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    I'm here, is anybody up?
    I've opened the day with a big assault on Nut and Wade and a vote for Nutjob. I think if the detective knows either of our statuses (likely) this should provide a reasonable smokescreen.
    ok, I'm up (and caught up on the reading)

    Difficult to say , it all depends on what the detective knows. I am working on the assumption that they probably know either mine or Nutjob's guilt by now, but probably not both. I think that the detective will almost certainly reveal today either way unless they really don't know much at all (for example because at least two of their investigations are dead). I am now of the opinion that we definitely shouldn't counter-claim. One ortwo of us will probably die in the carnage, but we can take down the detective tonight (no doctor to stop us :D) and then hope our one remaining man can take it to the wire. If we end up with more than one of us hidden tonight then we really have to think we can win this.
    I am also hoping that if the detective doesn't reveal, they will be obvious by what other people say. For example we can rule out Packone from what he has said this morning already.
    NJ thinks that KT might be the detective. She sure does keep hinting at it.
    Our greatest hope is that the detective makes his/herself obvious, but doesn't reveal because (s)he only knows one of us.

    I wonder if, once the det and wolf are gone, a false reveal as the angel could save one of us.

    Ah, too much FPS widhfulness
    ok, is KT making herself obvious as the detective. It sure seems like that.
    I don't know. If KT is detective, I'm pretty sure she hasn't investigated me. I'm hoping all will become clear after tonight.
    The way thongs are going down today, I really can't see my vote changing off Nutjob
    What do you think of me jumping in and confronting KT?
    She really hasn't provided anything; she has only tried to rile me up?

    Also, should I question why no one has given any visible thought to my theory?
    I think you should get involved, but I'm not sure about confroning KT. If she is the detective then that could be dangerous. I find it disappointing that nobody jumped on your theory of Pizza being the other wolf obviously I couldn't myself). By all means mention it again, but I wouldn't force th eissue. Try to move onto other things.
    Just getting caught up ......

    "You are dirtier than a Polish hooker in a coal mine."

    Someone take the shovel out of my hand, please...
    Guys KT is the detective. She has me and she has torch. Plain and simple.
    here's what I want to ask KT:

    "KT, what is your case fort me being mafia?

    So far, all I see from your posts is that I'm stinky and I've done research.

    Is that all?"

    Your guys thoughts?
    Godzilla:Guys KT is the detective. She has me and she has torch. Plain and simple.

    So then the goal has to be avoid one of us getting lynched today, then kill her.

    That might seal our (NJ and mine) fates, but then it allows us to significantly improve the odds Pie can pull the win in the end.
    If she does, we will just have to pray that the wolves don't want me dead :)
    Okay, let's work on the asumption that Nutjob is right. In that case I haver to stay on Nutjob, it's the law. Your guys role will be o engineer a situaion where you can perform a last minute switcheroo onto someone else PROVIDING KT hasnt revealed and there is no chance she will have time to.
    so what's the deal if she does reveal?
    I have no idea. I think you would just have to accept your fate. I don't see much milegae in a counter-claim especially as Pizza and KT seem to be operating virtually telepathically at the moment.
    Yes, Pie is our bestest hope....

    I really don't think I'm a good lynch candidate today as I am obviously NOT wolf ... :bigsmile:, but we'll see....

    If none of us gets lynched AND we kill KT AND she is NOT the detective, I will definitely be rung up... doesn't really matter... My chances of winning the end-game are virtually nil....

    Torch at about 3 percent and Pie at about 98.5 IF we get the last wolf and get the detective dead...
    It'll be curious to see what cyb punches around
    I get the feeling that KT is prepping her mass reveal...
    heh, Torch, just thinking the same thing from the same post I'm sure ...

    KT wrote:


    Please answer this question too...
    If you could 100% lynch mafia and 50/50% wolf...which would it be?

    I think she definitely has torch. However, I am wondering if she really does have Nutjob or not.

    Here's an idea from left field. If KT hasn't revealed with 15 mins to go, Torch comes out with a fake detective reveal. Would that cause enough confusion to maybe get Wade lynched? Just a thought.
    I'm definitely up for that.

    We need to start thinking who we want me to list.
    I'm thinking one dead innocent, NJ (revealed as mafia), and some live player (revealed as mafia)

    In addition to that, I can start agreeing (subtly) to try and align myself with another townsperson, so maybe they go after that person as well.
    i think that will get torch or me lynched and then the wolf will still be alive...

    Do you think we should just grin and bear it and try to put us in the best position post-reveal then?
    Pie, this was KT's first post of the entire game

    "Not reading any posts...but NJ stinks to me!

    Smell foul..bad guy.


    Same tune ever since. Care to rethink?
    I think you have great cover and we need her dead ... I would love to get the wolf lynched...

    If Nutjob or torch gets lynched and I'm the wolf, I don't see going after you as I would be afraid you would be protected, but who knows?
    Yeah maybe. Guess we should assume thew worst.
    I'm off to work ... grrr
    After Pizza's last post (list on page 92), I'm wondering if I should attack again and put some doubt in KT's mind.
    But if KT knows you are mafia she is hardly going to listen.
    By the way, does anyone have any thoughts on how we should react to the KT reveal? Personally I think I should act as if I knew already and I will probabaly chastise her for making it too obvious and so giving the mafia time to prepare.
    Da Bears!!!
    She is really gearing up for the reveal.

    Do we want to beat her to the punch? If so, how long are we willing to wait to do that.

    How about saying Night 1: Nutjob (mafia), Night 2: Pizza (innocent), Night 3: cyb/BD/packone (mafia)
    maybe throw wade in that last group
    I hate to do this with only 3 nights in the bag, but my eminent lynching has forced my hand.

    I am the Detective

    Here's the list of folks I investigated:
    Night 1: Nutjob - Mafia
    Night 2: Pizza - Innocent
    Night 3: Cyb/BD/Packone - Mafia

    You're gambling with me (XXX, XXX, and XXX think so). Let's hit one of those certains now.
    Then you can mop them up with this info after the mafia kills me tonight.
    ah post something like that?? thoughts/edits?
    Why not just reveal KT as the second mafia? She is going to come out as another detective anyway so the (slim) chance of a fake reveal revolves around people thinking she is mafia anyway.

    However, I'm not sure if you should do it or not and if so when.
    OK, so change the line to read

    Night 3: KT - Mafia
    If we preempt her - I think I need a line talking about how she's about to claim to be the detective to stir things up right before the deadline
    If you do decide to do this, things you wil need at your disposal:

    Good reasons why you investigated these people.
    Good reasons for your other behaviour (that accusation against piza comes to mind)
    Something that might give people a glimour of doubt about KT.

    Actually I think change night 2 to a San investigation. Investigating NJ and San nights 1 and 2 is a fairly standard Detective gambit as they are widely considered to be the best 2 players.
    Oh yes, and you need to be able to explain your voting.
    How about:

    "Also be weary, KT has been positioning herself as the detective all day. I have a feeling she is going to claim it in an attempt to discredit me and cause confusion right before the vote."
    I think my voting follows.

    I voted for Nutjob after discovering him.
    Held Pizza high and moved to cyb (to create pressure/make people look at him/etc)
    Then Pizza after the connection i made about him to Janeg.

    Should I close my fake post with a vote for KT?
    Acually scratch the plan.

    Think it through, you reveal and say NJ and KT are mafia. KT reveals saying NJ and you are mafia. TOwn will lynch Nutjob (obv) and then we kill KT tonight making it obvious you are mafia. SO the fake reveal earns us absolutely nothing.

    May as well gamble on the slim chance that she doesn't have both of you.