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    are you caught up Pie?
    At least I got my couple of posts in BEFORE Pizza's accusations
    Crazy thought - if I'm about to go down in 2 hours here, I'm going to claim to be the detective and point out you two as mafia. When I'm lynched, they'll see I was lying about being detective and assume I was lying about who I investigated!

    or is that pessimistic FPS?
    Torch, you are out of your mind.
    But in a sadistic, crazy, deranged, FPS play of all time, it just could work.

    I seriously doubt you're going to be the leader.
    The good news is that Pizza doesn't suspect either of you!
    Pie - I like how you kinda dented Pizza's argument without trying to fully absolve me.

    Yeah I thought that was kinda smooth :)
    Huh? Pizza knows I'm dirty..

    I think we've got to sweat out this lynch and if the detective doesn't come out or get killed we think long and hard about a false reveal.... I'm probably switching to jrspm with my buddy wade... : )
    Question, if a detective comes out, do we counter-claim if they do not name one of us???
    I think we need to prepare for a false reveal tomorrow if the detective or doctor isn't dead by then. Unless something radically changes by then I think NJ will be too dirty. On the other hand I might be too clean if you know what I mean. Maybe torch should step up to the plate.

    Not too keen on doing it today though, even if a detective reveals.
    I'm ready to be a patsy, if necessary.

    I think, between the three of us, I'm the one best positioned to do so.
    In that case we should delay our night time decision until we have fleshed out the details of the plot.

    Mind you a lot could change by then, including our minds :)
    I have a feeling I won't be voting for whomever gets lynched, unless its Cyb.

    He's my current vote.
    I don't want to switch to Nut, unless its sure he won't go. Plus, he'd have to do something.
    BD and KT are next on my list. They are both involved (ish), but nothing glaring yet.

    If we end up lynching an innocent, I think my "I haven't voted for an innocent yet" stance might help us out a bit.

    Gamera:In that case we should delay our night time decision until we have fleshed out the details of the plot.

    Mind you a lot could change by then, including our minds :)

    True. A lot of our future depends on what happens in the next 2.5 hours.
    Nut -what did you mean when you asked BD if read game 11?
    Torch, pilchard was a bad guy and started the specials discussion and ended up looking innocent, because people thought a bad guy wouldn't do such an obvious thing. He 100 percent knew what he was doing and I'm not buying BD's naiviety bit.

    If San were around, he would have hopped all over it.

    Interesting that the votes are spread so thin. Alas, there are still 90 minutes left!
    If BD ends up, that could seriously absolve me, no?
    especially if he is a wolf
    I really want to end today voting for one of you two. But I also really want to engineer the situation so that it wont kill you.
    agreed. Why vote for wade? Shoudl I ask that in the thread?
    Actually I voted for wade and that is coming off....
    Are you gona be back soon torch? I think you need to at least make a few good posts tonight.
    Where is your vote going nut? If you vote for someone to make it 3, I will vote for you to tie it up
    I'm getting to it. I asked about the wade vote, plus some fluff
    I voted for Wade because I didn't want him to drop off the radar. I think he could end up getting a lot of votes ultimately.
    I'm tempted to go to BD for my vote. He was 3rd on my list.
    uhm, page 55?
    would it be wrong to call you out, asking "So, you think wade is more suspicious than jrspm, fatshaft, BD, and I? We all had one vote"
    also thinking about asking if you had done your re-evaluation of Fatshaft yet
    You can call me on that if you like. To be honest it looks like needless nitpicking though. I listed Wade as very suspicious on my list.
    what about the fatshaft query?
    Yeah you can ask me that if you like. I can blag that one fairly easily.
    What about a wade/BD wolfpack?
    I've just moved onto jrs under the guise of trying to get things moving.
    ok - thoughts on my voting here the next 30 minutes?

    I'm currently on cyb. shoudl I be looking to move?
    I think you should stay put for the time being seeing as everybody else is. If you get a chance to turn it into an innocent vs innocent race safely you might want to do it.
    Guys, right now I have no idea who I'm going to vote for. Pie,to me you are coming off as uber-innocent, so I may make yet another vote to make me look smarmy... I might completely flip-flop on wade and go to BD
    should I jump onto BD, given the confusion he's causing?
    BD is insisting on this den thing .... wolf or detective bells ringing
    I think it is dangerous for both of you to go to BD. NJ, what has your opinion on BD been so far? Can you justify the vote?
    torch, I dunno, you are under the radar and might be best-served to stay that way... When in doubt, go with the gut, no regrets.
    interesting response from BD
    I'm really liking that BD/Wade call for the wolves
    and packone just jumped on that idea too!
    Heh I thought that was what you were responding to :)
    My dilemma at the moment is if I get the chance should I completely bandwagon BD and get him lynched. If he is a wolf like we suspect, I look lioke a big bunch of roses. Could backfire though.
    the problem with me changing votes, is I'd really have to vote for NJ to not be too suspicious.

    But at the same time, I think leaving my vote for cyb, and not acting to break any tie, may look bad too.
    I know I said you should get more involved, but the way thngs are going down torch, you may want to quietly log off and browse logged off leaving your vote on Cyb :)