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    mothra:San dies. Let me work on the narrative.

    You amuse me vastly.

    Hopefully, you're not the only one...
    Do you want to write your own death scene as well?
    did I get hit by the wolves?
    Here's San's:

    Thankful that their own lives were spared, the town morosely lumbers to the home of San. The now characterist Don Corleone booble head greets them inside in the front door with its Mona Lisa like smirk. The animal heads adorning San's den look down upon what's left of him. Alongside him the worn, old Winchester rifle from a previous life. The mafia seem to find humor in the same irony as those smiling beasts, San defiled by his old tool...
    mothra:did I get hit by the wolves?

    Maybe you are going to get modkilled for trying to control everything.
    damn, just trying to help...
    mothra:damn, just trying to help...

    I'm just teasing you. I find every aspect of this game entertaining.
    Do we know if our kill is going through?
    I don't think you do.
    OK, I'll rephrase for the evil sharky (please don't make any so-and-so is dead, woops, pulled a fast one on you, it's really Nut type shenanigans :surprised:)... is our kill going through? Am I dead? Are any of my teammates dead?

    gah, leaving soon, would love an update
    I really hope that night 2 isn't as long as day 1... <-- soooooo getting mod-killed


    I saw you at ITH, but no update!
    woohoo! No casualties for us!
    Ok - a bit of fear here.

    As I'm reading thru the last hour before the lynching, I noticed something kinda scary. On page 40, San says "Also how would everyone feel about a general nut/pie slate and lynching?"

    Hopefully multi-level thinking will absolve us of that obvious "tell"
    Good news - none of us croaked, kill went through.

    Bad news - no doc or detective ---- WE REALLY NEED TO FIND THESE PEOPLE ....

    I'm not worried about the San nut/pie thing (for now)
    I've got a feeling we've got a lay-low detective ... hopefully they investigated San or wynton (fingers crossed)

    I can't believe people aren't coming out of the woodwork calling for my head ...... yet (knock on wood)
    NJ - I'm thinking about outing you as "trying to control early day 2 discussion" in my next post, as furthering of my suspicion.

    Do you think that too much heat?
    If Pizza's long post is him coming out as detective and naming me a bad guy, I'm gonna crap my pants.
    Your name ain't Torch for nothing!

    The only thing is I would slightly wish you would wait for someone else to do it. If everyone wants to think I'm clean, I'll take it. Pie is already going to come after me....

    But as always ... Do whatever you think is best. I'm always just winging it ... realize, if you come after the nut, you feel his wrath :tooth:

    the bottom line is I want to win BUT I REALLY want to have fun ... please do anything in this game you want to that will further your amusement levels and get us closer to a victory.... you and pie might be well-served to gang up on me ... you guys did vote for me, so it would be a natural progression.
    Godzilla:If Pizza's long post is him coming out as detective and naming me a bad guy, I'm gonna crap my pants.

    Don't worry. Its not.

    Please, God, don't let it be...
    BTW - I was reading the Game 7 mafia den thread here (the other game with wolves and mafia) and saw this -

    Near the end, McFoldem "claimed" to be gone for the weekend, but really it was just a cover tso he wouldn't be lynched. He was the last mafia alive and ended up winning.

    When I read that, I couldn't help but think of cyb's post about being gone.

    I'm tempted to bring this up in a post
    not a bad point at all torch...

    man there are a lot of guilty looking innocents out there...
    heh heh heh
    I think I'm going to wait for Pizza's milestone post, then go to bed and post in the morning.
    wow, jane and BD getting on it!
    meh, BD is starting to look wolfy
    That was his milestone?!? ugh...
    Yeah, big wind-up ... ah well
    I want a detective read!

    ok, 12 left.

    3 mafia - us :tongue:

    I think innocent


    Don't know (which means wolfy candidates)


    of course these could be way the hell off, but that's what I got for now
    Okay, anyone else think a torch detective claim could be golden right now?

    Yeah I know I know, FPS
    I can't seem to get a good detective read at the moment, but I have a good idea that it might be one of:


    KT I don't think so for the reason stated yesterday.

    Pizza is being way too overt. I think if he was the detective he would be laying a little lower.

    Cyb painted a huge bullseye on his head by saying he won't be around this weekend. I think if he was the detective he would try to wing it and get internet access when he could.

    BD just looks too much like a wolf.

    Pack I'm not sure about, but I think if he was the detective he wouldn't havementioned being the seer first time around. It's a weak read but I'm running with it.

    Wade would probabaly have revealed by now after last night.
    Torch, I think you are going to have to come out of the shadows a bit today. You have played a fantastic low-lying role so far, but now people are going to expect more.
    Today I am going to post with the assumption that the detective knows the identity of either myself or Nutjob.
    Pizza:Nightcap postsā?¦.

    A tip of the cap to our good moderator. His Day and Night narratives on pg 48 are practically works of art.

    See, it is worth my time!
    I will be posting significantly today, once I catch up with the reading
    Curious thought - Pizza's "can we say who is who?" post (page 51) seems strangely suspicious. Might he be a wolf?
    looks like we crossed posting times NJ.

    Any thoughts on mine?
    Pie nice rallying today ... I'm almost convinced you are innocent.

    Torch, you need to get in the thread a little bit with some discussion about something, anything....

    I'm probably in fairly deep danger today, which isn't terrible.... you guys both have me as bad which is good. I'm not ready to leave this fair game yet, so if you have a candidate that you have listed as slightly more pongy than I, feel free to vote them.... I'm pretty sure I'll get enough of my own.

    Thank you, the management...

    caveat - obviously if it makes sense later in the day I might beg both of you to vote for me to seal my fate and make you look good.

    If Pie or I get outed by a detective at some point and the detective only knows one of us, we're still in decent shape.
    I like the list Torch, I think you need to get in there and be involved in discussions a little bit ... remember, we're still seeking two wolves ... and if you don't have regular banter mixed in there with analysis of a small point or two, it looks really stiff..
    nevermind, you're already doing it .... have fun
    Is Pie going to be around b4 the nightfall?
    uh oh, Pizza doesn't like me...
    So Pizza thinks I'ma wolf, but that is without the aid of anything I've said today. Wonder how that will change his thoughts.

    I should have put janeg safer than packone in my 2nd list. oh well.
    thoughts on how I appease Pizza? Of course, it can't be obvious, non?
    heh, sorry torch, was crafting against wade.

    DO NOT try to appease Pizza .....

    go about your business.... Make yourself completely innocent in your own mind for a second and then ask yourself, How would I respond if I were innocent.

    Mafia players tend to over-react when accused.
    If you go about your business of looking for baddies, it's much better... I highly doubt you are getting lynched today... I think the vote will be spread way out.
    I've got to head off to work ... I'll be back near lynch time.
    Torch, apologies for our den not being nearly as useful or thoughtful as they usually are... the bigger the game, the harder it is to scheme up great stuff ... plus we need that frigging detective.... the fact that there has not been a reveal makes me lean/hope they don't have any guiltys yet.
    I may be there for deadline after all. Forgot about the playoffs :)