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    • CommentTimeJan 10th 2007 edited
    Welcome to your secret lair. You may hatch your evil plots in relative safety here.

    Your members are as follows:

    Godzilla -- Nutjob
    Mothra -- Torch
    Gamera -- Piemaster
    Is this one for real?!? :confused:
    You are apparently extra-mafia. Weird, huh? You did move from Mafia-3 to Mafia-2. *shrug*
    Nutjob is usually a late night guy, so he may be here shortly. I assume Pie is asleep, but he may wake up before Nutjob goes to bed. I dunno
    Hola evildoers.

    hmm, now, how to keep those pesky werewolves from eating us at night.....

    I had no internet at home ealrier today, which I assume was part of the same deal that had ITH down... I'm at work now and hopefully it's fixed by the time I get home....

    Whom shall we kill?

    I think we should take our time - definitely at least until Lemon Merengue wakes up ... with the confusion on the start, I doubt if it will matter...

    Torch, you've played before, no?

    And, for no other reason than because Nside hasn't deleted these emoticons .......

    gotta get some work done, will ponder our first kill ...
    I played as an innocent way back in game 2.

    I'm doing my research to catch up.
    don't suppose I can ask you to change your avatar? Creepy man, seriously...
    Oh, BTW - I'm thinking that us being excessively tricky might be good. From everything I've read, everyone seems to come to the conclusion that the mafia is acting very basically and their paranoid, umpteenth level thinking is probably not true. Might be a good idea to make it true this time. Thoughts gents?
    the avatar is in Nside's hands ... long story about him and his hidden ability to pick his nose with his left hand..... although I will say I went on a MAJOR downswing right after the switch to Mr. Congeniality.....

    Anywho, people who haven't played or haven't played a ton and are unlikely to be protected: BD, Packone, Jane G, Toom, Wade, Torch

    People who have played more (or I'm more familiar with), but aren't super likely to be protected: Ogre, Fatshaft, jrspm, MXRider, KT, Cyb

    Most likely protected (if specials are somewhat experienced): San, Pizza, Wynton, Piemaster, Nutjob (I can hope)
    Me like tricky
    I said this once before somewhere: With three families we will have an easy time "acting" innocent. Why? Because we are trying to get the werewolves.... SOOOOOO, whatever suspicious behavior we find, we can be honest about it since we are after the wolves.

    Things to keep in mind:

    1. MUST KILL DETECTIVE ... watch for people who throw out one of our names more than once with little reasoning ....

    2. When saying someone is suspicious, remember to say could be mafia OR wolf ... I made the mistake as a wolf saying someone might be mafia, then tried to cover it up by saying mafia meant "bad guy" ...

    3. Make analytical posts as the game progresses. Huge mistake that mafioso make over and over and over is that they don't get into who voted for whom and what connections are involved, etc. etc.

    4. Drive the conversation and be proactive. Try to not get defensive at any time, unless you are under heavy fire. Address questions if needed..... but don't jump just because someone tells or asks you to do something.
    Now, back to us being tricky .... I think with this structure, we will have to be in a little bit of a wait-and-see mode..... Then again, maybe I'll come out as the detective in my first post (if the wolves don't kill me) .... (J/K, kind of)
    OK, I'm heading home and hopefully my Internet access is back... if not, uhhh, I dunno, will try to get back on tomorrow and you guys can kill whomever you like.

    We could go safe from the first group (I'd be a little hesitant to kill BD because he hasn't played): All are fairly safe choices and not-linkable to us.

    We could go smart and go from group II: Ogre would probably be the safest and also is not linked to anyone on our team through past games. Plus, he's got a newborn at home, he needs the time off.

    Or, we could go from group III: Don't really want to.

    So, I vote Ogre (this is especially for Pie) ONLY as an act of kindness so he can be with his newborn.

    If you guys come to a consensus that is not Ogre and I am not online, go right ahead with whatever you come up with....
    Torch, who were your original mafia mates btw?
    I have no problem with Ogre. However, I also wouldn't mind going for some straight up nthlevelaments and just kill San. Remember, if we miss it is not such a disaster. The doctor won't know for sure if he correctly protected or if the Angel did. And if we miss, the wolves will hopefully still kill an innocent.

    What we really need to do today is somehow leave some smoking-gun innocent evidence that one of us is innocen. Maybe we need to sacrifice one of our own in order to give some deep cover to another. Maybe two of us should start a bandwagon for the third. Maybe one of us should cast the deciding vote for another of us. The innocents are too collectively smart now for easy coasting to work.
    Something else I think is important is players who inately trust you. In game 11 I sort of sucked up to TRK because we had always been on the same side and he tended to trust me. I will try to do something similar with Cyb this game. Anyone else have any 'insider contacts'?
    And by the way, on most lists that I post, both of you will be listed as leaning guilty unless I have reason to do otherwise.
    Wooohoo, internet service back up at home......

    I would love to kill San, but I think he'll be a little gun shy about going after me since he and bb88 led the charge against an innocent Nut last game....

    I could theoretically cozy up to Pizza and definitely Wynton ... I also think I could cozy up to cyb ... although I don't if anyone ever really trusts me in these games.....

    I agree that we should do a push for one of our own (unless we get the detective early)... I know Torch stated very publicly that his work schedule was tight and he could use a lay-low technique for sure. I cooked up a really crazy plan in my head to come out as the detective and if unapposed (or opposed), would say I nabbed Torch as mafia toward the end of Day 1 ... he would get lynched and the real detective would either be lynched or would have to stay quiet.... hehehe... of course that is a little drastic for Day 1, but it would be fun (not for Torch of course)
    Pie, you and I will probably be able to chat at this time most days, but Torch is surely catching some winks... I don't know how much he'll be able to be in here...
    One thing, if we miss, the doc and Angel will know what happened... the night kills read:

    Mafia killed X and Werewolves killed X

    So if we missed, it would just say, Werewolves killed X...

    Now, if we thought there was a decent chance you or I were to be protected, we could try for the old no-kill.
    I think we should definitely keep open the possibility of a false declare. However a day 1 false declare would look so fishy other than in exceptional circumstances.
    Actually a no-kill woudn't be terrible at all, especially as both of us would be reasonable targets for protection on night 1 (I think I might have finally pushed myself into the decent player category). This game is going to be quite chaotic and I doubt missing a N1 kill will ultimately be disasterous.
    I like the idea of torch lying low. Then I can call him out and vote for him and nobody will listen as usual :)
    Methinks we should at least take a shot on Night 1 .... if we get lucky with a detective, we're sitting pretty...
    Of course, if we hit the seer or angel I'll be pissed.
    Pie, what was your original role? I was a vanilla.
    We do have the cover of me likely not being able to post.
    Note: Ogre and Jrs we mafia in the first roll of the dice (along with me). I'm pretty sure that Ogre saw the PM, but I don't think that he ever got over to the first den (as I had). I think that I hit the interesting jackpot of being "bad" twice. The odds are greatly against Ogre or Jrs being as "lucky" as I was, so they are likely plain innocents.
    I can agree mostly with your groupings, but I'd think Cyb is a 2.5. Maybe that makes him a better first target? Ogre is fine by me as well if that's how we want to go.
    Do we want me to go low volume? I was mostly my other time, until nearer the end.
    Torch, what are your available times to post?
    Pie and I cannot go low post
    mothra:We do have the cover of me likely not being able to post.
    Note: Ogre and Jrs we mafia in the first roll of the dice (along with me). I'm pretty sure that Ogre saw the PM, but I don't think that he ever got over to the first den (as I had). I think that I hit the interesting jackpot of being "bad" twice. The odds are greatly against Ogre or Jrs being as "lucky" as I was, so they are likely plain innocents.

    Gamblers falacy
    I was vanilla originally too
    But Pie can hit the three-pointer fairly well
    normally? - 6-Midnight EST for sure.
    Maybe during the EST work day.
    The odd late night like now
    I would be interested in torch going low volume. How low volume I think is up for debate....
    mothra:normally? - 6-Midnight EST for sure.

    That'll be interesting as those are the times I will basically never be on (except maybe at wekeends). We are going to have to be very organised with decision making. I give you guys the authority to make any decision you like without me if you feel the timing will help our cause.
    Interesting note: there are 3 werewolves, the doc, and the seer from the last werewolf game (game 7) in this game.
    hmm, I favor an MX death then since he was a seer and outed my ass :bigsmile:
    right now I'm trying to dig through that game.

    I'm also going to heavily review the last game, to see what the strategic "trends" were at the end.
    Might we take advantage of that "momentum"

    Should I stop putting words in "quotes"?
    agreed with Pie that if I am not around you guys should make any decisions necessary, hell, vote me of if it works.
    I would like to keep MX alive for a bit so can to torment San about is 'tell' :)
    hehehe, like it
    OK, let's get a slate then ...

    Torch, "I" "don't" "think" "you" "should"
    Wait, does that really mean, "you do not think I shouldn't?"

    I'm so confused. :tooth:
    Fatshaft and KT are alos good first/safe hits.

    Both are generally active and not likely to be protected.
    Don't like Cyb, he always gets lynched anyway. I'm happy with Ogre and I also like San. Fatshaft can be a pain in the arse too.
    KT causes too much confusion, leave her alive
    should we send nside our vote of Ogre? I'd prefer not to be the cause of nside's "still waiting for some of the night people to decide" comment, because then people start playing the "who was logged on when nside flipped from night to day" game.