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    Pretty sure Cyb has me nailed as mafia now, you've voted Irish and Irish has voted Angel, so either you've laid a smokescreen for a late switch or one of you is innocnet is how he's looking at it now
    Bad NEws, looks like Tall Paul already voted for you, it's 2-2 with me and Cyb to vote, I'm going to vote for you, Cyb isnt sure so he may gamble with the RNG, if he doesn't I'll switch at the last and it's a coin flip, we win or lose on the RNG
    Goddamit, okay I've gone and made it 4-2 to you. With Dire and TP known there is no way to win when down to 4-1, those two will always win even if it gets to 2-1, I have to gamble on the last minute switch back to Irishian
    Do I talk some rubbish or what??????

    Okay so we kill TP, then we kill Dire and game is still on.

    Gamble on the RNG tonight or not?
    Cyb writes - And I see you've voted.

    Well, now we're all in for a vote each, and it's looking pretty interesting.

    I have a small problem, which is that unlike yesterday, where things fell the way I wanted them, today I don't feel quite so fortunate.

    Good, he does think it's me and Irish, he may switch at the death thinking I am happy with a 4-2 once I knew which way he was going to swing it, change that text anyway just in case, Nside seems to be counting your vte even though worded incorrectly but better safe than sorry
    ITH goes down!!!!! disaster
    I'm kindof in a rush right now at work, and for some reason the Mafia thread is slow to load, so I have no idea what's going on past page 75. Just keep me alive if you can. If you can't, I wish you the best of luck tomorrow.

    The three-person staff at my office is one-person (me) today, so I'm probably not going to have a chance to post any more, I'm going nuts here.
    Sorry Angel, looks like FPS has killed you off, the only thing is TP and Dire have me as their most innocent.

    What a time for ITH's servers to pack in
    Sorry Angel, deadline's gone and ITH is down, not how it was planned although I think if I'd switched earlier it was all over anyway.

    Fingers crossed you took one for the team :-(
    Nice one Nside, my crying wasnt in vain :-)

    Angel, we have 15 minutes
    Okay, last minute switch it's going to be, I havent the will for two more days fighting off Cyb, let the RNG decide. (groans from the dead thread)

    Will have to be last minute in cse Dire has a change of heart, he's not online yet although TallPaul is.
    why the lock again Nside?
    Fair I think Nside, obviously Cyb had gone as had DIre
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    • CommentTimeAug 30th 2006 edited
    I assume you've seen the thread. It was the most fair approach I could think of.
    I think so, I'll PM you mt vote for Irish
    I hope I'm not too late. Just finished assisting with out last patient at work and saw Nside's post. I pm'd my intention to stick with my Irish vote.

    It's not looking too good for me, but we'll see what happens. If I'm dead, then tomorrow's going to be between you and Cyb, and you're more widely perceived as innocent than he is, so it looks like we're still likely to win regardless. I just hope, if the worst happens, that you don't look bad for switching to Irish.
    Well there's going to be 20 minutes to see if someone else changes. Will think about it overnight.

    Meanwhile in the dead thread....................................LOL, now there's a place I'd love to see what was going on now
    Okay, here's my reasoning on our chances to win if I leave vote alone:

    Dire - fatshaft as most innocent player
    TallPaul: fatshaft as most innocent player
    Cyb: fatshaft as most guilty player which will be confirmed when the lynch goes through

    I will also lose one of those who think I'm fine, as TP seems to favour me more then Dire gets offed tonight.

    That will leave, Me, Cyb, TP and Irish.

    Irish will vote for me, as will Cyb as he thinks I am the more guilty and Irish voted for Angel right off.

    At best therefore I think I can only go to the RNG again tomorrow, I'd rather do that today and still have a 10% chance of convincing TP tomorrow that there was some ridiculous reason for my late switch.

    It's not strong but I think it's as good as it gets.
    Come on RNG!!!!!