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    ok, by NJ
    I think that went rather well all things considered
    Well, that's that.

    Let's hope the wade train over took you Nutjob!
    lol @ Gamera
    I have no idea who died, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't one of us and I'm pretty sure we have left excellent votes in place
    I think toom won with BD's switch ... dunno ... lol that was wild
    either toom or wade
    hmmm, Pizza's vote for wade didn't count...
    I put Toom on 5 votes, which I think is enough to win
    OK, so who should we look at to murder?

    How much does the lynching affect that decision? A lot I think.
    I would have prefered an RNG between wade and toom with wade eating it and being innocent...
    Yeah, torch, we gotta see who dies....

    I vote to kill San ... only thing is will it be too obvious...

    don't have much on the detective front, although san is as possible as anyone ... he's also a possible wolf with all of his "mafia" slip-ups ... I know I made that mistake as a wolf a couple of times.
    Looks like toom according to nside's first count
    Guys, go back to the OT forum. It looks suspicious that you are not waiting to see if Toom is innocent or not
    I've been in there Pie, am I not showing up?
    You are now. So is torch
    bleh, toom was a vanilla....

    ok, Killing time ... (our favorite!)
    toom was plain innocent.

    Anyone have a good toom vote list (with an order)? I think those are people to avoid in the night
    Like you I rather fancy San. I think you can probably take over th game with San gone.

    I think he has probably done enough today to not get the doctors protection (although it depends who the doctor is of course)
    I don't know about me taking over the game, but I so vote to kill San (no matter how bad it makes me look) that it's not even funny.

    If we go San and he is protected, who has voiced support of him ... Pizza for sure .. wynton?
    mothra:toom was plain innocent.

    Anyone have a good toom vote list (with an order)? I think those are people to avoid in the night

    He made one vote for Packone and never budged
    Actually I think killing San makes us two look so bad it actually makes us look good.
    I meant the order people voted for toom
    People who voted for toom: BD, nut, pack, wynton, cyb

    how likely is it that I'm the only bad guy who voted for toom?
    slim to none, IMO
    Who were the last two to vote for toom, and were they late entries?
    I have ZERO clue as to who the detective is and that bothers me. I would at least like to have a candidate or two (although deep down I'm pretty intent on a San killing)
    I switched to toom late and then BD was the final .. my switch came right after San put me in danger.
    San and Pizza are going to be our No. 1 problems ... they have the ability to sway others more than anyone else right now....
    I can see that. I think that Pack is slowly gaining credibility as well.

    So if its San and Pizza, which do we hit?
    I'm on record, whether it's the best play or not is certainly debatable.
    "on record"?
    I prefer San to Pizza. Pizza is very analytical and thought provoking, but he lacks the arrogance (if that's the right word) that San has that compel people to follow him.
    Hey, Pizza voted for Jrspm. Knicking him could make a case for the town lynching Jrspm.
    FWIW I would put a lot money on KT being a vanilla innocent. If she isn't then she is using very unethical gamesmanship and I don't think that is her style.
    oh - do we think we should be fast, as to try to get cyb mod killed?
    I feel like we should have a better analytical approach to our kill, but I vote San, final answer. If you guys agree on someone else, feel free to lop their head off. I'm out for the rest of the afternoon in about a half hour.
    It would be helpful to me to make my schedule for the day if you could predict when you might have a vote on your kill. I'm asking all night people to help me predict a few things for the weekend.
    Nside - are all daytimes going to be 30 hours?
    I'll be around watching football all weekend, so I can definitely be here for quick actions.
    Pie - are we gonna go San? I think it will work. For him to be protected, I've got to think he's got to be the doc.
    Torch, btw, let's make our kills in here .. no need to sign-on to ITH to do it...

    My case for San

    1. He's a PITA
    2. He could be any role - detective or wolf are possibilities
    3. If it makes me look guilty and I look like a likely lynch candidate, you guys could back up tour votes for me today with more votes for me, providing some cover.
    Doc can't self protect and angel can't stop us from killing anyone.
    The last daytime was approximately 24 hours. That will be the case in general. I will probably make an exception if that puts the next deadline past midnight for the UK or the East Coast.
    I'm definitely agreed on San. Shall we just do this now?
    I was actually reading the other posts over there, lol

    San sounds good to me.
    Sounds like 3 votes.

    San dies. Let me work on the narrative.
    We are all agreed Nside. Kill San.
    mothra:San dies. Let me work on the narrative.

    You amuse me vastly.
    Nside, I beg you. If San is by some coincidence the doctor, could you incorporate TRK into the story somehow?