please :-)
    Angel, we have to kill bb88, he is a confirmed Mason and Dire is a weak poster by comparison, bb knows it as well, he's just given his instructions to Dire to get involved tomorrow
    I'll be in hell before you start breakfast
    OK Angel, we've both been online, so lets delay this for at least an hour, otherwise the mafia hit will be too quick, but it has to be bb88
    also, logged in and refresh so that you stay online
    *sniffle* We'll miss you, San.

    Ok, I'll wait to give the kill order to Nside 'till after I get to work (about an hour or so). Things are going to get more difficult now. But yeah, I think we definitely have cause to go after Krazy tomorrow since San looks like he was protecting her.
    I think and hope that the Vigilante will go after KT tonight himself, there were certainly enough pointers, can he risk waiting any longer?

    So we kill bb88 tonight and have a fresh start tomorrow. We need to see if KT is still laive before planning, but for sure we need to question why San confessed
    The analysis could go:

    san could have switched his vote to irish to force a tie, why wouldn't he do that?

    + he could ahve left his vote on KT who was gaining momentum....

    Why the hell would he confess when he had a chance?

    Angel, leave me to run with this one as I finished with question marks on why he'd offed himself, it will look like I've been pondering a while
    KrazyTxan - if she survives we certainly dont hit her, she has had a lot of finger pointing, and to survive the night will give a good target for the others if the vigilante leaves her alone.

    I've already stated a link between the two, dream scenario now is if the vigilante doesnt hit anyone, we should easily get through tomorrow.
    only cybrarian currently browsing the forum, vigilante?
    Ok, I'm back. At work now. Are we ready to do this?
    go for it Angel, good luck, it's 50/50 now whther we can pull this off
    Ok, Nside:


    *crosses fingers*
    day is dawning...
    "To the suprise of many, there is another body inside. With a neat bullet hole through her temple, Krazytxan met her end in the dark of night. She was an ordinary innocent."

    SCORE! You did good, San. :)
    YEeeeeeesssssssssssss!!!! Vigilante has killed Krazytxan :-)

    Stay cool Angel, one day and we win
    Indeed San, that one is down to you, well played sir, I hope we make the sacrifces worth it
    Okay, I'm not posting for at least an hour, I was online till about 6 waiting for the update, and you've been on lately, I think too suspicious if we come back together, so I'll let you open soon and I'll come in with my theories in a bit.

    Obviously now the "why did he do it" becomes easy, so I'll have a think on who he was protecting next
    So we're down to:

    Dire (proven innocent - mason)

    Who's the Vigilante? Will he reveal himself?

    I'm going to wait a while before posting, but will be attacking either Cyb or Irish.
    I should probably attack you too, a little bit. I'll have to come up with some weak argument.

    Oh, and I've always stated that I think TallPaul is innocent, so if/when I die, you should definitely suggest that TP was my fellow Mafia buddy.
    I don't think I'm going to pretend to be the Vigilante. I'm not a good enough liar. I'll "believe" you if you want to try, though.
    I dont think we need to get fancy, we need a lynch today that is innocent and we're golden, who the vigi is doesnt matter now either. I hope he doesnt reveal as that narrows the field unless we gamble with a counter reveal.

    Lets play it straight for now, we have a full day......patience my dear girl :-)
    TallPaul looks like the Vigilante, dont go after him yet just in case, last thing we want is a reveal as we may have to come out bluffing
    got to say you've made me laugh here Angel

    Cyb's already said he's not the vigilante. So either he's lying, he's Innocent, or he's Mafia. Likewise with Fatshaft.
    I hope it's not a giveaway that you've actually said nothing at all there - LOL
    Nope, I've supported TP throughout the game. I won't come after him, ever. :) I'm planning on going after Cyb today. He's the only one who didn't vote for San yesterday. He voted for Dire, for some weird reason. And I'm neither going to confirm nor deny being the Vigilante. Better to leave it up in the air for as long as possible.
    heh, regarding my post, what I meant is that since you and Cyb have declared that you're not the Vigilante, that leaves only two other possibilities, and therefore increases the chance of either of you being Mafia. That's why I don't want to say that I'm not Vigilante.
    Dire has a good point about TP recommending a no-lynch today. I will still leave TP alone, but that's something you could latch onto.

    In light of cyb's latest post, I'll probably have to change my focus to Irish.
    Psst.. Nside, you posted the votes wrong. Dire changed to Irish after TP came out as the Vigilante.

    angel-fish votes irishiain
    Dire votes irishiain
    irishian votes angel-fish
    Tall Paul

    So Irish at 2, me at 1. It's most likely going to be a race between Irish and me today. TallPaul thinks Irish and I are both Mafia. He could probably be pursuaded either way. You seem very safe at the moment.

    If my math is right, all we need to do to guarantee a win is make sure at all costs that I live through the day. If I live, Irish gets lynched, we take out Dire in the night, and tomorrow we're 2 vs. 2, game over.
    Gonna hold off on a vote and come in later, dont want to side with you yet and make it at worst an RNG vote with Irish, we could win it here as long as DIre doesnt change his mind in any way

    Angel, you have typed vote for irishiain not vote to lynch irishiain.

    Make sure you change it although maybe leave it till later
    taken me all day to see what the hell Cyb was on about there, I hope you read this thread now