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    I'm fine with Ogre cleaning dirty diapers and watching from here on out, but again, I'm fine with anyone right now.

    Plus, "no one ever believes him anyway."
    If we're going to play the kill timing game, then about 9:30 GMT (4:30 EST) would be a good time. This makes it look like the mafia/wolves were waiting for a EUro person to get to work, only not me because I'm always up crazy early.
    At this point our timing doesn't matter all that much as Nside is surely catching some Zzzzzzz's right now.

    People will waste half the day talking about the false start anyway.
    I would like to start playing some poker, and I would also like us to come a consensus, since we're all here right now...

    That said, I will defer to ANY kill at this point.
    because I'm a randomly creative guy, I'll start working on the obit to submit to nside for Ogre.

    I know he'll probably ignore me and write something else, but like niin "I find this amusing"
    So shall we just agree on Ogre then?
    I'm OK with it...

    LOL, "users browsing this forum": Pimaster, Torch, Nutjob (that's it)
    I think rather than being killed, he should be forced into servitude in the mafia nursery. :) :)
    oops, you're not 3.14 master, you're Piemaster
    Yes, this thread makes me laugh, too.
    Back in the good old days when people used to write stuff rather than type itI used to sign my name as the Pi symbol :)

    But why, Pi?
    It has been my nickname since around 1997 :)

    Will be AFK for half an hour for breakfast. Feel free to kill Ogre (or Fatshaft) in my absence :)
    OK, torch, I'm fine with Fatty or Ogre as well, you make the call.
    Let's go Ogre. I'll shoot the note. Here's my first drop at the narrative:

    Despite the blinding sun rising from the east of ITHica, a dark shadow still looms upon the town. As the day progress, friends notice the distinct absence of OgreMkV. When the concerned townspeople visit his home, they notice the oddly ajar front door - the first clue toward making their worst fears come to light. The townspeople find poor OgreMkV lying face down besides his recliner, a smiley-face of bulletholes adorning his back and a Don Corleone bobblehead taunting the innocents with every little nod...
    The note has been sent to Nside.

    I need to get to bed. I actually have some work to do in a few hours (ugh)
    Ogre, we really, really, have a heart and didn't want to take any time away from you and your newborn .... MWAWAWAWAWA :devil::devil::updown::updown:
    Since I'm crashing, I'll leave you two to discuss what level of "low" I'll be posting.
    OK, gl evil brethren!, see y'alls in the thread
    Torch, post whenever and whatever you'd like or can.... at this point, if you post a lot, I'll call you out and if you post a little, Pie will call you out.
    Different ways you can LV post.

    1. Barely post at all, showing up once every couple of days to make a vote and that's about it (see Dire in game 11)
    2. Show up every now and then and make a post, but never really stay log enough to get involved in a serious discussion (see Irishiain in most games he's played).
    3. Show up at certain times of day with a flurry of posts, but remain absent for most of the day (see Dogs in game 12)
    4. Barelypost at all for the first 2-3 days ad then spring into life once your 'real life issues' have been sorted.
    The den is going to be so fun at this time of day, just me alone with my thoughts.
    Hmm, turns out I don't have many thoughts after all...
    good morning

    or am I talking to myself right now?

    Ok. definitely bored since its still "nighttime"
    This long night time is very strange.
    ok, like everyone who ever has played mafia is logged into ITH right now. I'll bet it's those damn werewolves holding us up!
    Hey nside - think you can PM that other dastardly coven and remind them we act first in these games? sheesh...

    (of course, I really don't expect you to reply to that, woried about giving things away and all, I'm just venting)
    Hmm, the seer. Oops.

    Oh well. He had to die eventually for us to win anyway. Now we just have to get lucky and snipe one of those howling bastards during the night.

    Who's up for hunting?
    I think I'm going to keep tabs on this by reading the forum while not logged in, as to not arouse "Why is he here but not posting in this thread" suspicion.
    My current thought is that I'll hold off posting until "I get home from work" later this American evening. I'm definitely going to read in the iterim though.
    Friggin seer, dammit. It's like deja vu all over again, Yogi.
    don't sweat it. We'll load up in silver bullets and hope the angel gets lucky.
    Hooray- you guys are being awfully brash. Will the San thing hold up?
    Anyone here? Hello (hello (hello (hello (hello))))
    hey torch .... brash? Moi? lol...

    The San vote will most likely get switcherood all over the place, but who knows?
    careful Pie - the narrative said that the wolves got MX, thus why no MafiaPizza
    Oh yeah

    Don't think that'll be a problem. In fact it will probably be used as an innocent tell if anything.

    Don't worry about the San thing either, I think I have open voted for San every game since like for ever :)
    Ok, I figure I've got about 2.5 hours before I drop in.

    I'm leaning towards a "here I am, sucks we lost the seer, be back after I read everything" post.
    Then about 30-60 minutes later posting some opinions.

    I've been keeping notes through the thread. Any dissent you guys want me to spread?

    I'm thinking maye I should go heavy, in spurts, for my posting.

    That would solidify my alibi and keep me above "not ever posting" suspicion
    torch you should get in there when you can ... don't go on and on making apologies about why you haven't posted.... if pressed, cite the heavy work schedule ONCE and move on... and have some fun.
    Ok, fattie just posted the first real "should we not lynch today" (page 12), which is so obviously not a good idea you've got to think he's trolling, no?
    ok, I'll break in few minutes.
    I've just laid a big fat slap on torch
    I saw that. I think I need some buffering before replying. Let's say mid page 13
    Yes, I would definitely wait for a bit of a buffer.

    Mind you I wil still call you on conveniently posting after I fingered you :)
    that's fine, I'm planning 2 posts within this hour.
    OK boys - anything specific you want me to mention here? I'm starting to craft my response right now.
    Not really. You probably want to say something at least superficially meaningful or people start to get pissy. Just see if you can pick up on something that somebody said and give an angle on it. Anybody really.
    But you might want to wait a bit. THere is no way you could have read and digested 13 pages in that time.