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    I'll post my thoughts as soon as I come back from reading the thread. I've been paying more attention to the main thread than this one, sorry guys.
    New preliminary read

    TP is the detective.

    Right he made plenty of dodgy first posts. Take him out TRK! There's plenty of ammo, like the stupidly low volume first post of his.

    BTW if that's right he has investigated me. Guess im not lasting long.
    DO it drunkenly!

    Seriously that'll look so suspicious it'll make you a lock for innocence.

    Execute TP!!!!! Right now :bigsmile:
    ...actually no dont.

    But it was a nice thought
    If you do execute right now nad he turns up detective, it'll be obvious what happened, in that we saw TP's post and decided he was det.

    I stills ay execute him eventually. Do not give him a chance to claim.
    When should I drop the axe? Right after the 24hr deadline or push for it sooner?
    I'm not sure.

    Thinking it through...

    You should say "I am going to execute TP" and give him time to claim

    If he claims, we can NK him with impunity. If he doesn't claim we know he's not the detective and can move on.

    But I think he is. There's no awy he reads me for a lock for mafiahood right now otherwise. I think.

    His last post was almost definately meant to be a "clue"
    Wynton...if it gets to the last day and the KM is dead I think we need a ruling as to exactly what happens re:

    Can we just revert to the lynch mob?
    • CommentAuthorWynton
    • CommentTimeOct 31st 2007
    First of all San/Frankenstein,

    I just sped read through the past few pages of the game thread and am completely confused. I thought that wasn't supposed to happen to the moderator.:smile:

    Second, I think I need to answer any questions about the rules in the game thread, but maybe you asked there too.

    Third, I need to re-read the rules. :shocked:
    Additionally we need clarification as to what happens if the kingmaker tries to appoint the same person who the mafia tries to kill.
  10.'s definitely not speed readable. It's more or less algebra. And most of it is at least partly faulty. (Not intentionally so I might add)
    • CommentAuthorWynton
    • CommentTimeOct 31st 2007

    I'm going to bed now. I ask that you re-read the first few posts I made in the thread, and if you still have questions, ask them in the game thread and I will try to answer when i return.

    It's been so long since I've been in the den that I don't know how other mods handle these types of questions. But it seems fairer to give the info to everyone at once in the game thread.
    thoguh I hope half the fiedl will spend 12 hours tomorrow trying to work out who the hell B is :bigsmile::bigsmile::bigsmile:
    Frankenstein:Additionally we need clarification as to what happens if the kingmaker tries to appoint the same person who the mafia tries to kill.

    I'm pretty sure this needs clarification.
    BTW TP is sooooooooooooo the detective, and he soooooooooooooo investigated me last night.

    TRK you have a choice tomorrow.

    I'm going to think through all teh options and it's up to you.

    1. Exercute a random (inno) and we take out TP.

    Pros - TP doesnt declare (though it is bloody obvious that he investigated me) and i might live a bit
    Cons - we kil TP at night, so tehre is a small risk taht he's not detective (but he is)

    2. Execute TP without warning

    Pros - See 1.
    Cons - you get suspicious, I get suspicious.

    I don't think you should do 2.

    3. Say you're going to execute TP and give him a warning.

    Pros - we find out if he is the detective, and get to go after someone else if he is not
    Cons - If he is the det (which he is) he makes me a known mafia, and I get to counter claim. I won't be around to coutner claim.

    Actually I might go do that...

    hmmm, tempting to claim now tbh.

    I am officially insane :cool:
    Nope, cant claim doc.

    hmm...can i claim hero...?
    I dislike option #3 because it means we dont get to take down two innos, which we really should given that we have a mafia as king.

    Alright....i think i'm on option #1 at the moment.

    You'd have to take out somoene who didn't make you look too bad though...Id love it to be nut/pie/pizza but that's just too tricky to pull off. Safe bet is always Wes, but id actually prefer to keep him about. pfff.
    I think it would be better to NK TP rather than king kill him.

    If TP is killed and San is killed, it makes San AND TRK look rotten. A night kill is less dangerous, I think.
    I think you're probably right, but the thing is TP's posts do look genuinely dirty.

    If you read TP's posts though he's so obviously detective that I guess we can take that chance.

    TRK - if you're happy to not execute TP and NK him instead try to make him feel safe from your execution finger tomorrow so that he won't declare.

    I want to go down fighting dammit :bigsmile:

    one thing i would love is for the kingmaker, after they die, to not get a list of who's who, because if they do, and we kill the kingmaker, we're pretty much hosed.

    a smart kingmaker in this game is going to try to die.

    unless we get some kind of protection from wynton, like the dead kingmaker giving three names without knowing roles, wynton taking out any names that cant become kingmaker, and RNGing the rest.

    if it stands that the kingmaker gets a list of names, we have to either

    a: try really hard not to kill them, and hope that nobody else figures it out

    b: post the plan, hope that nobody good is the kingmaker, and then let them live until the night before the last day and then claim kingmaker on the last day after killing the kingmaker.
    okay just read nutjob's post, he just missed the total win strategy.
    okay pie hit on my idea, game could be broken but i am like 20 pages behind still.
    really think tall paul might be the kingmaker.

    good news: if he is he probably cant pull off a piemaster message.

    i'm fine with either him or piemaster, but i think i'd prefer a piemaster lynch. even if he isnt det, we gain a lot more by killing him.
    and by lynch i mean night kill.
    yeah unless we win with more than one mafia, we lose.

    we have to crush them this game, or we lose, 100% of the time.
    I'm here for a bit. Anyone around?
    How long have I got Wynton?
    I'm thinking at the moment that I execute MX and we NK TP....
    Reading through the thread it looks like I'm dead tomorrow, considering the number of people who think I'm sus.
    If one of you is made King tomorrow you absolutely must kill me!
    If anyone sees this I'm probably going to go for Pie's suggestion and execute SJ.
    It's done. I kind of think I should fake reveal tomorrow. I'm almost certainly dead. If I can cause confusion and maybe root out another special it's almost certainly worth it.
    • CommentAuthorWynton
    • CommentTimeNov 1st 2007
    Hi guys, I've returned.

    San, I think the reposted instructions I put in the last post should answer your question.

    I don't think it matters who sends me the night kill, but it probably should be done by PM. If nothing else, I've noticed that I'm not always having success accessing this site. I hope that's not a problem for you guys.
    • CommentAuthorWynton
    • CommentTimeNov 1st 2007
    Any of you guys around? Any chance of seeing your choice for the night kill soon?
    I'm here and my choice is TP but can we wait for at least two of the others to show, please?

    I'd like a bit of democracy after my malevolent monarchy.
    • CommentAuthorWynton
    • CommentTimeNov 1st 2007
    Of course, we'll wait. But if only one shows up after an extended time, the two of you may want to make the decision alone.
    • CommentAuthorWynton
    • CommentTimeNov 1st 2007
    Have your denmates given any hint when they might show up?
    Wynton:Of course, we'll wait. But if only one shows up after an extended time, the two of you may want to make the decision alone.

    Fair enough. I don't think San is going to be around for quite some time. Can we have till 8pm UK time - 3pm EDT I think?
    • CommentAuthorWynton
    • CommentTimeNov 1st 2007
    I suppose that's fine. I'm certainly not forcing you to decide alone.
    Sorry I worked for about 5 hours on my presentation.

    Why have I been given dead thread access? Am I dead? How?

    I'm very confused.
    I say kill TP also if I'm still alive.
    Also, I haven't accessed the dead thread yet since I'm not sure if I am allowed.

    And I have my classes 12:30 ET until ~4:30 ET so I'm not going to be much use right now.

    TP is my vote though.
    • CommentAuthorWynton
    • CommentTimeNov 1st 2007

    Please do not look at the dead thread. You should not have access to it. That is a mistake and I need to ask Nside how this happened.
    • CommentAuthorWynton
    • CommentTimeNov 1st 2007
    Wait, is that you bb who said you have access? Either way, it is a mistake. The only ones who have access now are Nside, me and Suited Jock.
    i'd rather see pie gone than TP for the record.
    The Invisible Man:Sorry I worked for about 5 hours on my presentation.

    Why have I been given dead thread access? Am I dead? How?

    I'm very confused.

    I just created a test user who should have the same permissions as you do and he can not see the dead thread. Can you confirm that you see the thread "Dead Thread for Game #20" in your list of discussions? You should not.
    Kill TP

    And attack me for it in the thread.
    • CommentAuthorWynton
    • CommentTimeNov 1st 2007
    Frankenstein:Kill TP

    And attack me for it in the thread.

    I assume this is not an "official" decision from you guys, correct? For simplicity sake, can we agree that one of you will send me a PM to make the decision?
    I will happily PM you right now if we're all ina greement.

    I consider it set in stone but if anyone has any major objections...? initial read on TP was kingmaker as well, but i think what prompted that was the fact that i kept going on about it, and he knows im scum, so was terying to move me away.

    If I'm lying i'm dying.