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    • CommentAuthorPaulie
    • CommentTimeNov 28th 2006
    Need to go back and count the votes, but I think we all made it. Thanks to San, I might add.
    • CommentAuthorPaulie
    • CommentTimeNov 28th 2006
    No, it's a tie between Pilchard, MX, bb88 and SJ, it seems...
    pilchard, mx and bb88 are tied. SJ is in the clear.
    • CommentAuthorPaulie
    • CommentTimeNov 28th 2006
    • CommentAuthorPaulie
    • CommentTimeNov 28th 2006
    Sorry Tony. :sad:
    MX is now banned from posting in this thread. It is now for Paulie and Silvio to decide on a target. Let me know when you have decided.
    • CommentAuthorPaulie
    • CommentTimeNov 28th 2006
    Need to think this through... If I vote to kill SJ, is that what would happen? Does Sil's post count as a vote?
    • CommentAuthorPaulie
    • CommentTimeNov 28th 2006
    Not sure if it's important: San was the one who stuck around the longest in the Off-Topic forum after the thread was closed.
    • CommentAuthorPaulie
    • CommentTimeNov 28th 2006
    Ok, I want to take out SJ, and I want to do it at some ungodly hour when at least Pilchard could be expected to be asleep. Nside, can I make a vote that doesn't take effect for a few hours, or do I have to stay up?

    Reasons for killing SJ:

    1. It's unexpected.

    2. It could be seen as an attempt to frame me.

    3. As Silvio says, he's unlikely to be the Traitor.

    Why am I talking to myself? It gets lonely in the den sometimes, is all I can say...

    I vote to kill Suited Jock (at 4.30 in the morning UK time)
    I'm not sure I'll be up that late. I'll post it as the last thing before I tuck Suited in. Does that work?
    And you are now the godfather. Therefore, what you say goes.
    • CommentAuthorPaulie
    • CommentTimeNov 28th 2006
    Excellent. Thanks.
    Good work Paulie.

    Great choice, and things are looking pretty sweet for us now (although it is a shame we lost MX)

    Today's task, try and find the Dr and traitor
    • CommentAuthorPaulie
    • CommentTimeNov 29th 2006
    Good morning. Still reading the posts... Can you figure out why MX took his vote off me, btw? Seems I'd have been better off if he hadn't.

    I'm considering making a case for lynching Cyb. Would anyone buy the theory that, with MX knowing he was in trouble, he wanted to clear Cyb with a late vote? Probably not...
    It is just you and me now.

    Cyb is smelling strongly to me of the traitor.

    I reckon our best policy today is to take a back seat and let the innocents drive the discussion. As things stand, both of us are in most people's innocent books so I would let others make mistakes.

    It might be helful if we both go over the thread and try and come up with a short list for the Dr and the traitor.
    • CommentAuthorPaulie
    • CommentTimeNov 29th 2006
    I agree. Why do you think Cyb might be the Traitor, though?
    I've known Cyb for 14 years (we lived together at Uni and have been close mates since). Given what I know about him I just get the feeling that he is trying to tell me he is the Traitor. If you go back over his posts with that in mind it makes a lot of sence. He makes references to you, MX and me at different points and he keeps dropping that wink: in at appropriate points. For now, I am happy to consider him the traitor, although like all things in this game nothing is set in stone.

    The one thing MX did which worries me is he could have voted for me (or one other can't remember who was level at the time, BB or SJ) to put them ahead of him. Instead he voted for Cyb (a meaningless action). Nobody has pointed that out yet, I wonder if they will.

    Things seem quiet at the moment, that has to be advantageous to us.

    I'd like to get rid of San by way of a lynching but I'd like someone else to get it moving. We'll see how the day develops, as I said, nothing important is really going to happen until an hour before the deadline tomorrow and hopefully we can both be there then.
    Silvio:I've known Cyb for 14 years (we lived together at Uni and have been close mates since).

    I never knew that. Cool.
    Yes, I was the one who introduced him to the forum, only for him to exceed my number of posts within about 2 weeks :)

    Hopefully, next year we'll both make the trip over to the forum.

    However, I would imagine that he is as weary as me about one of us getting one up on the other throughout this game.
    OK Paulie, the Wynton post about you has lost momentum. I am going to pick it up again. I'd like one of us to be suspects today and if you don't mind I'm going to push you forward and then let nature (Cyb) take its cause and get the vote moved away from you.

    If you get chance later, you can hit back at me and Wynton. A good way of getting back at me is that I was on Mx's slate of 3 too yesterday, so how come I don't get put on the slate. You could attack Wynton on any grounds you can work out. You could also put forward Dogs. Do whatever you want, but don't ignore me (I am proposing you get lynched) and don't at the same time make anything seem forced.
    This game is going to be tougher than I thought. If Pie, Wynton, San and BB form an alliance we are in trouble. Consequently, we need to lose one of them, probably Wynton is my first thought.

    Cic you need to get busy. Go over the threads. Some obvious points. Why can't MX suggest three innocents on his day 1 list? Even if one is mafia, why do you get the nod over Cyb or Pilch. If you were online at the deadline, why not switch your vote to protect MX. (Didn't MX vote for you at some point when it was all very close - you need to be careful with your facts if you bring up this point, and make it logical). I think Dogs could have some momentum, he makes an initial post in the style of Dreamcatcher (check the name) and then goes off the radar but the dreamcatcher post alone makes him innocent.

    You need people on your side. I am going to need a good reason to switch from you (Still attack me) but I want to do it in unison with other innocents.

    If you can do, get some facts WRONG. Incompetence is kind of seen as an innocent virtue.

    Good luck, I'll check back later.
    • CommentAuthorPaulie
    • CommentTimeNov 29th 2006
    Shit, had to stay late at work. Will read the thread quickly and try to post something useful.
    • CommentAuthorPaulie
    • CommentTimeNov 29th 2006
    Oh dear.. Well, maybe my confusion will look innocent to people. I certainly don't look like a clued-in mobster. :confused:
    Good work.

    I am off to bed now, I sense a shift away from you. I'm hoping you will be in the clear by this time tomorrow.

    Have a good night.

    • CommentAuthorPaulie
    • CommentTimeNov 29th 2006
    Two things:

    1. I'm going to go after you, Sil. Enough people seem to think you're innocent that hopefully it's a safe enough move.

    2. I'll go along with the innocent/confused image I seem to have created. I won't analyse things too much or read posts too closely - I'll just put myself in an innocent frame of mind and go with my gut reaction as I read the thread. If I'm about to do something incredibly stupid, please stop me. :)
    Things are going fine.

    San was so far off the mark with his comment about me being logged on earlier. I was actually telling the truth about not having read anything (well I did about a 30 sec flick through to see what you might have written but that was as I made the later post).

    I am not going to bring it up though, as if I missed his post. Guilty Pilchard would be defending himself like mad to that post.

    he he he
    Right this is the plan.

    I have put forward Irish. Pie and I appear to be in bed together some what but we disagree on Irish. I hope that he sees my nomination of Irish as an attempt to try and resolve our difference.

    Cyb could be in trouble but I don't want to get too close to him 1. In case I am wrong about him or 2) in case I end up being grouped with him if he is the traitor (although if he is the traitor could I have known it). I'd like to end the day with a slate of Nut, Dogs and Irish but I think Cyb will be up there.

    You keep up the good work.

    If tonight we lynch an innocent (Nut would be good) and kill Pie tonight then I can't see where we could have left a trace.

    Why Pie. i don't like any innocent over trusting another unknown (especially an unknown me) but I don't think he is traitor Pie but I will recheck.
    Nobody seems to be missing you Cic.

    In fact, nothing has been written about you for a while. Looks like the following people are on my side:
    You (of course)

    San was yesterday but never trust San

    Just BB, Dogs to get on board.

    I may have my bases covered enough to ensure I get saved by the Dr tonight so Pie is free to hit.

    One last thought.

    Nut, Cyb, San and Pie might be trying to get me to make a mistake by pretending to be on side. In that regard, I think it is important we off Pie tonight even though there is probably a reasonable % he might be saved.
    I don't know if you are here Cic. I don't like the vote count at the moment with the 2,2,2 score between you,Cyb and Nut. Nut going would be great but I don't think you should just switch right now.

    If I was you I would make a random type post about having to save your own skin, you have two options, vote for Cyb or Nut or vote for a different person with 1 who may gather additional support. You like Irish for the reasons throughout the thread BUT voting for someone who can't be their to defend himself looks bad. You like San, purely because he seems to eager to defend you. Perhaps the best decision is to vote for no-one and wait until you have a clearer picture between Cyb and Nut. Perhaps, could you move to someone with 1 and explain you will shift again later, potentially. Or you could stay quiet and let everything move around you.
    • CommentAuthorPaulie
    • CommentTimeNov 30th 2006 edited
    You're doing great - well done!

    Haven't checked out the thread yet, but if I'm not up for a lynching I may just continue keeping a low profile. Even though I'd be able to post quite a bit over the next couple of hours I think I'd prefer making a late appearence, apologising and doing something suitably confused.
    • CommentAuthorPaulie
    • CommentTimeNov 30th 2006
    Hi, yeah I'm here. Still at work, but am able to post now my boss has gone home.
    • CommentAuthorPaulie
    • CommentTimeNov 30th 2006
    I'll stay quiet for now... Can I safely browse the forum without being visible to other people? I know that has been a big deal in the past, but only because people were hidden and posting at the same time, right? Would love to see what is going on without making it known that I'm around...
    • CommentAuthorPaulie
    • CommentTimeNov 30th 2006
    Have hidden my online status, but am browsing the forum.
    Get over on Nut. You have no choice but to otherwise you are lynched. I'll then vote for you.

    Trust me it might work.
    • CommentAuthorPaulie
    • CommentTimeNov 30th 2006
    Fuck, I didn't expect you to do that. I kept checking this thread, but didn't see anything from you... I guess you'll look innocent as all hell, though.
    • CommentAuthorPaulie
    • CommentTimeNov 30th 2006
    Yeah, I messed up. Sorry...
    I wanted you to get over on nut, but you didn't. Things were going too fast but at the time I voted for you but I never in my wildest dreams thought that would be the last post.

    We just need a 50/50 in our favour.

    Quickly, in case you are a goner. Any thoughts on anyone. Special character wise. Traitor? Dr? Hunter?
    Hoorah, any thoughts. I want to kill Pie. You happy with that?
    • CommentAuthorPaulie
    • CommentTimeNov 30th 2006
    Woo! That's my only thought. :)
    The difference in the RNG was .016 on a scale from 0 to 1. A close call.
    • CommentAuthorPaulie
    • CommentTimeNov 30th 2006
    Was going to suggest the same, but let me think it over. You happy to leave it to me if I do choose Pie, and if I've got any objections we'll wait till tomorrow?
    • CommentAuthorPaulie
    • CommentTimeNov 30th 2006
    nsidestrate:The difference in the RNG was .016 on a scale from 0 to 1. A close call.

    • CommentAuthorPaulie
    • CommentTimeNov 30th 2006
    How do we look now, btw? I guess I still look guilty as hell, which puts you in an even better position. I'll do my best tomorrow to improve my own reputation, but I'm not sure there's much I can do. Need to look at who thinks either of us had to be mafia before I say anything more about tonight's hit..
    I'd have been happy either way (no offence Cic).

    Can we agree a kill of Pie so I can go back to the wife.

    (Nside: can you delay it an hour or two if you get the Dr's request early. Many thanks on the good work).

    This game is great.
    I'd stay quiet again tomorrow, keep off the radar. It didn't necessarily have to be an innocent v innocent heads up. My problem tomorrow is explaining my switcheroos and my reluctance to get on to Cyb (Good job, I got my Cyb/Nut innocent, you guilty position in nice and early in the day). There is also no way I could have expected my vote to be the last one with so many on line.

    Please agree to kill Pie, I have a feeling. Pie voted Cyb but with Nut gone, and if I am right about Cyb on our side, the only real adversary is San, the man who voted for nutjob. Everyone else I am happy I can influence to the end game.
    I'm off now, you choose given I almost got you lynched but with Pie out of the picture I think this game is won (there is just the small risk that Pie is the traitor but I think I can work that eventuality anyway).

    Go on tell Nside to kill Pie, you know you want to.
    • CommentAuthorPaulie
    • CommentTimeNov 30th 2006
    I might. :wink:

    I'd just feel much happier reading the thing through, given that I had no time to do so during the day. If I agree with you I'll make the vote soon enough.
    If you decide not to lynch Pie, you are going to have to pick someone else within the next several hours. Now that the lynch deadline is set for the same time every day I need you guys to move within a reasonable period of time or the town won't be able to generate enough discussion.
    Nice one, speak to you in the morning.

    If you decide to go for someone else though (Nside, Cic has the casting vote), give me you reasons so I can think through my strategy in the morning and don't leave any trace to either of us (like SJ). I wouldn't like a kill of Cyb, Buzz, BB, Irish. I could handle Wynton, Dogs (less) or San. Make my day, go for Pie. If Pie is the hunter, he is less likely to strike at one of us too. Wynton could well hit you. San could hit anyone.
    Thanks Nside, Cic will be with you shortly.

    Good night (this time for real).