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    • CommentTimeNov 27th 2006 edited
    Welcome to the secret mafia lair. Here you can hatch your plans without fear of discovery (until the game ends, at least).

    Your members are as follows:

    Tony -- MXRider
    Paulie -- Cicerius
    Silvio -- Pilchard

    Good luck to you all. You may begin plotting your first murder immediately.
    hot damn, let the games begin!
    new twist in this game, got a hunter and a traitor. We need to watch out for clues from the traitor as we don't know who that is, but they know who we are. They should leave some clues and make it fairly clear to us who they are. The hunter on the other hand, can only make his kill on the night he/she is killed, so not sure what we can take from that.
    Nside, will we be having a night one kill prior to the thread opening up or will we start day one with all alive?
    early on comments, I believe that this is Paulie's first game? Also a new player is buzzbee. A couple of players I'd like to get rid of early, San, Nutjob, Pizza, and Piemaster.
    It is currently night one and you get to select your first victim as soon as you can convene a quorum. I've decided to allow you to post your nightly kill in this thread in later games, if you prefer that to PMs. If I get confused and kill someone before you were completely ready to do so, that is on your heads. Let me know if you want to use a PM or post it here in bold or what. I'm easy to get along with.

    At the moment, neither of your partners in crime have read their PM yet. Sometimes it takes a while to get everyone on the same schedule.
    Hi, I'm online but not for long.

    My internet hours are 7am-4pm UK time and I can check in from 8pm-9pm UK time (but not tomorrow evening as it is my birthday).

    Tony (MX) I am happy to go with whoever you choose on night 1 as it is pretty random anyway.

    Thanks Silvio (Pilchard, real name Tony!!!)
    Just a quick thought, given the doctor cannot protect himself I think San, Pie, Pizza are possible protectees. Nutjob would be a reasonable target (but again I am happy to go along with anyone you choose).
    Welcome my co-hort! San, Pie, Pizza and Nut are all very possible protectees, but in the past we have played that and it cost us in the long run. I think we need to take out one of them early. Of the 4, I think Pie and Pizza are less likely to be protected.
    speaking of time frames, I can check in during the hrs of 9am and 6pm EDT (currently 4:50pm) and likely check in once in the evening hours after my kids go to bed. What time is it now in your time Silvio so I can have an understanding of our time differences. Also, do we know were Paulie(Cicerius) is from?
    Just some more thoughts given that I cannot converse during US times, where are you from MX and Cic (and when are you mainly online?).

    As for our overall strategy, I would play it as if you were innocent and take if from there (sounds obvious but you need to try and shut out that you know who is who). By that I mean let's not get too complicated with misdirection and that kind of thing. We need to act independently of each other without being too obvious. Tomrrow, just let the innocents lead the discussion initially and act natural. If by chance some support is gained for lynching one of us don't automatically go on the defensive, we'll have to discuss options then. Often on day 1, momentum swings without us having to risk identifying ourselves. I intend to play the game identically to game 2, you may even see a revival of the circle of trust as the game progresses :)
    • CommentAuthorPaulie
    • CommentTimeNov 27th 2006
    Tony:early on comments, I believe that this is Paulie's first game? Also a new player is buzzbee. A couple of players I'd like to get rid of early, San, Nutjob, Pizza, and Piemaster.

    Hi everyone. No, it's not my first game. I participated in some of the early ones, but always as an plain vanilla innocent. I also tended not to survive for very long. One reason seemed to be that I made some of the mafia nervous, but I also think it had to do with me being a fairly low-profile poster who wasn't very likely to be protected by the Doctor.

    In any case I was pretty active while I was around, and will try to post a lot in this game too. I'll be online in the morning UK time, as well as in the evening/night. Will post more in a bit...
    I'm east coast U.S and posting times, well, look 2 posts up:) I just looked Cic up and he is from Dublin, but have no clue of posting times for him.
    It is 10pm UK time right now (I wouldn't usually be online at this time and I am about to go to bed). Go for whoever you want to MX (real name?) and I would suggest that if Cic hasn't come online by 6om you just go with one of your suggestions so the game can progress and people can start talking. I agree that we should try and wipe out the strong thinkers but just think how satisfying it would be if we kept them on board and still managed to win. Furthermore, this could be the strongest line up yet and so there aren't really any weak links. Shalll we go with Pizza (I think if one of the UK lot is the doctor (Cyb, SJ etc.) I think Pie could be saved and I quite like the idea of chatting with Pie and the UK lot during the day wheras I might not have a lot of influence over Pizza's thinking.
    One more thing, totally irrelevant to this game. I had never checked out this site before (never been mafia) and I was amazed by the amount of stuff re: game 2. I guess you can actually get too deep into this game

    Real name is Bill.

    As far as how deep you can get, omg.......

    I'm fine with pizza, and I guess we'll take that as your suggestion for now. Cicerius, any input there?
    • CommentAuthorPaulie
    • CommentTimeNov 27th 2006
    I agree that we need to act as if we were innocents and try to block out everything else. I even considered asking if our in-game identities could (initially) be hidden from each other should I turn out to be a member of the mafia, but hopefully we'll be able to approximate that. I think it would be a good idea to go after anyone acting suspiciously, even if it happens to be one of us.

    Also, how can we make use of where people are/when they post? Could we eliminate people in such a was as to make communication between them more difficult or (as Silvio said) easier for us to influence?

    Let's cook the Pizza.

    IF we hear nothing from CIC by 6pm your time I suggest you PM Nside or bold type Pizza and hope the Doctor is not a psychic.

    This is going to be good fun. Tomorrow is all about finding out who the Dic and Dr are.

    I am hoping that I know Cyb well enough to spot if he is a main character or not. I may reread a few of the past games to try and pick up some trends tomorrow.

    For now, goodnight and I'll speak to you tomorrow.
    As far as my strategy goes, I would like to keep it pretty straight forward and not get into much fancy play. I think it hurts us more than helps most of the time. In previous games, I have been mafia once, and I must say, I did pretty poorly. San pegged me pretty early on, another reason I'd like to see him gone :bigsmile:

    I posted pretty frequently overall during daytime U.S. hours and will continue to do so. I'm here for about another 40 mins, and will be gone for about 3 hrs before I can check back in.

    I'd like to get our vote in soon, so the game can get started.
    • CommentAuthorPaulie
    • CommentTimeNov 27th 2006
    Re: pizza. Why would he be viewed as a threat? I only played with with him in the early games, but don't think he stood out as being an unusually strong player. Pie I think stands a good chance of being protected by the Doctor, so I'd rather not go for him.

    Also, how can we make use of where people are/when they post? Could we eliminate people in such a was as to make communication between them more difficult or (as Silvio said) easier for us to influence?

    This is a difficult task, and one that I think we could make use of. Just not sure how to accomplish it. Once the game is going, I think it would be easier to tell who the active players are and who they are "connecting" with overall. Along with the Dr and Det, we need to pinpoint our traitor as well.
    • CommentAuthorPaulie
    • CommentTimeNov 27th 2006
    I'd be happy to go along with pizza, by the way. Just curious as to why he would be mentioned along with Pie and San. I'll have to read some of the later Mafia threads it seems...

    How about we post who we think should be killed in bold here in the thread rather than in a PM? That seems most straight forward.
    Paulie:Re: pizza. Why would he be viewed as a threat? I only played with with him in the early games, but don't think he stood out as being an unusually strong player. Pie I think stands a good chance of being protected by the Doctor, so I'd rather not go for him.

    He becomes a very strong player in the late stages of the game as an innocent. From the past couple of games, I think it will become very clear that he is not mafia to many of the players and become a "strong innocent" in their eyes. He has admitted to being a horrible mafia guy to the point that he actually gave up in one game early.
    I think I like the idea of bolding our post in here as well. Shall we cook up an extra large pepperoni pizza?
    • CommentAuthorPaulie
    • CommentTimeNov 27th 2006
    I really like the idea of getting rid of people who post a lot. There's nothing more frustrating for a true innocent than a bunch of people who don't contribute or show up for votes, so if we could turn ITHica into a kind of ghost town that would be great.
    • CommentAuthorPaulie
    • CommentTimeNov 27th 2006
    Ok, those are good reasons for getting rid of him, and it seems unlikely he'd be protected.

    I can feel the paranoia starting to creep in already. I just caught myself thinking that I have to be careful not to trust this Tony guy too much... :wink:
    Sounds good. Mmmmmm, how do I bold stuff :shocked:
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    • CommentTimeNov 27th 2006 edited
    I think it is bold

    {b}bold{/b} -- except use square braces instead of squiggly ones
    well, that wasn't it.... Let's try this:

    Cook us up an extra large Pizza-By-Night
    Nside, if you have heard from the others, feel free to start at any time.

    I will not be posting anything until after my son's basketball practice, which will be around 9pm and will not be checking into the game thread.
    • CommentAuthorPaulie
    • CommentTimeNov 27th 2006 edited
    People's locations:

    bb88 - US
    BuzzBeeSi - UK
    Cicerius - UK
    Cyb - UK
    Dogs - US
    Irish - UK
    MX - US
    Nutjob - UK
    Pie - UK
    Pilchard UK
    Pizza - US
    San - UK
    SJ - UK
    Wynton - US

    Is that right? Not sure about some of them...

    Edit: Nutjob is now in the UK column, which makes it 9-5. Or, 9-4 after tonight, hopefully.
    • CommentAuthorPaulie
    • CommentTimeNov 27th 2006 edited
    I vote to brutally murder PizzaByNight in his sleep.
    Cic, thanks for posting that list up there. I can confirm a few of those:
    Cyb, Me, Pie, Pilchard, Pizza, San, SJ, and Wynton are all correct. I thought nut was a UKer, but could be wrong.

    Tendencies of each player and is just a general impression from past games:
    Buzz-New player, no knowledge
    Cic-never played with you before
    Cyb- Fairly lay low poster whether innocent or mafia. Tends to get drawn up in the "Please post more Cyb"
    Dogs-Never played with him
    Irish-Played one game( I think) and seems like a middle of the road poster but solid thinker
    Nut-very active player, lots of misdirection-dangerous
    Pie- Played one game with him,lower in volume, but very solid thinker-dangerous
    Pilchard-don't think I have played with you yet, looking forward to this one
    Pizza, he's gone unless saved
    San-See Nut's description above. Can get carried away with FPS.
    SJ-really not sure about SJ
    Wynton-fairly laid back, is always concerned about people posting ideas about when people have posted
    off for a few hours, and I anticipate there won't be much action before my return in 3 hrs. Sleep tight you 2.
    You're going to like this one.
    • CommentAuthorPaulie
    • CommentTimeNov 27th 2006
    • CommentAuthorPaulie
    • CommentTimeNov 27th 2006
    Well, that's certainly good news. :bigsmile:
    • CommentAuthorPaulie
    • CommentTimeNov 27th 2006
    Hmm, I may have offset our good fortune by making some ill-adviced posts. I thought I'd adopt the same care-free approach to posting as in previous games, but maybe that wasn't the best strategy. I guess we'll see tomorrow.
    no worries for now Paulie. Things look fine for now.

    San has looked at pilchard as an innocent for now, good thing. May also be laying a clue as to the traitor. Keep your eyes out for any and all statements claiming any of us as innocents.
    • CommentAuthorPaulie
    • CommentTimeNov 27th 2006
    I haven't played in a game with a traitor before. Would pegging any or all of us as innocents be a common strategy for letting us know about them? Anything else we should be on the lookout for?
    the traitor is a new position in this game. I'm just thinking about how I would play that role, and I'd be looking for ways to put out inno vibes. Now that we are detective free, we need to concentrate on finding the doc. Really not sure how to go about doing that, but those are the 2 people we need to spot at this point.
    • CommentAuthorPaulie
    • CommentTimeNov 27th 2006
    Right. Good posts, by the way.
    • CommentAuthorPaulie
    • CommentTimeNov 27th 2006
    Eh, why are you and I the only two people Nutjob asked if we'd "been mafia before"? Does the bastard have a read on us? :)
    I'm actually looking at Nut being a potential traitor, as well as BB88 for the moment. Nut likes to throw a lot of crazy stuff out and see what sticks, same as San. San worries me totally, for the same reasons Pizza worries him. I think he has a read on me. I'd really like to see him go soon :)
    • CommentAuthorPaulie
    • CommentTimeNov 27th 2006
    I'd be very happy to see San go as well. Nut being the traitor is an interesting idea..
    btw, just go with the flow of my questioning. I'm trying to throw San off a little bit, but won't let it go too far.
    • CommentAuthorPaulie
    • CommentTimeNov 27th 2006
    Here're my answers to your questions:

    This is good (even though you've got me pegged as being mafia)...

    1. At first I didn't really understand it, but it seems pizza has been a strong innocent in the later games (which I wasn't part of), as well as being a pretty shitty mobster (still reading the older threads...). A known innocent is never a good thing for the mafia, so getting rid of him makes sense for that reason alone. He also probably wouldn't be as likely to be protected by the Doctor as someone like Pilchard or Pie.

    2. Someone who posts a lot. San, Nutjob or yourself, probably.

    3. See above.
    good answer