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    Um, we kill KT.
    Um, we kill KT.
    Um, we kill KT.
    Um, we kill KT.
    Um, we kill KT.
    Um, we kill KT.
    Um, we kill KT.
    Saving this for tomorrow ... got locked out at the last second ....

    cyb, check the voting... Day 1

    I know some (a lot) of people think I'm mafia ... but me for wolf is beyond silly...
    I'm out Pie, see you tomorrow (hopefully)

    Wolf could easily kill me tonight...
    Godzilla:Um, we kill KT.
    Um, we kill KT.
    Um, we kill KT.
    Um, we kill KT.
    Um, we kill KT.
    Um, we kill KT.
    Um, we kill KT.

    Coming up.
    Maybe the wolf did try to kill me. I get the feeling there were a lot of angelic powers out last night
    Nutjob, Feeling the vibe in the town this morning I think you genuinely have a chance to survive.
    Hey Pie just got home from work ....

    I think I will survive today probably .... as long as we keep a wolfy discussion going...

    We need to be keeping very close tabs on a long-term strategy to getting you all the way to the finish line.

    Best case scenario is dead wolf on lynch and we kill the Angel

    That would leave, me, you and three plain innos with no chance of a reveal for a known innocent.

    In that case, I would likely be next to be lynched (I think). But if one or even two split off to say, cyb, we could try to ram home a late vote. OR We could let me get lynched, you kill an inno and then win a race. Obviously you will be voting my ass off the whole way....

    If the town looks like it wants to take a stab at me TODAY, you will have to decide what is best... I have a feeling the Angel protected someone and then used a wolfsbane for self-protect and will do the same tonight.

    If we get the wolf lynched and then kill a vanilla, it will be me, you, two vanillas and an angel who may or may not declare. If that happens, say I get lynched, you kill the Angel and then have to win a race...

    I really think if we get the wolf lynched - I still think it's wade - you will win.
    Yes, I think the biggest danger is the wolf killing me in the night.
    I would love to see Wade die today. Unfortuately I can't do much to help you if start feeling heat. I am pretty much committed to an anti-Nut stance.
    Pie, I tried to make that as dirty as I could.... the hope is that once I'm found mafia, the .3 and .3 for pack and cyb will make people wonder which one is my accomplice... if that fails, they could look at the .6 and .6 for you and BD next...

    Of course, this may get me lynched today.

    Wade: .9
    BD: .6
    Pie: .6
    Cyb: .3
    Pack: .3
    Pizza: .3
    NJ: .0
    I thought your answer was perfect
    I'm not interested in my survival one iota ... I want us to win.
    I do think your survival tonight gives us a better chance to win though.
    I'm off for breakfast. Back in about half an hour
    Is it me or is Pizza looking more and more wolfey?
    Who knows, Pie? I think he's the Angel and protected you????

    My gut says he is inno, but I'm not going to underestimate him and say he couldn't be pulling off a great performance.
    He's definitely inno.
    Hell, maybe someone will think this is a fake fight :tongue:
    OK Pie, I'm signing out.... be back in my morn/noonish/afternoon
    Cool, catch you later mate
    Hey NSide ... is San in the dead thread? I sent him an RIP note that said I would try to avenge him.... wonder if he's seen through that or if it's making him say funny things?
    One last thing - damn game - I hope when I'm outed that my .6 for you doesn't stick out like a sore thumb when people review .. I'm the only person who has you as over .25 ... might seem too obvious ... but then again, I've been going after obvious innos all game. :peace:
    I thoght it was a reaosnable value. After coming out saying I was driving the bus yesterday you couldn't exactly label me as Mr Sweet and Innocent. A couple of people might smell a rat, but I doubt it would get much traction
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    Godzilla:Hey NSide ... is San in the dead thread? I sent him an RIP note that said I would try to avenge him.... wonder if he's seen through that or if it's making him say funny things?

    He is in the dead thread. It seems to have thrown him off. :wink:
    tyvm Nside ... you just made my day :tooth::tooth:
    I love it when San is wrong in the dead thread. It makes for very amusing reading afterwards.
    This is quite comical. Without any intervention from you and me professing your guilt at every opportunity, it seems your guilt is now being thrown into serious doubt.
    Time heals all wounds baby ....

    But this has been Pizza's M/O for a while, he softens up a bit for show and then goes right back to it... ... he ain't gonna budge in the long run....

    but others might ; - >
    I'm hoping this game won't go to the long run :)
    Nut, are you around? I really want to go to bed soon, so can you make our night kill tonight? If we lynch the wolf then I think we must kill BD (as he will be a known innocent). If not I would think Pizza? Your call buddy.

    Also nside (no idea if you are reading this). Can I leave contingency plans for a kill tonight if Nut dies so I don't have to be here?
    Okay, I'm off to bed

    Nut - As I said, your call with tonights kill, make the decision without me (see my recommendations above if you're stuck).

    Nside - If Nut is lynched by the mob today, I want to kill Pizza in the night phase. I realise that this isn't technically in the rules, but if you don't allow me to do this then it will slow down the game a load, because there is no way that I'm submitting a kill at 6am GMT when everyone knows I am the only person likely to be around :)
    Pie, I hope you're still here wade is claiming angel.....
    HO-LEEEEEE SHIT! :rolling::rolling::rolling:
    Do you have a predicted schedule?
    ugh, Nside, my brain is scrambling ... I gotta go back to work right now and try to come up with a decision on the way...

    I really, really, really want to talk with Pie, but I don't want such a long night that it looks like he had to be consulted...

    Rules question: If we cross-kill tonight, do both kills take place?
    If you cross kill, it goes to the RNG.
    For both sides?

    i.e the wolf kill gets an RNG AND we get an RNG or one RNG to see whose kill wins out?
    RNG decides who acts first. The rest follows. I think if you hit the wolf, he will die, but he could convert a new wolf first.
    ugh ....

    Easy way out is to kill BD as he is the only player who can become a known innocent and is already known not to be mafia... 99 percent I'm going that way ...

    Pizza pretended to be the Angel which is what has my head in a vise.... makes him a wolf eh torch?


    If we kill BD and If Pizza is wolf ... he will likely kill pie...

    If BD is wolf he will likely kill pizza or pie.....

    If neither is wolf, I punt.
    OK, I gotta clear out the only known non-mafia and take it from there ... I think.
    Nside we kill BD ... effective at 8:30 p.m. EST (32 minutes from now)

    I've still got to think some things through.
    ok, we gotta do it .... can't have a known non-mafia ...

    If BD is inno, Pizza has to get voted off today....

    Go ahead Nside - Mafia kills BD. Final answer.
    Okie Dokie.
    How do you like them apples?
    lol, are you sure that RNG thingy works right??? :bigsmile::bigsmile:
    I don't like them apples all that much, cuz I'm a good Mr. Lyncho candidate for tonight...


    speaking of dead, I would looooooooooove to see the dead thread right now...
    Pizza is definitely a wolf now : )
    Actually I take that back ... (I think)

    Gotta examine BD's choices for a kill .....
    Obviously it's cyb, pack or pizza but I can't say that as to expose me and pie....

    he had to try to kill pizza and hope we would kill pie (because BD thought Pie was inno)

    this could be terrible for the mafia in so many ways.... arrrrrrgggghhhhh