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    Then maybe someone other than KT for my last investigation?
    Guys, this one is going to be your baby, I have three meetings I must attend in the next hour ... will try to be on for the last 45 mins or so... sorry, real life sucks....

    She is under no (voting) pressure to come out and I have a feeling this attempt will fail miserably. I think we should take our lumps. Your coming out might cement some other innocents, which would be bad for pie and our chances in the long run.
    Doesn't matter. Either way KT will counter reveal and then we will kill her tonight exposing you. If the doctor was still alive it would be worth a try, but nothiung can stop us killing KT tonight.
    I think there is no way that KT has investigated Nutjob, but not me.

    There are no connections between us, save my vote for him on Day 1.

    I think it is far more likely that either she has investigated both of us or just me and assumes Nut
    Exactly. I would say it is 95% that you are both nailed, but even that 5% is a better chance than we would have with a fake reveal.
    So, let's leave it alone and take our lumps... agreed?
    Thats my opinion
    Ok, so our only shot is to cause as much mayhem as possible to avoid one of us getting lynched today?
    Here she goes, she's probably been busting at the seams to make this next post... :swingin:
    I think the crowd is chanting D-fense, D-fense, D-fense :cry:
    One of you are getting lynched today I am fairly certain. Your goals today are:

    - Lay the groundwork to give me as much cover as possible

    - Be ready to react well if somehow we are wrong and she doesnt know both of you.

    - Put yourself in a position where, if KT reveals too late and not enough people are online you might be able to sneak someone else through or at least an RNG (doubtful)
    Reveal coming now
    She is doing this way too early by the way, which is annoying as my vote for Nut gets less credance
    agreed, far too early.

    I do honestly believe there is an actual chance that Pizza is the last wolf. That wasn't misdirection.
    Pizza makes an interesting point. We don't know if any wolfsbane has been used...
    if we are going to preempt, we;ve only got 10 minutes

    I don't see why it would have been
    what about a false angel claim? hehehe
    She doesn't have Nut!
    She claims not to have Nutjob
    ok, torch is torched...

    don't know if she's bluffing on NOT investigating me...
    She may well be. In fact, we have to assume she is.
    She could be bluffing that she got torch..... (doubtful, but possible)

    Torch, your only play is to go vote her right now just in case...
    What if I false reveal, causing confusion, saying:

    Night 1: Cyb - Mafia
    Night 2: San - Innocent
    Night 3: KT - Mafia

    or maybe someone else for night 3, but in any way, avoiding outing Nutjob, while giving some weight to something other already believe (dirty cyb)
    What kind of explaination do I put?
    Don't bother torch. Pizza wont believe you, I won't believe you (IC) and Pack wont believe you. THat's the trustred core right there.
    Just say something like 'I am not mafia. KT is either bad or is pulling the ultimate FPS.

    THen vote to lynch KT. Dont bring other names into a complex detective claim.
    I'm really tempted to still make a false claim some time soon.

    The question is - is there a way to play it to take heat off Nutjob?
    It will be tough to save Nutjob. I think the best hope would be for everyone to get so caught up with wolf candidates tomorrow that he slowly weasels his way back into some degree of trust.
    The biggest problem, I think, is that you have to hit KT, or risk she gets you or Nut.

    You could be extremely bold, pray she investigates Cyb, and hit someone else.

    I'm just trying to think of possible ploys during my next 60 minutes of life here.
    No way on God's green earth that we are hitting anybody other than KT tonight.
    Assuming Pie survives wolf attacks, then he will either end up one of 3 (probably with Pizza and another).

    If the town goes wolf-hunting tomorrow instead of busting NJ, that is great as well.

    In either case, I think that there is still a great shot that he can pull it out.

    What trouble should I cause in the interim?
    It's up to you really, you have an hour to say stuff that everyone will ignore. Just enjoy yourself and forgot sake don't incriminate us! :)
    ugh, OK, finally a break from work ... lemme go take my beating...
    I think she was bluffing about not investigating me... Pretty sure I was Night 1...
    I think it is a fair chance too. But she has to think you don't know.
    Just so we can have KT die the second Torch's neck breaks in the lynching: WE KILL KT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    vgg KT, very, well played!:devil:
    I'm staying fairly silent the rest of the way ... If I don't get outed, I'll deal with the backlash tomorrow...
    Assuming you don't get outed, try to think of a good line of attack for tomorrow. I will of course rubbish it and vote for you anyway :P
    anything you guys want from me before I'm banned from this thread?
    Torch, ugh, it was a pleasure ....

    I'm right on your heels, don't worry...

    Depending on how things play out, we still have a great chance with Pie deep in cover right now.....

    Obviously, we need the wolf, and then Pizza out of the way.....
    be honest, am I crazy for thinking your last line is only one hit?
    Pleasure playing with you torch. We'll try to take it down.
    Pie, I'm trying to get people to think cyb and I are having some weird cover-type convo ... hopefully he'll oblige...
    who knows, torch, you may be right... If it is, I give Pizza MVP supreme...
    Goodnight, goombas...
    RIP Torch!!!!

    See you in mafia heaven!!!
    hread locked.

    Nside, we want to will KT

    Night night peeps